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  1. What a shame. My guess is bad sales. Bad sales figures lead to the lack of developer care we've been experiencing. Again, a damn shame! @ThePancakeLady: Please do!
  2. deepanddark


    Love the idea of candles as an illumination / warmth source. Candles may be even used for a special "candle lantern" that emits a weaker light than the regular lantern-fuel-powered lantern, but lasts much longer. I would go as far as to add candles as a findable item and an something that's in place in a few existing indoor locations as it would add a lot of atmosphere early on. Story mode would also benefit from candles as they would give players an opportunity to use up some of the matches they find. Item ideas: - new candle (lasts half a day or longer) - used candle (lasts about half as long as a new candle) - candle stump (lasts a few hours only) Candles would also bring the game in line with the movie adaption / concept trailer.
  4. I started Episode 2 before the most recent update. My journal shows that I found all of the caches. I even went back to Allan's Cave just to make sure I didn't miss anything. Things probably will be fine when I start over once Episode 3 and the Redux Episodes are released.
  5. I play the game on GOG Galaxy. It usually bothers me when developers have achievements on Steam and other platforms but not on GOG. For example I'm still waiting for Beamdog to implement Galaxy achievements for Planescape: Torment before I'm willing to begin my playthrough, even though I purchased the title at launch over a year ago (side note: it's gonna happen eventually). I didn't bother me as much with The Long Dark though and I very much enjoy Wintermute. However I'd love to see Hinterland implement the feature, if the amount of work to implement and maintain is reasonable.
  6. The quest apparently doesn't update properly on GOG 1.35. Even though I found all the caches, the map icon for the Allan's Cave cache is still showing and the quest's status remains unfinished.
  7. Still no soundtrack on GOG Guys, there's money to be made. Serious money.
  8. I hardly had time to play the last few months (so it isn't bothering me too much), but it's a shame to see the GOG version left out in the cold. Please light the fire!
  9. I still wanna dump my 10 bucks on the TLD soundtrack once available on GOG.
  10. Yeah, just tell us that GOG's low user-base doesn't justify regular updates.
  11. V1.15 was apparently just released on XB:O. So I guess they need a bit more time. But I too wish they were a bit faster. Also it's not like I get to play every day, so it's not too big a deal for me.
  12. It'd be interesting to see TLD's sales figures across the different platforms but I believe the GOG customer is in fact a minority. Forum activity on is generally low, it doesn't even exist in a few cases. However I'm a supporter of their business model and if I have a choice between Steam and GOG, I choose GOG. I'm very glad the game received the 1.12 patches and I still keep my fingers crossed for GOG Achievements and maybe a few extras to be added at some point in the future... Reached the end of Episode 1 now and can't wait to get started with Episode 2 on Sunday.
  13. Very well deserved. I deeply regret not having backed (or even noticed) the game while it was on Kickstarter
  14. Thanks Patrick I'd love to see links to the GOG and Humble store-pages added on @Blinkin: I certainly feel that way. Thanks for pointing this out. Bought an extra copy just to be able to play it on GOG.