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  1. The rocks of the Ash Canyon really looks like the ones in HRV, I think the new region will be near HRV. That would force me to explore the Valley 😄!
  2. I accidentally lose all my progression in the game except saves (feats, badges, story mode). Is there backups or something that allow to get back all of this ? I'm kind of disgusted of the game right now because of it.
  3. Honestly I was expecting that too but I prefer playing with high FOV.
  4. My lantern doesn't work in this cave ! I was in the cave near the picnic area in PV and I needed to use 5 flares to explore the cave because of that. It happened to me only once.
  5. This is a graphical bug that happen when you play with high FOV (100 for me). It's not game breaking, but it can be annoying.
  6. OK thanks you all. I think Fluffy would balance the great loot found at Carter.
  7. As the title said: "Is Fluffy back in the Dam ?".
  8. DarKube

    New feats

    Don't worry I totally understand you thought. I wasn't even sure myself if it was a good idea, I just post it so people can think about this idea and tell me if it's good and intersting in the game. So, long story short, you thought are welcome !
  9. DarKube

    New feats

    You know what ? I've got basically the same idea ! But I wasn't sure if it was good... Apparently it is 😁
  10. I like so much this video, and honestly Hinterland should watch it ! It's full of realy good and realistic idea that can make the game even more complex and interactive !
  11. Welcome to the community ! I hope you're gonna enjoy it ! And in fact we have pretty much the same goals 😉 !
  12. DarKube

    New feats

    I think it would be the perfect time with the Fearless Navigator to add a feat themed on cartography. Maybe something like "When you have explored the entire map, you are more efficient at mapping and youre map fill 25% faster" I think it would fit well in the game and can be another bonus for the Faithful Cartographer challenge. Let me now what do you think of this idea 😉! PS: I really enjoy this community and I'm so happy to be back on those forums !
  13. Hello ! I'm super happy to be back on the game and the forums with the "Errant Pilgrim" update. I installed libsdl2-2.0-0 with the Synaptic package manager, it works with Nvidia and Intel graphic cards. Before I install this package, I got a black screen when I start the game.
  14. Hey ! I'm super happy to be back on the forums and on the game !