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  1. Interesting question @MarrowStone ! I assumed it would have the meaning "silence of wintertime" like @MueckE explained it. (Winterstille) Hinterland is also a German word and means the same as in English (back-country) Wintermute is also a family name from east Canada? Would be very interesting to hear what it is meaning exactly here @Raphael van Lierop
  2. You could start a list with all countries. I am from Switzerland here we know how it is with a lot of snow.
  3. @Lohaan Thank you so much for your nice words!! Right now I quit TLD for a while but I am sure I shall come back to play it again and to beat 14h. I played some Subnautica again and also the new "Below Zero" but it is still too much early access. Since a few day I try the "Raft" but not so lucky with it right now. In a few days I my summer holidays start and I will go (first time ever for me) to Vancouver with my family. Unfortunately there is no address for Hinterland Studios and they also did not react on my request, otherwise I would have loved to visit them. Have a good time, I am sure we will read each other here in the future
  4. @Lohaan Thank was a record for only very short time. The day before yesterday TheWizarc made a new recored with 14:08
  5. Yes you are right, I meant the hatchet (not the hacksaw). In my eyes the hatchet is the most important to find. I think your strategy can also work, but then you need another starting time, which should be probably early in the morning, so if you start to walk to Hibernia, it should be already early afternoon. My be I try this as well Also one risk on your strategy is that you start looting the drawers and cupboads
  6. Whole run 15:03 uncutted. Good weather until PL on the way to the lighthouse. 7 stims only
  7. I am just uploading the older run with 7 stims only and 15:03, here I recorded the whole run. So now it is The Wizarc and your turn to beat that time.
  8. Unfortunately I did not record the run until farmhouse, as I mentioned before I found the stims here: Trapper's 1 Derailment x 1 Carter Hydro x 1 Radio Control Hut 2 Farmhouse 2 The Summit x 2 + GO Abandoned Mine to Coastal Highway always 1 The first wolf attack was in CH, a wolf suddenly appears behind a hill at the waterfront cottages, and another two at DP. Also one wolf followed me over the whole lake, even I used two stims there. Almost dead at the lighthouse ... so lucky with the last wolf attack, I thought it is over... and I was so nervous that I shoot my second last flare shot in the wrong direction
  9. Great time for first try anyway!! My first try was over 3 days 🙂 Also in this challenge the stims can make the big difference, but there are also many other important things. Hacksaw, Rifle, ammo, oil. Where did you find the hacksaw and the rifle? Did you cook coffee in the Hiberna? How many wood did you have to hack?
  10. Really made it under 15h yesterday!! 7 stims in the farmhouse, all together 10 stims and one GO. This was like.... impossible before and may be the first time happened in TLD? I recorded it staring from the farmhouse (switched it also into English) and shall upload the video next weekend. Trapper's 1 Camp office 0 Derailment x 1 Two trailers in front of the dam 0 Carter Hydro x 1 Radio Control Hut 2 Farmhouse 2 The Summit x 2 + GO Abandoned Mine to Coastal Highway always 1 I almost died at the end, it was hyper dramatically after the third wolf attack I thought it is over, I was so nervous... and really almost died..just a few minutes later and it would have been over. As TLD knows I could beat the 15h they send me wolves everywhere.
  11. Started a new one today, and stopped now with 7 stims and 10 coffees in the farmhouse. Ready for tomorrow.
  12. 7 stims again with blizzard at the end
  13. Finally I got time to cut that video with my new record. However as I mentioned by PM I played this game in several parts and finished it late night last Friday to Saturday and I forgot to record a part of it ( I realised it while gaming) The missing part starts after looting the house on Jackrabbit Island. I used one more stim to run to Misanthrope’s Homestead and another stim to run home to Quonset Gas Station, also checked both fishing huts where I found some wood too. After coming back to the station I hacked 6 reclaimed wood next to the Station and one Cedar wood, back to the Garage and left them there to start hunting a wolf... and here the video continues.