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  1. rancid0 has left the forums, but was kind enough to comment on my painting, so I'll leave my replies for now. Best wishes and take care, rancid0.
  2. Thank you. I like how Bob Ross describes talent as mostly doing the work that you enjoy and putting in the time (I'm paraphrasing). If you're not already familiar with his old show 'The Joy of Painting', be sure to check it out. It's a classic.
  3. Thanks, rancid0. I worked on this a lot last winter, and was playing The Long Dark nearly every day. I have a little wood stove in my garage, where this is hanging now, and built the frame in early spring. Also, I see what you mean on the locale. I'll have to put some birch trees in the next one. 🙂
  4. I've been trying out custom settings that feature low numbers of passive wildlife that diminishes over time. Respawn set to longest interval. I have the animals' detection range set far away. What's been happening is basically a competition with the wolves. I can't get near them unless they are eating one of the few deer or rabbits. Even then, they often take off before I can get em. Hunting bears is easier, but I mostly take long range shots and wait for hours. This is to conserve ammo. I wasted a bunch early on going after wolves from distance. I have intestinal parasites turned on, so bear and wolf meat has to be spread out between other foods. I'm not far enough along to see how sparse it's going to get, but what I'm finding is that I have to keep moving around to all the best hunting spots and get what I can before the wolves do. One spot I've always liked is the Abandoned Lookout in Coastal Highway. Small stove, but good view.