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  1. 7:25 MST and update is available to download in Steam but not yet for XBox. I know Microsoft has a different policy about releasing new content than Steam does. Any ides when it will be available on XBox? Crazy to be anxious about minutes delay, but I guess that's an indication of how much I enjoy this game! Thanks developers!
  2. Hello Hinterland! I know that the end of season 1 is a long ways down the road yet, but I'm curious whether you are currently leaning more towards doing TLD: Season Two (same engine, same mechanics, new story), TLD2 (updated engine, updated mechanics), or brand new IP unrelated to The Long Dark once you are all wrapped up with Episode 5? Thanks for taking the time to respond, your community appreciates it greatly!
  3. Alright, so first off let me say that I know this post is premature. Probably years too early. That being said, everyone that loves The Long Dark (whether they are players, creators or both) have thought at least once about what The Long Dark 2 might be like. Here is my wish list for The Long Dark 2. These items are things that I imagine are too intricate, impact balance too much, or are such big projects that they would need years to implement and would benefit from a relatively clean slate. I know there are already topics scattered around about TLD2, but all that I have seen are at le
  4. It may not be Spring 2019, or even Spring 2020, but someday when Hinterland can't resist the urge to introduce seasons to TLD, a Springtime event with that surprise would be EPIC!!!
  5. Good morning Forum! For those trying to figure out whether you have enough food/water/fuel, etc. to last 2 hours real time, I did some simple calculations to see what that means in game time. For those not interested in how I come to this number, the shortest amount of game time that can be run while spending 2 hours in real life playing would be 60 hours, or 2.5 days. I came up with this by seeing how many game minutes pass in one minute of real time. I put a stop watch on my phone and boiled water in the game at regular (non-sped up) speed. I found that 1 minute in game time equa
  6. WildGPS


    I believe the first badge comes after 2 days of spending 2 hours RL in 4DON, so you are halfway there. There is another badge for spending at least 2 hours RL in 4DON all four days too. I'm curious whether the badges will give bonus(es) to new games, like the current badges, or whether they will be more symbolic badges of pride but no bonus. Anyone have any inside information regarding this?
  7. WildGPS

    Day 1 (SPOILERS)

    I think flares last twice as long, and fuel lasts twice as long. Would love for someone to double check this for me, but I don't remember one firelog ever lasting 4 hours for me before... I have found that the weather makes a HUGE difference for visibility. when it's completely clear out, I can see just fine without a lantern or flare, but in foggy or overcast weather I can barely see no matter what I do. My strategy so far has been to hightail it to either the Misanthrope House or Jackrabbit Island House. Once there, I do light a match and run around hoping to find a storm la
  8. WildGPS

    Day 1 (SPOILERS)

    In the off chance anyone is still wondering, I can confirm that the path from Coastal Highway straight to Mystery Lake via the Ravine is also open. Personally I am also doing a couple saves, just in case I do something dumb before I get my Badges (which is highly likely). It sure seems like today is definitely the day to stockpile, although who knows what Hinterland is going to toss at us...
  9. Hello ‘Long Dark’ers! I am relatively new to the game but TLD has quickly become my go-to game. I got the game after Resolute Outfitter came out, so this next update will be my first. Just this week I finally achieved my last badge (fire-starter took FOREVER!) and may have made a mistake when I convinced my wife to play too. Five saved sandboxes goes pretty quick between two people… A brief overview of my background for anyone who is interested. I just got married in January to a wonderful woman who never hassles me when I spend all weekend in front of the Xbox pretending to walk around i
  10. I agree with @JAFO regarding skills books for all skills, as well as with @Troxism regarding the incredibly difficulty of achieving mending lvl 5! In addition, I'd like to put a plug in for a couple new skills. Specifically, I have always been confused why cleaning a rifle, repairing lanterns or sharpening tools seem to have a separate mechanism for improving your skill. Why can't we have a "Crafting" and/or "Repairing" skill that improves as we make more things or repair the things we have...? I know it would require a fair amount of thought to make sure tuning is appropriate and what
  11. At first, I was definitively against NPCs in the Sandbox. I thought that they would be a nuisance or pull me out of the isolated wilderness of the Long Dark. The more I think about it, though, I am actually excited for the eventual addition of NPCs in Survivor Mode. They present a completely new angle to the game, and can open the doors for many new concepts. Ideally, the player should be able to get rid of (potentially fight and kill, or perhaps negotiate a peaceful way for them to leave) all NPCs if they really don't want anyone else in their world. Most of all, I really, really appre
  12. If you harvest unused storm lanterns, you will not only receive scrap metal but you will also receive the fuel that is left in the lantern. That being said, harvesting a lantern just to get at the fuel feels a lot like selling your car for gas money... If the lantern is truly unused then it's fine, but if you just want the fuel out of a lantern and want to keep the lantern for later then you are currently out of luck.
  13. WildGPS


    Quick question specifically for the developers: Will "whatever" happens when the countdown reaches zero happen across all platforms? I play on an xbox, and would be very disappointed if there is any sort of update for the steam version but xbox users have to wait another week, or two, or an undisclosed length of time....
  14. A big thank you to everyone who has chimed in on this issue. So, what I'm mostly hearing is that the main complaint against late-game sustainability is not so much that it would break the theme of isolation and vulnerability. The main issue is more of a "where's the next challenge?" element and inevitable boredom that follows. If that is the case, that gives me significant hope that the developers can balance the benefits that come from more renewable resources with challenges that only present themselves 50, 100 or even 200 days into a game. Am I understanding the issue completely, or are t
  15. Hi @cekivi! @elloco999 and I are talking about The Twilight Zone. It's an old television series that explored the "what if's" of the universe. It was a great show, and very progressive for it's time. I didn't realize that they only used that phrase 3 times, it seems so synonymous with the show... Thanks for the heads up, @Ruruwawa. That makes sense that things wash up after a big storm... Another well thought out part of the game. Kudos, Hinterland! Careful, @JAFO, I hardly have enough time to balance work and TLD. Telling me about other good games is definitely going to make my