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  1. Leave an animal unharvested. I've gotten frostbite in my obsession to harvest every hide from every animal I kill. Why do I need a 300th wolf pelt? the first 299 wasn't enough? I have enough guts to make mountain climbing rope. enough rabbit pelts to make a giant rabbit. Yet i keep collecting them. I'm onto my 18th bear pelt. I don't even use the bear coat.
  2. You only healed one of them. Had you healed both to begin with, they would have healed together. Yes, you didn't know to do that, but you should have checked both icons.
  3. Just a thought, make a microwave able to cook, but only during the aurora. Just make it a one "cooking surface" fire that only turns on during the aurora.
  4. I have seen bunnies romp through fire. Those bastards are hard core.
  5. It's called the "Escape Key'. Keep your finger on top and listen for crows/barking. You do get a milisecond of warning.
  6. I finally got around to testing it and... yes. Apparently it does heal you when you are playing Deadman. Holy crap. I think I could actually play dead man long term now. I'm going to have to farm the ravine like no body;s business, but still.
  7. Really? Be more specific so I can test the exact conditions. We are talking about Birch Bark tree, yes? You know, I never tested it with BOTH off. Would that really make a difference?
  8. Confused. Are you talking a specific new game mechanic, a new rule set, or just using d20 as the core and adding on the lore. If so, what sort of world building are you talking about?
  9. UPDATE: I have been running about and figured that the top two locations for Birch Bark are Ravine and The Birch Forest that surrounds the Lonely homestead on Pleasant Valley Map. LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I've watched a lot of playthroughs and almost everyone completely ignores the Cattails that are due east (if you are lonely homestead, look to where the closest waterfall is. THAT IS WEST. Go the opposit direction between two rock outcroppings.) of Lonely Homestead. Over there is a marsh area that is rich in cattails. It's fairly isolated and since I started visiting it, I have yet to get jumped by wolves. Of course, I just jinxed myself. Of the two, the Ravine Map is superior to Pleasant valley birch forest, both because of the lack of predators, and because of the close proximity to shelter. However, numerically, PV seems to beat out Ravine in NUMBER of birch bark harvested. (But not by much). Just another reason why Ravine is my Cabin Fever recovery/must-see vacation home-away-from-home/tourist trap. Oh. And now that I have been playing Interloper more, My estimates of "Effective" Harvest numbers of Birch Bark tea have dropped. I'm lucky to get enough birch bark on average to equal one cup every three days. I dunno if it's a Interloper thing. or what. Frankly, I am using BirchBark tea as "Compressed Fluid" not really as a healing agent. For example. Birch Bark is .22 water, but .1 weight. AND it can have up to 125 calories a cup. The 2? points recovered (I'm sorry. Since they took away the EXACT condition percentages, I'm having a hard time determining the EXACT amount of healing) is not much, but I have figured out something: If I'm going to be traveling, and I drink a hot cup of Birch Bark right before I go, and the weather allows me to remain above freezing, and maybe I eat a Cattail before hand, I believe I recover 3 points total? 3-Ish? Which seems to translate into 3 hours of starvation, I can get away with. In the beginning of Interloper, before I get situated, I tend to see-saw between Starvation living and Well Fed, depending on my plans. Well Fed for shipping and long distance traveling, Starvation when settling down in an area to get crafting done. That sort of thing. I recommend hording Birch Bark tea, until it is time to travel long distances. With the low weight to water ratio, the token calories, the fact it can be heated, and the minor amount of healing, means it is vastly superior to any other fluid, including water and soda. Since you can drink one every 2 hours for full effect, I recommend it mostly for Interloper, where the higher thirst rate makes it, ironically, much more useful. Effectively 3 cups of birch bark replace .66 liters of water. And 2.5 cattails. So, in theory, you could drink one every 2 hours while traveling. So it is possible to JUST take BBT with you and save on the weight. However, I don't think that's the best way. I suggest instead to carry .5 liters of water for every 1 BBT. Upon waking up sleep, drink 1 cup and max out with the water, if you aren't at max condition. If you are at max, save the cup and starve for a bit, drinking it as the day goes on to remain hydrated. Figure on using it around 2 hours, ten minutes after waking up on interloper. The thirst rate seems to out pace the BBT by ten minutes, so you should carry SOME water around. Although, I am experimenting with 2 BBT for every .5 liters of water. Drink one waiting up, max out thirst, a second cup at 2 hours 10 minutes. Soda MIGHT be a substitute for water, IF you are trying to maintain Well Fed. Soda weighs .25 for .22 of fluids. So from a strictly fluid perspective, soda is the worst. However, if you are TRYING to maintain your calories, then it is a candidate for Water replacement. Not everyone uses my play style (which is, first thing, power level cooking), but if you do as I do, then use BBT alone for long trips, and combine BBT and Soda for long trips when you are trying to keep the Well Fed Bonus. Which means, save up your BBT and Soda for the right time. YES, I know, popular wisdom is that Soda never causes food poisoning. Well, I'm here to tell you I finally got food poisoning from a can of 6% soda. It doesn't happen often, but it does. Because soda spoils so quickly outdoors, I recommend, if you are stock piling soda, to wait until you have cooking 5, just in case.
  10. For the record, since this is still being discussed, I could forgo the mods if HLG just added "BRUTAL" difficulty. You know, crank everything up to 11. All the mods that made the game so much harsher. I mean, if the mod guys can do it, should be easy to add to the core game. Make them options on the custom menu, then add Brutal Difficulty and I'll be a happy (if frozen) camper. Maybe Deadman. Would love official Deadman settings.
  11. I know I am particularly harsh about the game, as is my nature. However, as I have been wear testing Steadfast ranger, I have been noticing a number of little things. The Subtle change of the backpacks. The slight movement at rest. The way the Menu screen "settles" into place when it first loads. The VAST improvement to the audiology of The Long Dark. I am certain you have adjusted SOMETHING. I cannot tell exactly what, but I detect it from time to time. You see, I am blessed/cursed with truly insane levels of pattern recognition. It has it's perks, it also is annoying as hell. I just wanted to say, there are many things you updated in Steadfast Ranger, but I know there are many undocumented improvements that you put in the game as well. I can detect them. Tiny... tiny adjustments. So small most players will miss them. Well... I notice them. I do not know who on your staff is making these minute improvements, these tiny adjustments that are... to someone such as me... so welcome. The menu load, to someone such as I seems more like you are waking up to the menu, not that it is crashing into existence. My job involves working with people who cannot speak and are so physically disabled that blinking may be the only form of communication they have. I am intimately familiar with the secondary characteristics of audible communication. I have spent over a decade perfecting the art of talking with those whose only interaction with others may be nothing more than a facial tic. My world is a world of the subtle. As someone who deals with this, I wish to assure you, your work is not only noticed, but should be praised. You may fear that, perhaps, your efforts are wasted. That no one will notice the adjustments. Maybe you wonder, "was it worth it?" Let me assure you, as an expert in this field, it is. Maybe no one else will notice (I seriously doubt that), or maybe, they will notice, but just not bring it up. But I assure you, on some level, it registers. Everyone notices the secondary characteristics of verbal Communication. We all respond to facial expressions and body language. Some understand it, most do not, but we process it none the less. People may be focused on the new Pistol, or the New tea, or griping about the Sprain system, but none of these features, will have as great an effect as these tiny... tiny details that will, in the long run, have a much greater impact on the playing experience then all the new toys and all the new game mechanics you could cram into the game. I was not sure if I should post this, but, as I said at the beginning, I am a harsh taskmaster. I expect great things from people, because I know people are capable of great things. It is... heartening... when that faith is rewarded. As such, I feel it is needed to point out when you are doing things right. You are doing the subtle things right. Thank you for your efforts, Bob
  12. Yes. Tested the tea in all settings of Condition Regain (awake). It does not work when set to None, like the Herbal Tea does not function when Condition Regain (sleep) is set to None.