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  1. I’m not sure. I’ve only noticed it for the mountain and cabin book covers so far.
  2. I’m not sure. I’ve only noticed it for the mountain and cabin book covers so far.
  3. Who says waiting around for water to boil is boring? Not on a fine evening like this..
  4. I still need five more trips to the Dam and back to be finished with Mystery Lake region, but all the mountain books are returned. The covers on those open books are mountain covers. I've noticed those, or the cabin cover on open books.
  5. I've avoided killing or being mauled by bears so far. There's no need for the meat or pelts at this point in the task. Had this one agitated on a few occasions, but always got away from it in time.
  6. Storm frequency seems to have increased lately, though I haven't kept track like I sometimes do. I've had to use my Pensive Pond food station to ride out a few now, even though it's really not far from the Farmstead.
  7. At this point, I'm leaving a lot of that kind of stuff behind. There are more than enough whetstones already for me to keep my original knife and hatchet sharp until the end of this. I have some extra tools, toolboxes, and various other things for display purposes, so don't see the need to carry back any more. Jerry cans and lanterns might be the exception. Been taking most of those back or at least making note of where they are.
  8. With all the wolves nearby, you'd expect to see just a skeleton. They don't like the smell of this one.
  9. During my Mystery Lake searching, I got the Coffee Badge. During this challenge, I've been using up freely the coffee and tea, saving stims and energy drinks for the longer trips I'll be taking later. I've also changed my clothing setup a bit. Found mukluks, so figured the extra warmth and durability was worth the small hit to sprinting. Also, switched to wool underwear for better warmth since carry weight hasn't been much of an issue. Multiple trips to and from means I can spread out any gear hauling I want to do. I patched the clothes screen onto my pause page to show the feats I'm using as well. Fire master of course, plus some endurance feats.
  10. Everything I could find in the Mystery Lake region - 27 books, plus 10 skill books. To get them out with covers intact, I have to set one outside the door, then walk across the dam to go in the window, then back through inside to grab another one. Then it's curling time back through Winding River to Pleasant Valley. It's not a bad trip, but I have to watch out for a bear on the PV side of the caves.
  11. The bunkers are small, but if you didn't care about the book covers, and were just packing them for safe storage, it could work. It would be a faster way to get some overall numbers too.
  12. While gathering all the books and papers in Mystery Lake to the rear exit of the Carter Dam, I was searching high and low for a prepper cache. I had the last book on the way back, and was almost ready to give up looking, but then I tried one more slope.. No books inside, but there were some newspapers, tools and other useful things. A lot of sprains this week.