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  1. Currently looking for the second Polaroid in Forlorn Muskeg, the one corresponding with the Muskeg Overlook. I have searched every corpse, backpack, and cave (including bear caves) in the region and haven't found it. Can anyone share where they have found it? Did my game bug out and not spawn it? (newly created save on stalker) Thanks!
  2. In the journal, the number of total polaroids is 11. As far as I'm aware, there are only nine regions. Are there polaroids for some transistion zones, or can there be multiple polaroids and vista locations in a single region to find? Any replies are much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for your reply! Yes, that seems about right. about an hour or two later when I went back to sleep, I could hear the buzzing of electronics / lights.
  4. I've been playing episode 2 of story mode, and a couple of times something strange has happened while sleeping (both with bedroll and bed, indoors / out) I get woken up in the middle of my sleep, and Mackenzie says "What the..." What does this mean? My guess was an aurora started but it was not happening at the time when I woke up in both cases. Stats were all up, no afflictions. Does anyone know what this means and or experienced it yourself? Thanks!
  5. I have been playing on stalker, 45 days in and was traveling to Bleak Inlet through the ravine. I had no mountaineering rope so I started to creep down along the edge. My first drop was incredibly small, I've gone down 5x that without any sprains (keep in mind I was at full condition with 5% well fed boost) and I died immediately. Was this supposed to happen? Some trigger point that kills you (expecting you fell off the tree bridge) or was this a glitch? Was really looking forward to exploring Bleak Inlet for the first time and this really dampened my mood. Any replies / answers would be great
  6. Thank you for the answers! Was able to get a bunch of hide clothing while staying in the hut.
  7. Is it possible to cure hides and guts in the Mountaineer's hut, and does it count towards the Cold Fusion feat? (Spend a total of 100 days outside) Thanks!
  8. I took a break from The Long Dark for a couple months, and want to start playing with the Fearless Navigator update. One of my goals of my previous playthrough was to try and map out most of the game, and with this update I want to start fresh and use the new mechanics to my advantage (collecting all polaroids, spray paint markers etc) so what would you recommend for a play through after returning to The Long Dark? I have not tried out stalker yet and have mainly play on voyageur and only in the past year have gotten a 100+ day run, so should I stick to voyageur so I an explore the update with