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  1. Here in France we have a total 3500 dead, 359 000 fines for breaking the lockdown rules so far. The fine is 135€ and in case of recidivism it's 300€ and eventually jail. I live 25 km from Paris, I am quite lucky as I live in a house with a wide garden on a hill 50 meters from a forest, so lockdown is not a pain like living in a flat in a city. And I have TLD to escape lol ! Today 8 millions masks are arriving from China and it's secured by the police like if it was gold.
  2. Hi Laika I didn't know about Asperger until I saw "Broen", a very good Danish series, a couple years ago. It opened my mind on a couple things about social links and what we are. I wish you the best of luck going unharmed thru these hard times
  3. Hello Lord of The Ring landscape dweller 😉 You definately should visit Canada one of these days. How is NZ going thru the actual pandemic ?
  4. My wife told me a collegue had to go to his grand'ma funeral (not corona, just old fashioned age), but the family couldn't hug each other, he couldn't comfort his grand'pa. He said that was the weirdest and most akward funeral ever.
  5. Hello The poll ... well I am not sure to understand the context. Any, none or all may apply depending on the context. "Nature cannot be fooled" - Richard Feynman
  6. MACKINAW JACKET TLD IRL : Filson Mackinaw Jacket Ps : I wear this one : Big Bill Jacket 462 😉
  7. Nicely done by Nvidia, they just cornered indies where they wanted to (not a legal mistake, come on !, either they are morons, which I don't believe, or this is a well thoughted strategy) Now indies are stuck between Steam and the consumers, Nvidia is the good guy of course. I got a youtube recommendation this morning with the title "GeForce is now pro-consumer so devs are trying to bury it". And there goes the comments about how nasty devs are. Please add 2 + 2 and look at who are the actors and who is trying to (ge)Force the other side. Don't be turkeys, don't vote for christmas.
  8. This is not a brand new disease, although, by the time beeing, it is gathering steam (no pun intended) with populism and quick delivered judgements through social networks. Anyway, in order to advertize and use IP protected material, companies have to make a deal first. There is no way that the IP owner should accept beeing confronted to the fait accompli and its consequences. From this very first wrongdoing by Nvidia, there is no way you can blame Hinterland. They do not have to be dragged into consequences as they didn't break any deal or law. Tryin to use consumers who bought the game via an unapproved plateform against the IP owner is wrong. All the blame is on the giant Nvidia who think he can get along with it. Do you really think that Nvidia lack of legal department staff and they do not know what they do and the risks ?
  9. I must confess: I do not understand. No wonder I felt so touched when I read Daniel Keyes's "Flowers for Algernon" 🐭
  10. I can't see any auto map do as well as each TLD map has been designed with its well thoughts specifics. In the end you wish self generated map to add variety but is it really ? I don't think so, per se, random map after random map is repetition and in the end, you don't feel anywhere (as @Muestereate stated above) How long would you have to travel in a random world to see something of real interest ? And once you found it, wouldn't you want to explore it more ? Although completely different, Subnautica and it's beautiful, frightful, carefully designed world is dear to my heart, but it has less replayability than TLD because its story mode is more leading and the survival part is not as challenging as TLD. But both worlds designs are mesmerizing.
  11. Bah, typos 😉 From what a friend explained to me, Hungarian is a real difficult langage. I can't even remember a single thing they explained to me. Anyway, welcome in the legit side of wilderness.
  12. I think I know the guy, pretty rough temper, a bit vindicative and I dare to say resentful