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  1. Thanks for the welcome back @WildGata either way. Exciting times ahead.
  2. G'day all. Was a Original Scout from day dot, but due to circumstances I have beeen away for a while, BUT the Countdown drew me back in. Look forward too being active again ....... come on Aug 1st
  3. TattooedMac


    Something this big with a counter isn't going to be a Sandbox update. Over the life of this game from the very start, the Dev's have had some HUGE breakthroughs and change from adding new elements and even the advancement of Audio.... and never once was there this much hype !!! This will be something to behold and excite one and all
  4. This is already a feature in the Fire Starting. As well as High Winds, Colder and as always depending on what you have to start the fire with. Its not at first noticeable, but if you tested it, you would start more % of fires, indoors than out in the environment.
  5. Ummm, I'm lost . . . . What is your point ??
  6. Got no idea where that is, but is sounds very exotic and exciting Welcome !!! Haha this did get a LOL from me. Happy to see you take this so very serious My advice at the moment, from being so early in the game, just sit back and explore. This way, when you go for a good long run, you will know what is what and you should breeze through . . . Have fun !!!
  7. I honestly don't understand this way of thinking. Especially for a game such as this, trial and error is what it is all about. I would of hated to have a guide to show me exactly how all the mechanics worked. In a way, Hinterland did give you hints, in the Release notes, when the updated the game. In a survival Sandbox, its all about learning from your mistakes, and making the right choice next time, as well as going through all the menus, in the first run, to see what is there.
  8. And its for this reason that a in-game notepad would be very beneficial
  9. Nice review Loboloco. Be sure to, if you can, throw that into a Blog, share it on Facebook and Twitter, and anywhere else you think worthy. Thanks for the effort.
  10. The Fire Starter Paracord Keyring & Bracelet . . . . I backed these blokes for their Bomber Barrel bag, which is a waterproof, rugged Barrel bag, and is very well made, with waterproof zips, and double stitched webbing, to make this awesome bag. Its the only one I now take travelling, because its small enough as hand luggage for flying, yet big enough to fit everything you needI not it. I also go a Travel bag for mens stuff, for Dusche and the Paracord Survival bracelet which comes with a flint and striker. They have now started another project, based on feedback from us, and this will give you a Paracord Survival Keyring . . . Check it out Firestarter Paracord Bracelet / Keychain | Survival Gear
  11. Gday from down under DedStalker and welcome to the best forum on the net !!! I really love this little tip. I have to admit, I have heard of it, but never gave it much thought, as when I did survival training, we could never pre-plan One thing that you should have in a first aid kit for travels that will start a fire is Condy's Crystals (potassium permanganate) and sugar. IF you grind the 2 together in a spoon, you will produce enough heat to start a fire. I have just learnt that there has been some crap going on in Australia, with the government looking a banning it, because of its 'explosive nature' . . . anyhow its what I always carry, if I'm short a match or two . . . .
  12. This is the biggest news since introducing Fishing Poles to the Game. This will be a game changer, and well done to the H-Team for the success, especially after reading why Microsoft picked this game . . . . Happy Happy joy joy !!!!
  13. Makes me laugh, when a player, tells us all that the Dev's don't know what they are doing, because they won't consider Multi-player. Its as if they have a 7th sense, and know whats best for the game !!!
  14. We have been trying to get the Steam Community to sign up here, because everything is played out, in very organised Sub-Forums, but Steamies will be Steamies I have noticed we just past 10,000 members though, which is only a good thing . . .