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  1. Use to interlope so here I start with gloves, tuque, bedroll, matches, ... found riffle right away at Hunting logde, coal, prybar, hacksaw, knife, hatchett, working pants & boots, parka ... wow, luxury, abundance lol !!!!
  2. Poutine ... Montreal ... La banquise is a place to go 😉
  3. Looking forward this event ! Thank you Hinterland and keep it going (and take my money) 👍👍👍
  4. The Wolf Blanquette : 1 Kg Wolf meat 6 Cattails 1 Crushed Birch bark 10 Ml of fish oil 2 Cup of Rosehip tea 1 Oz Salty crakers Cover the meat with water, bring to a simmer. Rince the meat with cold water. Heat the pot, return the meat into it with the oil, the cattails, the crushed birch bark and the crakers. Cook on high heat while steering for 5 minutes Cover partially with water and the 2 cup of Rosehip Tea, simmer over moderate heat until the meat is very tender, about 1 hour 30 minutes. Tip: Let it one full day and heat gently before serving.
  5. Yes. When you want to keep drinks hot while crafting, fishing or sleeping, that's the way to go. I usually heat 2 cups before I go into a cold trip, I drink the first as I leave then the second about 10 minutes before the first one warming effect goes off. You can secure 1h40 walking in harsh conditions that way 😉 It helped me walk out of the Muskeg after a forging session more than once. Also, I always have at least one cup of coffee, even cold, it will save you from collapse from fatigue should your trip turn bad.
  6. Well, I used to but my boss fired me claiming I had ruined the whole warehouse
  7. JMK

    Bug Report

    Nice to report, your videos are very explicit 👍 I a not worried by exploits though. Since this is not a multigamer game, you only ruin your own game by using them. There is room for wildlife behavior for sure, yet, algorithms have their limits and there's always a way to derail them. At some point, whether you go for a physical model FPS fight style, or you rely upon probabilty a wolf will catch you when close enough. My guess is that the lack of ability for the wolf to catch you should be adressed with probability.
  8. Every day I enter the office (nowadays, I can tell you it's bloody Interloper difficulty lol)
  9. Didn't know that group, Wardruna. Nice. So I suppose you're aware of the genre But it's quite away from the long Dark style.
  10. It's quite independent. Good luck in your search ... and share the result 😉 You may appreciate the music of the excellent 4 seasons Bron/The Bridge series ?
  11. I am a long time suscriber of Kurzgesagt channel, definatly worth looking at. "Genetic Engineering", " Nuclear Power" are really helpful understanding the challenges technology can put up. Their video on the "Immune system" is so great to give you basic understanding of this mecanism. And many more. I cannot recommend Kurzgesagt strong enough 😉
  12. Yet, when the smudge howls, it's time to re-assess the situation 😁
  13. I thought it was Scruffy ? Fluffy use to live in the Dam but I went to the game too late to meet him 😞
  14. @peteloud £6000 is on a budget ? Well, I guess it's all about how much you make 🤨