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  1. Just watched the final episode of Alone Season 6, this time in the Arctic. One could tell that the contestants have learned from the previous seasons and were for the most part much better prepared, which is why the first half of the season was sometimes a bit boring. But then it picked up, especially when the snow came and true skill was displayed - and without giving away any spoilers, the candidate I was rooting for has won What we also learned first hand: you can't live off moose alone, it's just too little fat - you need fish or other fat sources or you'll lose a lot of weight pretty quickly. This is something TLD could maybe factor in to some extend without over-complicating things, like the need to have enough calories and at least some fat regularely (from fish, peanut butter, candy bars and the like) to prevent protein poisoning and in the end starvation.
  2. Thanks for the update and the work you're constantly putting into the game! However, one fix is missing: *[ALL] lowered chance 10-fold for getting a sprain
  3. Good luck with this approach in Interloper
  4. That's what I dislike about the new system as well. At first I was excited for it showing me more clearly where I am at risk of getting a sprain but I didn't realize that they upped the chances severaly to a point where some paths will give you a sprain guaranteed. It's unfair to players who have spend hundreds of hours in the game figuring out the safest route from A to B and now they can't take that route anymore because they WILL get a sprain. Granted it was always a trade-off between being moderately safe from wolves (sometimes they surprised you on the "safe" path) and a minor risk for getting a sprain - which happened roughly once every ten times I travelled a certain path if at all, but now it's almost always, with a grace period between the warning and getting a sprain no longer than Weak Ice. For example if you travel from Trapper's towards Tunnel Collapse there will most likely always be a wolf patroling between the rails and below into the forest. But if you hug the cliff on the right side and go up the slope a bit, you could sneak past the wolf without him noticing you. Now? You can still take that route but you will end up with a sprain. Same with hiking up towards Rabbit Grove in CH following the frozen river. I don't think I'll ever got a sprain while hiking on the hills left of the river to avoid the bear and wolves, now the game wants me to actively seek confrontation with the beasts or get a sprain. Yes there are other paths which lead to the same location but they will also put you in the same dilemma, either fight a wolf (and get probably a sprained wrist anyway) or avoid the places where wolves are (which most of the times means somewhere uphill) and get a sprain almost for sure. In some places you might succeed in luring a wolf away with stones, leading to you carrying tons of stones and throwing them blindly where ever you think there might be one but cmon, I'm not playing TLD to have an animal tamer experience. Simply put: this is no fun. Please revert the chance of getting a sprain back to Pre-Steadfast levels but keep the indicator and new healing mechanism. After hundreds of days surviving in the wilderness alone our protagonist should be confident enough in he's abilities to judge when he is risking a sprain and should only very rarely misjudge the situation. Now it feels like playing a city kid on high heels.
  5. Sometimes you get something you never knew you always wanted - like the new sprain system, I am truly excited about that! Finally an end to all the guess work of when I am at risk of spraining my ankle or wrist. And I am glad to see a true use now for the birch bark, I'm sure this will help a lot in Interloper. Thanks for all your work and for constantly improving the game
  6. oh yes, the Bear roaming the area near the river below Bear Creek Campground in CH will come all the way to the fishing hut on the foot of Jackrabbits Island when I pack myself full of meat. And I completely agree with the OP, this mechanic is one of my least favorite and I use it solely to exploit it. Lure the wolves and bears towards you why having close access to a safe spot (like the fishing hut) and once the beasts are near, drop every piece of meat. Step out, shoot, go back inside, rinse & repeat. It makes hunting wolves and bears way too easy. You can also use this "technique" to clear secluded areas from beasts if you are unsure if one is lurking behind the next hill (like Trapper's). Lure them out, killem', safe travels I suspect the devs intention was to make things harder for the player because we cannot travel with meat around the map safely but the result is the complete opposite, it makes life much easier for us and once an area is cleared we can still travel packed with meat and/or furs. Having the beasts still track the meat even when dropped to the floor would actually make it even easier, like a hyper decoy I can place and just wait in a safe spot with bow or rifle aimed and ready. Honestly the only fix I can see to prevent exploitation is to completely remove the mechanic or randomize it thoroughly so that in one area of smell-effect only one or two beasts will be lured towards the players but all other beasts ignore it. This would still result in free meat but at least one couldn't clear a whole area from a safe spot.
  7. You're welcome, I've posted that but for some reason when I was logged in via my phone I was posting as milosh. Once you get the spear, be sure to have some distance and make the bear notice you. He will often stand up on his hind legs and you need to start readying the spear (left click) just before he falls back on all fours and charges you. In my failed attempts I waited for him to get back down before pressing left mouse and was too late, he got to me before my spear was fully extended. That's why I wrote a full stamina (sprint) bar is needed because the instant you ready the spear the stamina circle depletes (I'm speaking about the circle that pop ups when you press left shift to sprint, not the fatigue circle which shows how tired you are). 1. So, wait for bear to stand on his rears 2. count to one or two 3. left click and hold 4. when the bear attacks and the fight bar comes up, smash left button Rinse & repeat 3 times and you're done, the bear as well
  8. it's not so much the frequency or lack of variation that bothers me but the fact that if often does not correspond with my actions or what I think about an item in any given moment. Having my character speak only after I've decided to keep an item would address that. this is true but could be addressed with the same fix (if item==stick: don't talk). But what do I know, maybe our character was a forest talker and is concerned about birds not finding enough sticks lol.
  9. try the To all the knife-pushers: didn't Methuselah's scolding made you at least question your choice? It sure did for me, I find it pretty obvious that this was the wrong choice.
  10. No matter what trash I pick up, a rugged shirt while already wearing thick coats or almost spoiled food, my guy always gets excited when he finds stuff. This has bothered me since forever but only just now did I figure a quite simple fix: don't play the audio ("this will come in handy", "hope no one needs this" and so son) AFTER the player takes it and puts it in his inventory (left click). If he puts it back (right click), just play no audio at all or have him say something like "naah this is useless", "I don't need this" or so if you still have resources for audio recordings. I think this would be fairly easy to implement and would add alot to immersion. Thoughts?
  11. Yes this new system is awesome for all the stated reasons. And here's another one, a thought I honestly never had in 4 years of playing TLD until just recently: wait, what just happend?
  12. *hmm why can't I edit my posts anymore?* So I had to redo that part with the knife due to the transition bug and this time I played like a gamer and pushed the knife. I immediately regretted it, it just fell wrong. Methusalem also gave me quite the lecture afterwards in the climbing area, which means in a sense the game is judging your actions. I think in future such moments I'll stick to being the good guy
  13. To me he's Ryan Hurst with the voice of Santa
  14. lol made my day But for me it's the other way around, TLD makes me behave inside a game as I would in RL. As a player of any other game I would've killed the bastard without hesitation, the story offers enough reasons to do so. But in RL I don't think I would be able to kill a human being, especially not one who didn't cause me any direct suffering and that's the reason why I pulled the knife out. I didn't spend a single thought though on why I haven't received the knife, I already had a flare gun and a hatchet and that's all I needed at that point in the story.