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  1. Maybe a new change also : the rabbits isn't scaring and run away if you drop a torch from inventory when the player is crouched.
  2. " I used cat tail heads to mark the indoor/outdoor barrier as fires last longer outside and meat stays fresher longer outdoors." As I known the fire bonus depends on the player temperature (position), not on the fire itself. I usually just place the fire on the line between indoor/outdoor, so I can stay inside if the fire doesn't give enough warning, and stay outside if I get enough warning and I need the fire length bonus. Meat freshening doesn't count with Cooking lvl 5.
  3. One can try to use Birch bark teas instead of coffe (or mix it). Fatique cause 1% cond loss/hrs, a birch bark tea can replenish 5% cond. So 14 Days continously wakefullness can managed by 14*24/5 = 67 birch bark tea, thats about halfs of the needed coffes (and maybe easier to acquire 67 BBT than 140 cofee)!
  4. Dear Hinterland: is it possible to publicate the time capsule access code for 1.94? On the page Fury, Then Silence - THE LONG DARK , it's say the current version is 1.94 - so no accesscode for timecapsule, but it's Not true anymore with the 1.97 release. Thx
  5. Today a bear follow me and hauled inside the trailer of poachers camp (IL). Till now I though poachers is a safe place. Does anybody detect other changes in pathing? Is it recent changes?
  6. And you can drink only 99% of a medical tea (except birch bark) so you get a very light medical tea. The teas medical effect doesn't depends on the quantity!
  7. News report: Another play, started on PV, succesfully get Mag Lens at Farmstead. TWM Summit, AC Gold mine, back to PV, ML, FM. Now Day 20th at Office Camp with Improv hatchet, 3 Improv knife and 40 arrowhead, cured Hides, guts, Saplings. This is done WITHOUT ANY MATCH or Firestriker usage. For this I've must done several trips during Blizzards!
  8. "3) never use a tool to break down anything that can be broke down by hand. Sure, it may take longer, but your tools have a limited life and you need to extend that life as long as possible. Best way to do that is to not waste them on trivial tasks." Except the hammer. The hammer can use a lot, because its repair is very cheap (1 Fir firewood). And of course sometimes the time is more important than the replace cost!
  9. Hi Everybody! This is my first post. I just hit the day 100 on IL, with used only a dozen matches (and none of firestriker). Maybe this should be a new custom challange mode? I really enjoyed the slow movement and very cautious preparation to move to any new place. Because this was my first IL run over day 50, I needed to learn a lots about temperature management and the moving limits with hypothremia. I started in PV, moved to TWM summit, went back to ML, FM forge, MT, and returned again to PV, TWM, AC. In AC I have high surprises when there was not any sunny time for abo
  10. The same for me, altough I had successfully Done the challange. There are plenty of food, so you only need to spend a little more time by sleep, pass time.