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  1. Did you know, you can cook ruined meat or food, it will up their condition to 50% and be eaten without problem? So you can gather all the meat you can and eat it 1000 days later if you want to. Did you know the milling machine in Bleak Inlet will up your gunsmithing skill if you repair gun or rifle?
  2. Salut à tous, j'ai fais revivre ce wiki pour la communauté francophone (les infos viennent en grande partie du wiki anglais): Vous y trouverez la plupart des informations essentielles à votre survie, mode histoire, défis, objets, faune etc... Il pourra y avoir encore quelques mises à jours de temps en temps, mais je pense avoir atteint mon objectif en fournissant ce wiki assez complet. Chacun est libre de le compléter si le cœur lui en dit. Amusez vous bien dans le Grand Nord Canadien
  3. Hello everybody, I took back to life this wiki for french people speaking: It is mostly based on the english version translated, but I also added some personal ideas. Yes it is a bit simplified (only 300+ pages) but, hey, I am alone to do this, so I did what I could 😉. I will also add a post in the Fench section of this forum. Thanks for your attention, and enjoy this beautiful game.