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  1. The wolves are your main obstacle in this episode, I think the number was fine otherwise, that would have been too easy Time to learn how to avoid them 😉
  2. There is a note warning you about hiding your stuff before getting back. Lost everything one my first return though but no big deal, even on the harshest difficulty, there are still enough ressources to go
  3. Like you, I did enjoy that episode a lot You forgot to mention the music which is outstandingly in tune (sic!) with the game My most dangerous moment was 2 wolves attacks followed by 2 bear attacks as I was closing the power plant, lost gloves, pants, shoes and tuque, I decided to stand to the challenge and go on instead of using a backup. That was a really close call but what a satisfaction I'll wait patiently for the next episode
  4. 2 years ago, the Long Dark really helped me through rough times by getting me in it's beautiful frozen wilderness It didn't change me but I do remember all of this almost as real trips As I mentionned in my intro back then , I am still amazed how immersive and realistic this game is and how its specific graphics and mechanics are an asset ❤️
  5. 13. Freezing to death while sleeping in a snow shelter
  6. Looking forward more great bear intrigue
  7. JMK

    Bows !

    There is a target to practice in pleasant valley 😉
  8. I don't use it the antiseptic, it's too heavy.
  9. 1500 hours for €15 👍 Not to mention the moral support it gaves me at some difficult times a couple years ago There is only one other game that compete with the long dark to transport you somewhere else with such a level of immersion, it's Subnautica. Still, the Long Dark stays #1 as it's replayability is higher No other game I know of ever better deserved to publish some paying DLC
  10. Or how about a stalker poisonning the land as you try to escape it ?
  11. Wow ! I can think of few things more rude than your answer
  12. Come on, that could be a lot of fun 😉 Descending in pleasant valley from the crash through the fields ...
  13. I think I've pretty much covered the map now, entered on day 118 of the interloper run Moved from marsh on 2dn day in but had 2 consecutive fights with wolves 🤕 and barely survived the ensuing blizzard night in a little rocky recess burning my emergency coal 🥶 ... just 50 yards away from the narrow falls cave as I would find out in the morning 🙄 Rebuild health and explore from angler's den until day 125, thrilling wolf hunts over there Made my way up but cought in dirty weather, crashed myslef almost frozen 🥶 at miner's folly Explored the map from there going down and up
  14. Let's hope this dream comes true, take my money.