Does the Mountaineer's hut count as indoors or outdoors?


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That's a good question that I 've asked myself lately and I'm not sure that the game knows the answer either. Since one or two patches I get a strange cabin fever risk when I hang out in the Mountaineer's hut for a couple of days. It's a condition that will come and go, stay at the same risk percentage no matter what I do, then increase if I go outside just to disappear if I sleep inside the cabin. That makes me think time spent in the hut may count or partly count as being indoors. Anyways I have written a support ticket on the matter. On the other hand, there is no loading screen which is an indicator that it counts as being outdoors.

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In my opinion, the best place for getting cold fusion would be at the summit, if you get a lot of firewood up there you can stay for many nights. I stayed there for about 3-4 days before heading back down. But no, i have no idea if the mountaineering hut counts as outside, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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On 6/7/2020 at 1:52 PM, Dum_Gen said:

I almost sure that it doesn't counts as outdoors for the Cold Fusion feat.

It kinda resembles the warmer part of the caves - you can cure guts, read books/craft at night, food spoils like outside.

At the same time - doesn't count for the Cold Fusion feat and increases Cabin Fever risk.

IIRC, the bonus of the hut is that warmth from the fireplace extends to the outdoor side of the wall, so you can sleep there in the sleeping bag/snow shelter to decrease Cabin Fever risk.

If you're going to risk sleeping outside the mountaineer's hut itself, I think it's easier to just forego the snow shelter and sleep inside the fishing hut (which has a stove and does count as being outdoors)... bonus if it spawns with a door (although I'm not sure if that particular fishing hut ever does spawn with a door).  The floor area inside the fishing huts is just large enough to lay down a bedroll.  However, nothing cures inside a fishing hut.  I quite often use the one at Pensive Pond (PV) for lowering cabin fever risk since it always spawns with a door.  There's always fishing for food and quite often a moose that spawns in that area.

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Mountaineer's hut is considered indoors and things will cure in there. The difference is that you don't get the stable warmth bonus you'd get from going through a load zone (so the air temp is more variable), but you are also considered to be under the stars which allows reading at night (which you can't do in an interior with a load zone). The hut also increases your cabin fever risk.


For the feat I highly recommend fishing huts. They are considered outside (things won't cure in them), they have a windproof stove, and access to a food source.

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On 6/28/2020 at 4:43 PM, ajb1978 said:

A fun trick with the Mountaineer's Hut is to get a nice hot fire going, then sleep outside directly behind the hut. The heat from the fire keeps you warm even through the wall, making this a good way to handle cabin fever.

Hmmm... I wonder if you get the outdoor cold fire bonus if you're sleeping behind the chimney with the fire going inside. If you're inside the hut you don't.

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