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    Bug oder Feature?

    Hallo Keto, bitte entschuldige die späte Antwort. Ich war in den letzten Wochen kaum im Forum aktiv, da ich erst beruflich einige Wochen in den USA war und dann umgezogen bin. Falls dich die Antwort noch interessiert: Nein, Schlafen gehört zu den ganz wenigen Vorgängen, die man nicht mit ESC abbrechen kann. Wenn man draußen schläft (selbst an vermeintlich windgeschützten Orten), ist es daher sehr empfehlenswert, immer nur 2-3 Stunden auf einmal zu schlafen. Die Windrichtungen ändern sich regelmäßig und viele Orte (u.a. hohle Bäume oder besagte Scheunen) sind aus bestimmten Winkeln dann
  2. Well, as food and ammunition are abundant anyway (especially since the introduction of stone throwing) I see no reason not to keep my calorie bar full all the time. I have no intention to go for a thousands-of-days-game, so it makes no difference at all for me whether I feed on a deer for three days or three weeks. (Meaning I know I cannot run out of means to acquire food no matter which playstyle I use). That being said I prefer to keep my hunger bar full as it requires me to play a bit more actively. I'm not interested in 'optimising' calorie consumption to survive as many days as
  3. Broken Railroad ist in der Sandbox vorhanden, Milton hingegen ist aktuell (noch) nicht erreichbar. Ob sich letzteres mal ändern soll, weiß ich leider nicht.
  4. Does anyone know for sure which skills are included in this achievement on Interloper? (Only Carcass Harvesting, Firestarting, Cooking, Ice Fishing, Mending & Archery?) Or does it also include Firearms and is thus impossible to get on Interloper? And what about the other (non-journal) skills like Sharpening, Repairing and Rifle cleaning - those aren't included, right? I would really like to know whether it's worth trying to get this achievement on Interloper as I would definitely find it annoying to get everything to level five only to learn the achievement doesn't unlock because
  5. Es ist normal, dass du im Storymode bis zu einem bestimmten Punkt der Geschichte von Episode 2 keine Auroras siehst. Sobald du selbiges Event durchgespielt hast, kommen sie dann auch im Storymode zufällig vor.
  6. Thanks for sharing these informations and your thoughts about the launch with us, Raphael. As a great Sandbox fan I'm especially happy to hear Survivor mode is going to get more attention again in the future. And I for one think the team did a great job with Wintermute. The launch may not have been perfect, but it went pretty well overall in my opinion. The first steps are always the most difficult ones - and you guys really did an amazing job releasing the game on that many platforms at once. Enjoy your well-deserved holidays and recharge your batteries!
  7. Die Screenshots sind aus dem Survivor Mode - du sprichst aber gerade vom Storymode. Da läuft alles etwas anders.
  8. Was genau steht denn in deinem Tagebuch? Der Ort Perseverance Mills (ich nehme mal an, das ist in der deutschen Übersetzung dann "Ausdauermühle") wird im Spiel bislang nur erwähnt - er ist aber weder implementiert, noch sollst du dort hingehen.
  9. Jopp, tut sie. Nicht jede Nacht, aber durchaus relativ häufig sogar. Hier sind zwei meiner bisherigen Lieblings-Screenshots:
  10. Sorry, I don't remember it if meat ever really lost weight. Only that I always liked the idea of foxes being introduced which might steal rabbits from your snares and meat/fish dropped on the ground outdoors. But even in this regard I was just thinking about losing the whole piece at once, not parts of it.
  11. I'm not offended, I just wanted to point out it's nonsense. And I personally have never heard about your 'scientific community respect meter' either except at the TV series "The Big Bang Theory". At least in my field of work and scientific surrounding, the 'respect meter' (if you want to put it that way) depends on how many papers with which impact factors you publish, not in which science you made your first degrees. There's a good reason why the PhD - or Dr. rer. nat as it's called in Germany - is not tied to any scientific field in particular. Anyone with this degree is expec
  12. *pulls both off their high horses and puts them on donkeys* Pff.. what you're describing about hippies collecting gnats in the forest is not even remotely what average biologists are doing. It makes as much sense as saying 'Chemists are odd white-haired guys developing explosives who are only happy if something in their lab blows up at least once a week'. You two (at least @Thrasador) seem to be pretty unaware what biologists are actually doing. Less than 2% of all biologists are working in the field of ecology (where they may really run around outdoors and collect whatever organi
  13. Manche (optionalen) Quests werden auch erst freigeschaltet, wenn du genug Vertrauen bei ihr aufgebaut hast. Sie zu beklauen ist daher nicht sehr empfehlenswert!
  14. Happy to have you back, Dr. Cekivi! And big congratulations!
  15. @Patrick Carlson or @Mel Guille could you maybe contact someone from the Dev team who can verify if that's possible? ( Windows clock malfunctions being connected to odd rng outcomes?)