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  1. Something between your sleeping bag and the ground is key, like an air mattress, pad, or blanket as The Cabins Trapper suggested. It will be more comfortable because of the padding and warmth (without it the ground will make you cold and will not provide a good night's sleep). A towel for drying anything wet in the tent will add greatly to your comfort as it takes a long time to naturally dry water in the tent. Try to keep items from touching the sides of the tent as condensation will collect on the tent walls over night and will run down to meet anything touching the wall (and make it we
  2. Thanks for the update and for being an understanding, supportive employer. Stay safe.
  3. Nice! I've never played Universe Sandbox. Is it possible to simulate a pole reversal? It's possible that earth's magnetic field weakens prior to a pole reversal which would cause some of the same phenomenon in The Long Dark story. It would also align with Methuselah's statement of this all happening before.
  4. The good news is there are rifles in the Nomad challenge 😄, the bad news is there are no locations that will have a 100% guaranteed rifle spawn 😞. There is a list of known spawn locations for each map at For convenience I'll copy them here, though they are only current as of this post (20 July 2020). Good luck with the challenge!
  5. Hi Tom. I had a look at the system and there is only enough room to save 10 stats with no way to increase it at this time. This appears to be a design choice based on the journal system. On April 20, 2016, Hinterland released the "Tireless Menace" update which simultaneously combined the stats with the in game journal and allowed the saving of journals (and consequently stats) upon death, up to a maximum of 10 at any given time (1). While there's currently not much that can be done to export journal notes, it has been discussed within the team at some point (2). I think the limitation may exis
  6. Hi @piddy3825. You don't need to have stones in your inventory to see it. It'll just be greyed out. Start by holding space and going to the navigation menu (the south/bottom most menu). The Rock cache should be the west/left most option. If it's not there, go to your title screen where all the options are and check your version number in the upper left hand corner. It should read "BUILD # 1.79 63945" which is the latest version released. Let me know if you're still having problems.
  7. I play similarly except I catch rabbits for the gut to make more fishing line as fish is my main source of food.
  8. Mountaineer's hut is considered indoors and things will cure in there. The difference is that you don't get the stable warmth bonus you'd get from going through a load zone (so the air temp is more variable), but you are also considered to be under the stars which allows reading at night (which you can't do in an interior with a load zone). The hut also increases your cabin fever risk. For the feat I highly recommend fishing huts. They are considered outside (things won't cure in them), they have a windproof stove, and access to a food source.
  9. TLDR: There should be a cap on weather getting colder but I haven't tested it myself and animal respawns can never be fully eliminated. I haven't tested any temperature decay's myself (and probably won't this week with the special event happening), but I did find some old posts talking about it. @Drifter Man said that on Interloper difficulty the temperature drops 20C over the first 50 days but then stays constant (1). Interloper has the highest weather decay at "high" so this is probably the worst case. In terms of game design, there should be a cap to the decay, or at worst
  10. A great video on solar flares and coronal mass ejections, similar to part of the backstory in The Long Dark.
  11. You just need to go to the crafting menu any time and craft the tackle, no workbench needed. When you open your inventory or status, click on the anvil on the top, then scroll down to fishing tackle. If you have a hook and line then the fishing tackle should have a check mark next to it. You just need to press "Begin crafting". It takes 10 in game minutes.