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  1. 'Lief kadaver...' (sorry, ik kon het niet laten; dit taalvautje is net iets te vermakelijk om 'm te laten passeren).
  2. Migration could be factor, although it's odd that a troop of wolves would migrate to the exact spot I just cleared out. It's the first time I experienced this, hence the question. But thanks for the suggestion of migration, it's certainly worth considering. And yes, I am aware of the quirk where wolves take longer to respawn if their carcasses are left lying around. I've also noticed that harvesting won't allow me to leave 100 grammes of meat on the carcass anymore. I've harvested several animals while trying to leave the least amount of meat on it, like if it was 3,1 kgs, i'd harves
  3. The wolf will keep its distance, although it will advance, so this works less well in the middle of nowhere. Also note that if you advance towards the wolf, its not going to back down but lunge forward and you'll enter into a fight with the wolf.
  4. I killed some wolves around the church in Milton to create a safe hunting environment for myself; killed three, went outside that night, got stalked by yet another wolf, killed that one; then I went to the farm and fetched a hacksaw. Spent the night there. Next day, I return to the church: new set of wolves prowling about. What's the point of killing wolves if they just respawn straight away? And also, what's the point of creating game in an area if I have to look over my shoulder as soon as I start butchering it? This isn't fun: most logical place to bring game is the church, but that's
  5. Volgens mij heeft niemand de vertaalfouten als bugs opgemerkt, want wat je al zegt: omslachtig, zowel voor de ontwikkelaars als voor degenen die de bugs indienen. Bovendien krijg je dan verstrooiing: een plukje vertaalsuggesties hier, weer eens daar; veel doublures ook. De realiteit is dat er gewoon niks gaat gebeuren, want dit zou dan eerst door de ontwikkelaars als probleem moeten worden ervaren - en dat is het niet, want het vertaalt zich niet in teruglopende verkoopcijfers of spelers die afhaken. Dat zal met de demografie van hun doelgroep te maken hebben, dat zijn geen jonge kin
  6. Even in The Walking Dead, we see people banding together. Why? Because there's safety in numbers. Sure, there might be rifts within communities, people having different opinions on what to do or who's to blame; different factions will emerge - as they do when there's a major change affecting the future of a community. I expect people to have town hall meetings, heated arguments - things might get out of hand. I assume people might start thinking of plundering the petrol station when push came to shove; but it's more likely the community leaders in town would take charge and form a committ
  7. Okay, so the tunnel collapsed on the bus, which allowed for the convicts to overtake the prison guards. It conveniently left the bus intact enough so as to make a tunnel through which the convicts escaped... After which they would have frozen to death in their skinny uniforms, but oh well, never mind that... Also never mind that the bus doesn't seem nearly long enough to function as a tunnel, but okay... So this bus-tunnel within a tunnel lasts long enough for Astrid to get through, but then conveniently caves in before Mackenzie to get there, because - o well, we need to force
  8. What route exactly? According to Grey Mother, there's only one (!) way out of town, which is through the tunnel. So where did the bus came frome? And why would a bus full of convicts be on a remote island in the north of Canada anyway? It makes no sense. Okay, maybe I wasn't paying enought attention when this explanation came up. So why can't I use the same route then? Because the tunnel conveniently collapsed further onto the bus after Astrid used it, so that I, the player, now have to find another route... It strains credulity as far as I'm concerned.
  9. So after finishing episode 1 and playing throug a fair bit of episode 2, it dawned on me that much of the central premises on why the places I was visiting were abandoned don't actually make much sense. 1. How and why is Milton abandoned again? Take the abandoned town of Milton for instance. After the electricity broke stopped working, people tried desparately to get out of town. But why would they, or rather, why would all of them? They're in a pretty remote place, I assume these people are part-time hunters and self reliance types anyway. You'd expect people to huddle togethe
  10. That's odd, because after setting my resolution way down on my desktop (midsize PC, mind you, with a laptop motherboard, integrated CPU, so I can't upgrade it), I noticed considerable improvement. The struggle bar still isn't getting full, but at least I survive the struggle these days. And speed of movement has gone up as well. I'm jogging around like Super Mario, without actually running. Still, I think it's an issue that framerate should cause such problems. I use my system mainly for web, mail and reading/writing so I'm not keen on buying a new PC just to play TLD either.
  11. Quite likely. As you say, I've had wolves gnaw for days on a deer carcass I had cleaned out earlier, popping up right after Grey Mother informed me that the wolves move into town when people move away. Well, they did indeed, right on cue. It's moments like these that remind you you're playing a computer game.
  12. Given your description, I assume you mean the open structure in front of the Barker farmhouse Grey Mother sends you to find the key to a safe deposit box she wants. Yeah, I got jumped there as well. But that's not because there's a wolf lurking inside; but because the wolf roaming the area outside can see you (and I have a sense it can even see you through the walls) - so you best bring a torch when going there. So sorry to say that wasn't fluffy. Furthermore, I feel it's plenty unsafe outside, I wouldn't want to having to be walking crouched on my toes and looking over my shoul
  13. Ah, that explains a lot. Also explains why I had an excess of bandages. Wasn't paying much attention, I just assumed it worked like it did before: bandage + lichen = disinfectant bandage. I guess not. Okay, that helps. I'll just craft some bandages then, and I'll be fine.
  14. I tried it two times in a row; I don't think it's a glitch. Unless I'm overlooking something, the game doesn't seem to recognize the OMB-lichen bandage as a bandage anymore (at least as far as Story Mode is concerned; I haven't tried it on Sandbox yet).
  15. So I just got into a wolf tussle in Story mode, and tried to heal myself from the radial menu. I had several Old Man's Beard bandages prepared, but they don't stop the bleeding. So that's a waste. Those bandages are pretty much useless now. But perhaps I'm doing it wrong?