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  1. I second the lake shacks. Also, there is a large snow cube near the cabins.
  2. Can you verify that you only had one can of peaches? Also, food items can be partially eaten if you are close to the calorie max. Can you verify that the can was being completely consumed each time?
  3. Also, because the log files have a huge amount of whitespace, zipping them works really well.
  4. This might be silly to ask for, but what do you think about being able to use the magnifying glass with the lantern or match to project light?
  5. It actually doesn't have a single location. [spoil]It randomly chooses between a serious of locations, similar to the player spawn.[/spoil]
  6. Was just working on exploiting the previous bug related to this area to "beat" the longest game record. :twisted: I had left and reentered several times. But this last time it dumped me in the middle of the woods in a completely different section of the map. After walking back to the entry point that I had previously been using, it was no longer there.
  7. It would be nice if you could toggle a lantern's state while it's sitting in the world.
  8. The new hidden area provides infinite supplies. Leaving and reentering respawns all supplies (there's quite a lot too) and unsearches all containers. Any items left behind (dropped) disappear. It's like the room is getting re-instantiated every time you enter it. I'd also like to suggest that the candy bars/beef jerky get moved off of the top shelf. It's really hard to grab.
  9. Found it! Due to a bug associated with it I won't be spoiling it's location. Wait a second...Did Alan do something tricky? Does it move?
  10. I have a completed an exhaustive perimeter check. The hidden area must be more centrally located. Is this some sort of joke? I have been everywhere!
  11. Deer will run right through the player. It takes just the right circumstances to get this to happen. Usually the deer has to be startled in an area where it simply can't get away from the player. Or being chased by a wolf works too.
  12. I have tried a couple times and have not been able to replicate this.
  13. I just died from exhaustion and exposure. I also had a sprained ankle. And when the death screen came up, the camera kept hopping back and forth like I was still limping.
  14. In my quest to find the new hidden location, I found a few points in the world where you can get out.