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This thread is dedicated to amazing screenshots. Be sure to put it into screenshot mode seeing as we don't all need a reminder that we're starving/freezing to death.

Hope there's food up there...

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I wish you could see better what was happening in this but 

1. I'm too cowardly to get a better look

2. As you know, the f10 thing doesn't work for me so I can't do high-def images (I think F10 is for normal HD ones. Though I may have gotten F10 and F12 mixed up, which happens

3. On the laptop I'm currently on, I play on a low setting, so that doesn't really help


I left the mountaineers hut, intending to follow the stream and see where it goes. I open the door to see two dead deer and a wolf walking to where I want to go. He had obviously been busy during the night! 

Though now I can't go there because of a wolf for the second time, at least I'll have plenty of meat later, hopefully

(The two brown spots are dead deer and the black spot that's really hard to see is a wolf just walking away from the carnage)

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