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  1. I'd like to add a couple of things to @MarrowStone's otherwise eminent advice. You will benefit from a daily exercise routine. A 10 minute daily walk is way better than none. You may increase the length of your daily walking routine at your own pace, it's hard to overdo it 😊 Second, don't forget the intense workout 2-3 times a week, you want the good neurotransmitters that your body provides from physical exhaustion. Also, eating healthy is beneficial obviously but dieting and depression isn't the best combination. Treat yourself with an occasional unhealthy snack every now and then. Try to avoid alcohol as long as you're suffering from panic attacks. Thank you for sharing the load and don't forget to share your feelings with someone you love
  2. Hey folks, hope you're holding up well. I haven't had much time for TLD lately as life is TLDish enough. Everything is on pause or distance mode here in my part of central Europe so I decided to take my family to the countryside. I've located lots of firewood so I make fires, it saves a little on the electricity bill and it feels good to provide my loved ones warmth. We have what we need and every activity that's been paused we tried to replace with something similar. Rice, pasta and toilet paper is still out most of the time, not to mention everything flour related. Some folks talk about people acting crazy but I ain't seen any such thing. I try to be friendly to the unknowns I come across and so do they. Very few glare at the bewitched sneezers and plaguesome coughers that roam the streets. The night is quiet, I can see the stars, and I enjoy reading your stories above about your day-to-day quarantine life and thoughts on how to make best out of the situation we are in. Stay safe, stay smart.
  3. I've been experimenting a little bit with rose hip tea lately. Tried @ajb1978's lemon/honey idea which I quite liked. The rose hips tend to dominate the other flavors with it's sweetness, if sweet is the right word here I'm not sure. I still have half a kilo of grinded rose hips so any ideas are welcome 😃 I think for tomorrow morning I'll try reishi- and rose hip-tea.
  4. I've yet to try birch bark tea but it sounds like it could be well worth a try. Birch leaf tea is supposed to be nice too. Right now the only plant I pick myself to make tea from is heather.
  5. There, toilet paper gone here too. Not shortage, it's all gone. But only til mid April.
  6. Nice! I would like to try the real deal sometime, even if it's bitter. There's also something about grinding and preparing it by yourself I suppose. I liked the jar above cause it had not additives. Do you drink it "pure" or blend it with other ingredients? I like to add some ginger root, and a few drops of lemon.
  7. I think you phrased it very well, preparation is key. The way media depict the pandemic seem to vary from country to country, media channel to media channel. Our public service media is somewhat balanced and provide updates on what's about to go into pause mode here (everything) and describe whatever precautions my government take (none). I'm not concerned with the virus itself but the fact that some folks aren't preparing for the second hand consequences, such as long periods of paused infrastructure and isolation. The same people may become desperate, that is not a good thing. Thank you for raising this question. I believe it is helpful to share your thoughts on this very unique situation. We have simulated survival and loneliness for some time so the topic is close at hand. Also, this is a sober forum as can be seen in the sensible comments and advice above. One thing I'd like to add to the bank is, it's a good idea to prepare to be lonlier than before when schools/activities/workplaces shut down (many are on pause where I live). Loneliness is a risk in itself and the way to minimize the effects of it is to maintain a daily routine. Don't stay in bed, do your daily exercise, stay sharp by reading etc. Play TLD 😉
  8. If you're in a country that is affected by Corona, no need to worry yourself sick about the disease. But please prepare for the possibility of getting isolated when your society tries to limit the spread of the disease. Buy a few cans of food that will last for a while, fill a bucket with water and cover it, make sure you have whatever medical supplies you need or whatever. Take a good look at the countries that are a few weeks ahead of you for clues. See what measures they've taken and be a couple of steps ahead. No need to go fullblown prepper or let every alarmistic article get inside your head, just please have a plan and a backup plan.
  9. For sure, just gather a bunch of batteries and drag them to the front yard of your main base. Then place them like a happy face. 2 for the eyes, 5 for the mouth cause a big smile is always useful 😋
  10. Do they charge you as described above no matter how many cooked meat you carry? As you may know already, if you carry more than 2 cooked meat, no matter their weight you start to exude scent. Meaning 3x10cals worth of cooked rabbit will smell the same as 3x1000cals of moose meat. You should see the scent bar activate if you pick up meat but it can be somewhat discrete, used to evade my attention for some time.
  11. Well done sir, you have come up with a new definition of loneliness. I couldn't help but think of Wilson in Cast away I suppose we sometimes break them down for the lead because the extra skill points in a useless skill will still look good on paper. Some scrub bushes make a great source of emergency firewood in the wolf-infested areas of Forlorn for example, where you might not want to risk spending an hour chopping wood. A few outside Poacher's camp and Old Spence family homestead that might just save your day. Setting bushes on fire to create a "campfire" would be kind of cool in a biblical way.
  12. I realize that you don't invoke the realism argument here, but one could argue that the wolves running around in circles beneath their prey for hours is one of the more realistic aspects of wolf behavior in this game. I would very much like to see wolves' ability to track you through trees and rocks etc weakened. On the other hand, we have some advantages that make up for the hassles. You can stand very close a wolf and they won't notice you if you're crouching, especially if you're behind a hill. Meanwhile they'll ignore a fire but may stop chasing you if you drop a torch in its path. You're right from a realism point of view for sure. But in the game's premise the sole act of crouching tend to triumph the wolf's ability to smell you, pretty much. The long dark wolf above voyager difficulty is a unique breed, I think it makes it difficult for us to expect any certain behavior from wolves when most of the interactions we get with them are very un-wolf-like.
  13. You get 25% less speed decrease when walking in wind, which is significant to me 😊
  14. Got company by some beautiful auroras a few nights in a row when I scavenged the outer river of PV for cattails.
  15. I also liked cold fusion and efficient machine as standard and replaced the latter with blizzard walker when finally unlocking the perk. Sure, it takes a little more effort to stay fed but then again, starvation ain't anywhere near as lethal as lingering in the cold. Not having to run when facing wind makes up for it anyhow. The perhaps most significant advantage about BW, it decreases the risk of getting caught up by the wicked wolf when the wind is blowing in your face. Perhaps it slows the wolf down to some degree too, but I'm pretty confident it gives him a vantage point. Unfortunately haven't received the snaremaster badge yet, don't see the need as there are plenty of stones to go around.
  16. That is correct! And you receive an extra point for the affliction observation 😄
  17. Wherever you fare wherever you wander, The night being murky, the day even darker There's one place to rest, one place to ponder You know where you'll find the red postbox of Barker?
  18. Typically wolves to lay down and die in an artsy fartsy kind of fashion.
  19. The bear will snort away for sure but the wolves are less predictable these days. Recently they sometimes stalk you quietly without panting and only growl once they're within charging distance.
  20. Glad to see the love for HRV, it's one of the maps I enjoy most with its rich detail and the feeling of truly living off the grid without man-made structures. However the safe subterranean area that runs across the map holds you back from improving your skills the way TWM lets you. Sure, it too has a well developed cave system but with HRV you can basically run around in the tunnels like a cavetroll and stick your head up once in a while to gather a concentration of valuable resources and throw yourself right back down. I'd like to see something different in the upcoming added maps. While I too look forward to another remote area I would hope that it's something with very limited, if any, shelters. A map that truly challenge our survival skills, now that we have a map that truly challenge our bowhunting skills.
  21. I only speak for myself but I think the resistance you describe may occure since your proposal means an extensive revision of the TLD survival experience. That doesn't make your suggestion less interesting, it's always healthy with an out-of-the-box suggestion. It just tampers with the soul of the game for some, me included. Of course random maps could work very well if enough effort was put into it. It might even make more players stay and play for an extended amount of time. While some hardcore fans would give it up because of disappointment when they lose the knowledge capital that they possess by understanding every tiny bit of every map.
  22. Yeah, could be but I'm unsure whether it is intended or not. I was attempting to make the wolf run up behind me on the rock in order to jump down to create some distance instead of having him block my path. While I have been pulled down before I didn't expect it from this height. Makes me wonder whether this is intended or a bug sort of like: since the wolf is close horizontally it will ignore the vertical distance.
  23. Haha yes, they (edit: Will & Astrid that is) sure have enough trouble as it is. Indeed, created a support ticket as it may affect gameplay to some extent.
  24. Only managed to trap its growl sort of. Put some raw rabbit on the floor, closed the hut door on the wolf's nose so he stayed outside and growled. Not only did his growling get inside the hut but inside Will's head. It stay to growl through aiming with a rock, mending and some 9 hours of sleep. Half an ingame day later, when carefully sneaking out of the hut, I realized the danger was long gone while its soundeffect had stayed.