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  1. @melcantspell - Not sure if it works on all difficulties, but a flare gun shot dropped into the Cannery yard (take the shot from near the gatehouse or the road) can sometimes get the wolves to scatter for a bit, giving you a chance to sprint past em and get to the rope climb. Then you can take out a few from atop the gate with a different weapon.
  2. I always store meat in car trunks or other outdoor storage containers because, in my mind, the wildlife would grab it if laying on the ground. I know this doesn't happen (yet), but I play as if it does. I might stack some packaged foods on a shelf if leaving a stash somewhere, to get a quick view on the next visit. Otherwise I like to use lockers etc. I really don't build up bases very much or very fast. I'll leave stuff and take stuff to be sure, but mostly just in the course of my other activities. When I need to kill time, instead of arranging inventory, I usually try to make journal entries (recording weather, hunting or fishing log, unusual happenings, or sometimes just fictional story pieces). I used to study the maps a lot during down time, but I know em well enough now. Still, I can appreciate the value of a tidy abode. 🙂
  3. Well, I also started with Pong, but I'll just list what's been taking up my free time these days.. Spintires: The Original Game - Nice maps and vehicles. Basic objectives (logging), but getting unstuck and other problem solving is half the fun. Stormworks: Build and Rescue - Huge pool of free Workshop downloads from players. I often dream of spotting Great Bear Island while cruising in my PBY Catalina flying boat. TheHunter: Call of the Wild - I like the big maps (25 sq miles each, so lots to explore). I turn off all the gamey gizmos and just rely on audio clues and binoculars for the hunting part. Sometimes takes hours to get a kill that way, but I find it absorbing. DiRT Rally 2.0 - I've been with the DiRT series since it was the Colin McRae series. Driving vintage rally cars much too fast through the woods never gets old I guess. **I don't play any more, but for old shooters I'd recommend the Dead Space series. They did an interesting twist on first person/third person with integrated HUD that really works well. @peteloud, @jeffpeng, @NardoLoopa - I've enjoyed reading your insights on the IT profession as it relates to TLD. As a person who renovates houses, I'm very far from IT, but relative solitude and problem solving are my daily companions so to speak..though I'm mostly outside. They let us inside for the winter months. 😉 When I started playing The Long Dark, it was an like an old friend AND a breath of fresh air at the same time. Great atmosphere, make due with what you have, take the time to think about what you're doing...
  4. HRV is abundant with wildlife and plants, so if you're a fairly seasoned hunter/gatherer, you'll have enough to eat. Knowing the map is helpful, and it probably takes longer to learn it than other places, but a cautious approach works well there either way. You can bail out to north MT for crafting and repair cloth, but once you're out of arrows, knives, hatchets and/or ammo, you'd have to make a trip further afield to restock. Which means BR (wolves at the Shed), or FM (wolves and fog and bears), or DP (long walk), and a trip to Bleak Inlet. All this together makes for some risky travelling in order to have another long stay at Hushed River Valley. Tough question to answer.
  5. Good atmospheric shots, @dahemac. I like that second one a lot. 🙂👍 Here's one of the western face:
  6. Nice batch of screenshots, @stilljustethan. 🙂👍🏼 There’s a long thread (100+ pages) in the Fan Creations section of the forum where you can post em as well. It’s interesting to look back at shots from the very beginning, and through all the updates to the present.