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  1. Every time I think of replaying story mode I remember the bear cave and decide against it. 😂 I thought I was the only one.
  2. I'm in my second run now. First, I started in HRV. Needless to say I only survived a little over a day because I don't know that map well. My second start was in Desolation Point near Hibernia. I have no weapon but a pry bar and didn't scout every where but I hit the trailers, Hibernia, the Riken and the lighthouse. I'm in the basement at crumbling highway. Just barely made it in before becoming wolf bait. I'll be starting my third day when I go back to the game. I've found 2 bags of KC. Oh and a can opener. At least I won't be wasting my cans.
  3. It is possible to catch wild yeast by mixing a little flour and water/milk with something sweet (fruit or sugar, even a grape stem) and leaving it outdoors. I'm guessing this might vary by area but it works where I live. I use it as a science experiment sometimes when I babysit my friends kids.
  4. I can't stop myself from laughing about the toilet paper shortage. Worst case scenario: we have to wash our nasty behinds.
  5. Okay, I have been following this, but I really don't know anything about GFN other than what I have read in this thread. I have gotten the possibly erroneous idea that one could only play certain Steam games on the service and not all since the beginning. Was this because they were only using a few devs for testing or something else? I mean according to this, if it is just a remote PC, I should be able to play any game in my library. If I cannot play any game in my library due to some games not being "part of the service" then it seems to me it is not just a remote PC on a monthly plan. Am I m
  6. I just tell myself the ice is to weak to support the bear and my character.
  7. My longest run is 100 and something days so far but I like the Hunting Lodge at BR. Moose shows up outside, bear and forge down the hill, caves nearby. It's totally the kind of place I would choose in real life. The only downside is it's rather dark even in daytime and I wish I could saw down all those stupid beds.
  8. I've been wondering about that stigma comment all along too. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've been wondering what this supposed stigma is about because it's a single player game so no one can attach stigma to anything you are doing but you. As for doing away with the standard settings, I am against that for all the reasons stated above already. There is just no way that any dev team could possibly anticipate and accommodate all the possible preconceived notions one might possibly bring to any game before playing the first time. I for one was ecstatic to find this game was not at all what I
  9. Hilayla

    Hey Buddy

    Personally I see it as similar to the button mashing meter when fighting off regular wolves. Only real difference is the attack is more drawn out, and there is a range, mobility and the clicks have more meaning. That being said, I too think it would be cool to turn it off and have to wonder, "Am close to surviving this? Are they going away?"
  10. Oh those foggy tracks are so nerve wracking for me. Where is this water? I've died every time I've tried to climb down there. Finally threw a torch over the edge. Maybe I'll find it one day. A nice pic of Milton under fog.
  11. This would almost explain how all those people froze to death all over the place.
  12. Or we could have them just pack up over time. If you don't keep them cleared out the pack just larger and larger, sort of like the weather gets colder and colder. The larger packs would roam larger areas so avoidance could be done if you learned to track their movements. Yeah, I have an excess of imagination but now that I think about it, it could be a fun challenge. Wolfsbane.
  13. This is one of my favorite bands. I love HU. They were just in my town and I had to miss it.
  14. As long as we are on the subject, I think one should have to remove hand gear to use the weapons. I'd also like to see consequences to this. Touch cold metal with a wet hand after being in the snow a while. That'll be fun.