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  1. Oh, see, I forgot about the 500 day thing too. I had noticed that about the buffer memories and while in Milton I usually run from place to place real fast to check the various locations in a single aurora so that can help if you are fast and avoid the wolves. No idea how aurora wolves will act in Pilgrim but I guess I'm gonna find out. Someone in the forums here called Pilgrim a "cabin life" simulator and I like that description. I kinda like the animals running away because then I actually have to hunt them instead of vice versa. Now if I can keep away from insta kill zones and not fall into any crevices while mapping I might just get this done.
  2. Well, I am just 7 days into a new Pilgrim game to try for Faithful Cartographer and to get myself in the habit of "journaling" before going to sleep at night. Might as well try for all the buffer memories while I'm at it along whatever other stuff I might be missing. Should really see what achievements and such there are instead of being surprised every time I earn something.
  3. I completely missed this topic, not that I knew any of the answers. Are these things learned by reading gravestones? Computers during auroras? The apple over the cliff question really intrigued me. Now I am curious about searching out the answers to these.
  4. Wrinkle in the rug? I keep seeing that and imagining getting a sprain. 😁
  5. Kinda related, but not exactly..., Is there a way to copy or export logs? Right now it would seem one would have alt tab between the game/screenshots and whatever program you wanted to write in.
  6. I love the hunting lodge in BR. It's like my own little world there. Well, not the whole island isn't my own little world. I just like it there.
  7. Mapping DP or or maybe crumbling highway. I was all the way at the edge of the map, near the ocean and fell down into a crevice I could not climb out of. These things happen. But I did the same thing in the very next run. 🙄 Stoopid black spots on my map get me every. single. time. I never learn.
  8. I do the same but thought I'd offer a suggestion for those who feel overwhelmed by the amount of their cans. I suppose in pilgrim one could end up with way more than needed even if one or two are placed on on every fire.
  9. I like the idea of making lures from them, or something similar. Of course if you really really really really need to get rid of them, boil them dry until they get to 0% then toss in trash.
  10. I play both. I play survival more so when I do play a story I often forget about the objective because I'm running around, doing my thing like it is survival. Then I see a character or difference and remember, "Oh yeah, I have goals here!"
  11. But this was still your choice. You can choose to starve or not to starve. You chose to do something you didn't like. I just keep hearing my dad's voice in my head saying, "Life is all about choices." We should make choices because they make things better/more enjoyable/whatever. I feel like you were saying because you got a cookie (well-fed) you were willing to make a more enjoyable choice. Without the cookie you would just make a choice that made the game less enjoyable. This does not seem logical to me.
  12. Hilayla

    Whet stone??

    I found one in a locker at the signal tower. Not sure if it's always there or not.
  13. I noticed it as well. I thought it odd that survivors had been straggling in for days, but the plane crashed yesterday. FT never seems quite lucid to me. I think he is confused and like many people suffering from mental conditions/trauma he is convinced others are wrong while he is perfectly sane.
  14. I tripped and caught myself on a wall. Didn't even fall. Sprained my wrist. My daughter fell off a swing set when she was a kid and broke both wrists. She wasn't even swinging, just sort of sitting there kicking her foot against the ground. I made the doctor do a bone density test on her because I'd never heard of someone breaking both wrists at the same time and I was in my 30s before I broke a bone. My ankle. walking through a muddy horse pasture and stepped on a piece of wood that was buried. Well half my foot stepped on it which caused it hyper-extend outwards. Who knows what's under that snow that could trip us up.