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  1. WOAH finaly an excuse to play The Long Dark again
  2. Nice shots (in the two meaning of the word) ! Are you french ?
  3. Merci pour le retour ! Par contre je suis pas trop sur le serveur FR prcq il s'y passe quasiment rien du tout 😅
  4. France here, I have a friend and a cousin who plays the game.
  5. Why you can't read or mend cloth while in ice caves ? There is light !
  6. If you immediatly pass time while the bear is bleeding, he won't move (it might have been fix tho)
  7. What a pleasure to see the wolves can die too ! Tired of seeing corpse !
  8. Why three old man's beards weight 0.03kg and when crafted they weight 0.10kg ?
  9. As the title say, I created this topic for all of those things that deserve their own topics individually. Here's one: Why this 25h book his super thin and this 5h one is thick ? (Keep in mind that it's not a "complaining topics", honestly, if they didn't change these things, I don't care)