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  1. @Jimmy A first time interloper can't optimize his play like this. You got to run before you run.
  2. Yup. Until you get a bow and hunt some deer, there is pratically no way you can sustain well fed bonus so eating out of sleeping time (or reading) is mostly useless. The exception is coastal highway because fishes are huge over there.
  3. If found that the bearskin bedroll was decaying really fast and you can fix it only with bearskin. I also lost it (ruined bug after using it in a cave) so I probably will try the bear coat next. The Moose cloack is great, but the sachtel is always my priority. I can resist more carrying space lol
  4. A golden opportunity. Set a fire, get 4 kg of meat, cook 2 pieces of meat while you skin it. Cook 2 new pieces of meat ... At this stage, you surely want that moose skin for a satchel !
  5. Hi Willem. Good luck on your loper run. True, with the bow, you must hold your shot until the wolf last 20 meters charge moment (when he goes straight). When possible, I attempt a long range shoot, in case of failing to wound or scare the wolf, I have time to have a second arrow ready or flee. Ps: I ❤️ Amsterdam, bicycles, trams and Van Gogh paintings
  6. On my first game, I had no clue about anything, so I stored meat in fridges lol 🙄
  7. Load up on guns, bring your baits It's fun to run and to pretend They're all around the homestead And now I own a wolfskin coat Hello, hello, hello, how low Hello, hello, hello, how low Hello, hello, hello, how low Hello, hello, hello Up the ramp yeah, it's more vicious Here we are now, growling at us I feel secure and dangerous Here we are now, entertain us A rabitto, a wolfino, a buletto, my libido Yeah
  8. Pretty well, here's before and after the shot 🙂
  9. Well, no, it is still there in its comforting glory, holy beacon in the blizzard !
  10. Yet, look at how music and dancing make these appalachian people so beautiful And please, watch the full doc here, it is worth the Library of congress, it is well worth 45mins of your time, you'll set up that snow shelter later lol.
  11. Just don't put that much on your list, objectives are fine when you can achieve them. Photography + Drawing + Programming ... is this a 15 years plan or are your day 48h long? Photography is scalable as you can get involved as you see fit. A few basics will rapidely improve your pictures and you can get deeper when you want. But drawing and programming are very demanding in order to get a result. The good point is that if you do engage those activities simultaneously, you won't have time to eat, so take the weight loss as granted 😉
  12. He eventually got me after I got too close.
  13. Did you count to 3, not 2, neither 4 but 3 before throwing the holy stone ?