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  1. What to say, you comes to Hinterland's forum, the studio owning this game's rights, to boast about how you ripped them off ? That's a first for me. Make it right and buy another copy.
  2. Yes. The only interesting parts are those where he talks about what he could do with some stuff, like warming in the haystacks.
  3. I can't wait too for you to see what's in the future 'cause I'll see it as well 😉 (hopefully)
  4. Hi, me too, The Long Dark helped me along these last months 😉
  5. Yes, it's quite silly and frustrating. And you have to look the whole animation of the bear tearing you down everytime you miss.
  6. Hello. Enjoy your day too and your journey into the long dark 😉
  7. Welcome here. Your country is beautiful. Wayyyyy back last century, when it was still Yougoslavia, I made a road trip all the way from Paris to Dubrovnik, all along the Adriatic sea. Windsurfing at Korčula was such a treat. *sigh*
  8. Positive vibrations ... 🙂 Welcome
  9. I did also put the game aside after my first try, I had no idea what to do, no idea how the interface was working .. and wtf ? a game where I have to look at my calories ? no way ! Then I came back a month later, watched some videos, played sandbox to get the basics, played the (well done) story, and now I interlope my way in the GreatBear 1101 hours of entertainment later, I confirm the Long Dark is definatly worth going through the first frustrations. The mechanics are very simple, you can focus on your journey, there are no silly complex combinations to craft things. Watch the survival guide, give it another try.
  10. *sigh* 😭😭😭 Enjoy ☝️✌️👍
  11. Yes but, "Mein Fuhrer, I can AUTOWALK !!!" 😉
  12. The challenge is going up There is nothing like the first days of an interloper run, death is really after you , you can hear the ripper sings "Every breath you take" behind your back. One of the most challenging thing to do on early interloper is to dispute a fresh deer carcass from a wolf who just killed it, when you have only stones and matches.
  13. Hi Furyok, enjoy your life as well as the game, I like your philosophy 😉
  14. Hi Applesauce, I'm not much into ABBA but I visited their museum in Stockholm, it was cool (as the whole city around). PS: To get a rabbit, make sure you crouch, you'll be able to get a lot closer 😉
  15. Friendly community, wonderful landscapes, adventure, fresh (very) air !
  16. Buenos días y bienvenido. El juego es emocionante, pero pocas personas hablan español aquí. Gracias traductor de Google 😉
  17. Hi Bruce 😉 Machine learning is fantastic, I wish I was 30, what a time to be alive ! Good luck from an old software engineer 🧓
  18. Checked survival because of replayability, it makes the difference if I have to name one but TLD story mode is awsome.
  19. Hello. The game is well worth every effort to promote it, good luck for your videos
  20. Hi there. I am not young but in my mind, always have been, still is and always will be 😉
  21. Well, I would stick with Joerg - "Let me show you it's features ha ha ha" - Sprave stuff
  22. Cool and let's hope Hinterland has been contacted about this.