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  1. Heh. 🙂 That would be wise. I usually just step out for a few minutes while waiting for something on the stove. If it were part of the game, I'd put up a door on this one. Always seems the wind is blowing right into it.
  2. It was during a 12+ hour fishing session (3 hours at the hole each time with coffee and tea breaks between). Blizzard went on for hours. Bleak Inlet fishing hut nearest the cottages. The dock is barely visible behind left.
  3. I would have had to have climbed up to the mine leading to Coastal Highway, walked across the Trestle (drunk) then the fallen tree bridge in the Ravine, OR stumbled through the caves leading to Winding River, then crossed the Dam (drunk) and somehow made my way through the building. I always leave cooked fish in the Ice Hut nearest the Camp Office as a back up food supply. I must have had quite a hankering, but only made it as far as the bridge and passed out. 😄🐟 Minty fresh morning breath at least.
  4. Partied at the town hall and woke up under the Carter Dam bridge. What day is it? 😵
  5. An old screenshot from before Errant Pilgrim, but the angle seems right. 😄 A recent, but tiny avalanche must have revealed it.