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  1. Now that's what I call a real hardcore gamester!
  2. The old logo looked the best to me.
  3. Welcome to the forum @BoyWonder
  4. Yep, like the change also and looks pretty good!
  5. +1 to both items for me also.
  6. Yeah, "I need to see the new UI in action before I can make a decision" is what i picked on mine. After I see it in action then can make a better choice.
  7. Welcome @SnowWalker! There is a great community here on these forms. The Moderator's are always around to help and answer questions. There are some great players on here and some like (yourself) have logged over 1000+ hours ( I'm currently just over 1400 hours). See you around and remember to stay frosty out there.
  8. @ Portals ~ You nailed it! Could not of said it better myself so hats off to you. Sure this could of been handled differently and we all make mistakes. The community is also at fault for really getting this hyped up more than it should of been. Everyone who plays this game wants the Story Mode released and in a way expects it to happen sooner rather than later. We all get that including myself. We have been waiting for a long time and we, the community, get very excited when we see some news from the Devs. I have always said this before and will say it again, I would rather wait for a finished product than something thrown together and released way to early. This game has the potential to be an Epic Game and with over 1400 hours invested so far I can wait a little longer. So please cut them some slack and thank you Hinterland for this awesome game.
  9. Got to do what you need to do first! Wish you the best and will look for your return.
  10. Really looking forward to this and it should be interesting. Woot!
  11. Can't wait till I get home to try this out. Looks to be a fun experience so going to start a new sandbox with it. Thank you Devs for something different!