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  1. @Drifter Man Am I mistaken or did you basically invent, or at least bring to fame, the deadman challenge? If I'm not mistaken WOW, what a cool honor. Dude well done! If I am mistaken you still had an important role, IMHO, in bringing the idea into the game. (Apologies I haven't followed the news about the upcoming update here very well but I recall reading your deadman challenges while biting my nails ... loved them.)
  2. Beautiful stuff Hinterland, @Raphael van Lierop ... just wonderfully done honestly. Here's hoping for 50 more years ... thanks for all you do.
  3. That's a good way of looking at it.
  4. What do you mean when you say "rare"? They're not really rare in a lot of places in North America, in some places they're quite common. I could see fewer bears present as a element of game play making sense though if that was what you meant by rare.
  5. @Drifter Man really glad you're back to posting these. They've always been a favorite of mine.
  6. That was some LONG maintenance ;-) Glad you're all back!
  7. Reddit had a player that hit 2000 days on voyager a few years back when there were only three regions (he died shortly after the release of desolation point) and he was fairly well stocked but critical of his over use of matches earlier in the run. Has anyone checked out the 10k interloper run? I don't mean to sound skeptical and I believe it absolutely "possible" to survive that long but, well, I guess I am a bit skeptical. One of the reasons the leader boards were taken down ages ago is the number of hours/days survived was artificially inflated via tweaks in the game's files. Again I'
  8. What? The team's going on field trips now? @Raphael van Lierop What's this "team building stuff?" A little more nose to the grindstone sir! Increase beatings until morale improves! I'm shocked ;-) Kidding of course, glad you all had a chance to check it out and you've definitely got me interested in watching it.
  9. Apologies for the late reply. I was playing on Voyager so that might account for the difference in items found inside the bunker. Also it's been a weird voyager play through on ML. The zone spawned a total of five rifles (two from the bunker of course) which is a record for me in ML. There was one in Trappers, two in the bunker, one in the damn, one under the bridge near the damn and one near the Camp Office side of the lake trail. Seemed a bit excessive ... Same play through -- Pleasant Valley is only half explored and has yielded three rifles (not that unusual -- one at Signal
  10. @Raphael van Lierop, hopefully this is a fun and open ended question for you ... Tell us something about TLD that we don't know ...
  11. I have a smallish "trash heap" near any base I'm at for an extended period of time. Ruined whetstone, sewing kits, burned out flair, broken bows and the lot go there. Now cans do too ... I kind of like seeing my effect on the post Apocalypse environment ....
  12. This is the best, 18 months after the fact, answer I've ever received on a message board ;-) No sarcasm @Shadrach, however delayed your reply made me giggle. Cheers!
  13. I don't endorse the idea of running automobiles in any way but I've often wondered if there was a vehicle with a manual transmission parked on a hill (are there any like this in say Coastal Highway or maybe Pleasant Valley) it should be theoretically possible to 'pop the clutch.' This would in turn cause the engine to, in theory, turnover and start running. Granted there's a lot of variables here but -- fire still works, flammable liquids still burn ... the motor SHOULD turn over IF you could some how thaw it out a bit first ... These are the silly thoughts I have while enduring
  14. So after I typed this last night, I went home and fired up TLD. Bingo, there's the weapon's bunker. Two rifles (80-90% condition), two arrows, two arrow shafts, two whetstones, a lantern, twenty rounds of ammunition, two cleaning kits, one pair of combat boots, one pair of climbing socks (both +80% conditions), and an assortment of canned goods/food and water.
  15. I've been playing this game since 2015 I think and I've never yet found this bunker so thanks for the fun read. Kinda cool and IMHO it's a bit more useful than the bunker that's full of food. At least the 25 bullets will potentially last longer ... Thanks for the fun read.