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  1. My how the time flies. You guys should be really proud.
  2. 2 of my favorite drinks in the bush are pine needle tea, and birch tea. Pine needle tea is rich in vitamin C, and could possibly have some medicinal value. I also like to do Birch tea, which can be made from sap, or budding tips off brances, but that's a spring/early summer thing.
  3. Howdy? Isnt it supposed to be G'day? ;-) Welcome.
  4. I love Thunder Bay! Welcome!
  5. [bBvideo 560,340:1r3r56dj] [/bBvideo]
  6. Back in the beginning, the standing record for surviving was... 9 days... I died probably 30-40 times to get to it... Now, if I get less than 30 in a run, I feel like a failure. You learn and adapt. ;-)
  7. Are you starting a new game or trying to load an old one?
  8. Look forward to checking it out!
  9. Its not about maximum burn time, but efficiency. e.g. A log that burns for 1 hour on a campfire burns 2 hours in a stove. With how easy wood is to get Now compared to initial launch, its not really a factor anymore.
  10. One of my favorite TEOTWAWKI series... Was a few years before it's time. I think if it was on today, it would be a huge hit. On Netflix: