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  1. On Stalker and beyond you'll have quite a hard time to not get Cabin Fever, in other words this would be a stick-bed only challenge. That's why I usually do the challenge the other way around - don't sleep in a bed, just on my bedroll outside
  2. I was thinking about making a movie based on TLD gameplay probably since I started playing TLD. But I couldn't, simply surviving was just too boring to watch. Thanks to the Darkwalker though I finally found the right setting to make for a thrilling experience. Feel the angst and constant pressure Astrid has to combat while she tries to banish the beast. Will she succeed or fade into The Long Dark? Grab your popcorn, turn the lights down and find out! Disclaimer: no wolves have been harmed during the making of this movie. Also this is not a let's play, it's heavily cut to not bore anyone w
  3. I had a good but tough run, I started in HRV, found a rifle cleaning kit in Trapper's Homestead (probably the most important item save for a better revolver), Timberwolves were no issue thanks to a cleaned weapon and in general had very little predator action. But I had the DW several times within 200m behind me from DP on, where we crossed paths when he was going for my lure, then I slept at the cave exit before Crumbling Highway and got woken up by the DW. Managed to put some distance thanks to lures, went to the CH campfire and then went for PV, where I had to sleep again and DW catched up
  4. There is however the Escape the Darkwalker challenge, hallucination, eerie sounds and visuals included. I kinda like it, one truly feels h(a)unted.
  5. This is a known issue (I suppose you clicked on "transfer all") and the devs are aware of it/working on it. Best way to store water is to just drop it on the floor.
  6. I am still desperately looking for the 2nd Polaroid in AC and so I started to explore the usually unreachable heights with stone-caching. When I was way above the Goldmine I had to take a nap and woke up to a beautiful Aurora. I took this chance to see if I can reach Miner's Folly and I could, it's all connected. So grab a glass of wine and enjoy a view most people haven't seen.
  7. This one in the picture was sleeping at it's cave, you see some bones above his head.
  8. Here's a video of how one of my more succesful Stalker runs back in 2015 ended. I had the game for about a month then and wasn't completely new to TLD anymore but still had alot to learn and one stupid mistake after the other led to my ultimate demise.
  9. Oh lol, haven't thought of that
  10. How can you have a smell indicator of 3 bars but the bear is not coming after you nor are you surrounded by wolves?
  11. First I thought it's a gaming decision, like the inability to jump. But then it dawned on me - imagine yourself in that situation, freezing, alone, probably hungry - would you hide yourself in the back of a cave where no one can see you? I think they were hoping for rescue, either to be seen or to see someone. We as a player encounter a world where practically everyone is dead besides us but this was not the case when they were dying, otherwise there would've not been that many bodies lying around, so there was reason for hope. Also, they had a fire going on and were warm at first but bec
  12. I'm not sure if your game is bugged or if you dropped to some place where you shouldn't, reading about your troubles finding the rope in the first place. But once you've made the climb you are save from T-wolves (or any predators at all), they cannot reach you on the upper levels. Yes they might spawn on the ground when you are parkouring your way to the workshop but they can never reach you. Just keep calm and make your way to the workshop - beware though: I've spend more than a month in the Cannery waiting for an aurora and can provide some additional tips: - If you have to wait
  13. Yes I noticed that too, I had an empty bottle on the floor (showing 0.00 l) but it had a weight of 0.11kg so it behaves the same as the Jerry Can. I think I understand now the original claim of the video, there is a weight advantage with the Jerry Can if you have lots of little filled small bottles totalling to say 1l as opposed to one Jerry Can of 1l, as the weight seems to even out at 0.5l, meaning the bottle has then no weight but it has when it's less filled. Strange behaviour but it is what it is right now.
  14. Well I'm camping there for over 100 days now and I think I looked everywhere, I've been over the map a good dozen times now. There's one dark spot on my map near Miner's Folly, I will try to stone-cache my way up there - who knows, maybe it's another buggy spawn. But it would help if @Admin or someone else from HTL could tell if it's a bug or if I need to keep looking.