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  1. Hello The wolf spawn chance on stalker is set to very high on interloper it's set to high so stalker will have more wolves. The time for wildlife re-spawn is set to medium for both so there should be no difference.
  2. Agreed. There already is an option to take the charcoal from the fires so breaking them down should just de-spawn it, not a huge deal for early games but when your 500 days into loper run all that charcoal is just not necessary and like you said it just gets left all over the place.
  3. Why post in a thread just to say people ideas are useless? it's kinda rude.
  4. I would never set up just one base I'm a 3 or 4 base kinda guy lol But if I was forced to pick one spot to set up I'd choose the fishing village in CH.. outdoor workbench(no cabin fever) massive amount of animals spawn near by (4 to 6 deer, 4 to 6 wolves, a bear, lots of rabbits not to far away and of course fishing) which bring me to the fishing huts that are close by and are great for cabin fever also lot's of wood in the area all and all it has almost everything you will need fairly close by. You can also make a trip to the Quonset if you need indoor crafting. Maybe it's a bad spot with the update but I still choose it, it's been a favorite spot of mine for years.
  5. With the changes to normal wolf AI it's almost like they've brought timber wolves to all regions already so I wouldn't put it past them to actually do that. I really hope something does change
  6. Hello 99% of people including me will say NO theres never anything in the visors but you'll get a few people who will say there is. I've been playing for 2 years and have checked hundreds of visors and never found anything.
  7. Took the words right out of my mouth! and the more I play with the new changes the more frustrated I get, I think they wanted to make the game harder but all they accomplished was making it more irritating to play.
  8. Sorry to hear your having issues. Unfortunately I don't know how to help you but I'll up-vote and maybe someone from Hinterland will take notice.
  9. I think fires and baiting worked perfect before. Hinterland called it an "exploit" and just assumed that it was easy for everyone to do which is just not true a lot of people struggled while trying to bait without getting into a struggle or wasting arrows/bullets and what they've done with both is just make it harder for the sake of making it harder.
  10. Thats been there for years, cool spot though.
  11. Not everyone thinks killing wolves was easy before and the new AI is more annoying then hard that's the issue I have with it. Auto dodging,not being scared by fires and no baiting just IMO makes the game less fun. It's the same with timber wolves.
  12. I'm not against your idea but to be honest I'd rather them just change the AI back to the way it was, if they did add this though I'd defiantly use the old AI option I also play on console so I can't play older versions either.