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  1. maybe have a look at the disclaimer when the game starts - have you ever encountered a moose after a geomagnetic event?
  3. The bear in TWM near Crystal Lake is quite easy to hunt. When leaving the hut keep right to not attract any wolves and sneak/crouch up on the hill where you can overlook the bear cave and the way towards Echo Ravine. Once you see the bear far right of the cave, go left and climb ontop of the cave, the bear can't reach you there. Generally speaking this is the best tactic for bear hunting. Anticipate it's route, go somewhere where it can't reach you and wait for an opportunity to shoot it.
  4. There wasn't much thinking involved on my part anymore, guess this was my Captain Ahab moment On the other hand though, I was living off wolves for hundred of days, most hunted with a bow and didn't expect that shooting one with a rifle would be a big deal.
  5. I hope this is just an overseight by the devs and they will either prevent the crampons from decaying or make them reparable in a future update. It's not like we can replace them like a pry bar. And with the current sprain mechanic they are very valuable on longer Stalker or Interloper runs where you can't just shoot your way through a pack of wolves and need to go around them over "red" terrain quite often. Having them in my pack but not being able to use them whenever I need them would be a pitty 😕
  6. Forgive my ignorance but I never bothered to check the display settings again once I've set them to my liking - which was years ago when FullHD 1920x1080 was probably the highest setting available (or my screen didn't offer more). Out of curiosity I checked if a new option was added to the display settings and also tried to set a higher resolution. Which to my astonishment I could, up to 3840x2160 and wow, what a difference this makes. Now everything is crystal clear and sharp, I forgot how beautiful the world can look, it's like playing a next-gen version of TLD Does anyone know for how
  7. Do you mean the climb point on the mountain where Climber's Cave is inside? Yes this point is reachable via another climb west and there is a rope, which I took and mounted on the point which leads down to the lake. Actually I think this was the first route I took to get to the High Medow from Angler's Den.
  8. The High Meadom is a high plateu pretty much in the center of the map. It's your starting point if you want to reach the gold mine via bridges and also the cabine - Homesteader's Respite" - above the broken fishing hut, with the rope climb where you can mount a rope. You can reach it from anywhere on the map as Serenity has described. Once you reach Pillar's Footrest, either via Angler's Den or by entering from Deer Clearing, it's pretty easy to find, just keep right until there will be a bridge or a rope, can't remember it anymore. Continue north and you'll reach a frozen lake. On the s
  9. Ash Canyon is out, my excitement is huge and after almost a year away from TLD I went exploring the new region in Pilgrim-ish Custom to be prepared for when I enter the region with my long running Stalker sandbox, which I was playing for over 3 years. After I felt comfortable enough to know my way around AC I started the "real" sandbox and forgot that my survivor was camping in the Cannery, desperately waiting for half a month for an Aurora to arrive so I can finally enter the workshop. I lived off wolves I've shot around the Cannery but my last meal was almost a day ago, I had 2 hours of fire
  10. it depends (I think) on which route you take. If you follow the bridges via High Medow and paying Homesteader's a visit then yes. This is what I've done on my custom (pilgrim-ish) exploration run but I've just resurrected my 560 day stalker from his hiatus in Bleak Inlet and plan on going the other way around to the mine, from Angler's Den to the western edge of the map and climb 3 ropes up to the mine. There will be some timber wolves I think but it's much shorter. Or is there any reason this shouldn't work? Btw - mild spoiler: there are two ways into AC, via Echo Ravine or Deer Clearing
  11. nope, they go in the ordinary accessory slot.
  12. Just watched the final episode of Alone Season 6, this time in the Arctic. One could tell that the contestants have learned from the previous seasons and were for the most part much better prepared, which is why the first half of the season was sometimes a bit boring. But then it picked up, especially when the snow came and true skill was displayed - and without giving away any spoilers, the candidate I was rooting for has won What we also learned first hand: you can't live off moose alone, it's just too little fat - you need fish or other fat sources or you'll lose a lot of weight pretty
  13. Thanks for the update and the work you're constantly putting into the game! However, one fix is missing: *[ALL] lowered chance 10-fold for getting a sprain
  14. That's what I dislike about the new system as well. At first I was excited for it showing me more clearly where I am at risk of getting a sprain but I didn't realize that they upped the chances severaly to a point where some paths will give you a sprain guaranteed. It's unfair to players who have spend hundreds of hours in the game figuring out the safest route from A to B and now they can't take that route anymore because they WILL get a sprain. Granted it was always a trade-off between being moderately safe from wolves (sometimes they surprised you on the "safe" path) and a minor risk for ge