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  1. Mixed feelings during my recent time in the Timberwolf Region. Continuing a custom settings survivor with low resources, cold getting colder, and passive but evasive wildlife, set to low & diminishing. The source of worry is still the lack of a rifle. I'm going to have to check Milton more thoroughly than on my first pass through. If it's not there, Hushed River Valley is the last place to look. I thought the Summit would pay off, but was disappointed. A second pair of long underwear and a wolf pelt were the best I got. A moose sighting on the way back brought some hope. Bows and arrow supplies ebb and flow, but I've kept up. Just barely some days. The same goes for food. Fishing has been a dangerous use of time. This skill has risen slowly due to low yield setting. I'm not sure if hypothermia risk affects fishing results because the results have been mostly bad, with or without heat. A large coho on Coastal Highway did bring me out of starvation before heading to Timberwolf, but I haven't been able get ahead with fishing yet. If I find a rifle soon, I'll have to hunt bear and use the sparse fishing to offset intestinal parasite meat. A bearskin coat would be nice too. The day after this shot was taken, I managed to get a deer while bow hunting. I left behind some precious gear in favor of meat for the walk back to Milton.
  2. A night trek from Broken Railroad heading back to Coastal Highway. It was early on in a custom settings run with low resources. I had pelts waiting to be made into some decent pants. Up to then only jeans and a single pair of long underwear. Also, no rifle yet. I was hoping to find one in the Hunting Lodge, but none there. Wildlife is set to detect me from afar, so bow hunting is more difficult. I had used the Railroad forge to make my knife, hatchet & arrow heads, harvesting found deer carcasses along the way. Weather settings are on the harsh side, so night walks like this one are painful, but sometimes you can't afford to wait. I divert to any potential birch bark plots I see.
  3. North of Poacher's Camp. Went out for more wood while the night fog started to clear.
  4. Well said, piddy3825! I believe I’ve had the same feeling along this route.
  5. Thank you for sharing that, Jolan. I definitely feel like I've spent some time in this forest... down there with the details.