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  1. Thanks, made a 1d 19h 28m on 13.Feb. Now back on Hopeless Rescue challenge
  2. @sholtolsen Inspired by your new record I am also trying HR again. I learned so many things with the new challenge (As the dead sleeps), that I was sure I can beat my old record. I started with 17h, than came down to 15:11 and yesterday I had great weather and in total 9 stims and made it 14h 10m! btw: The 8h 55m was a time just after Episode 3 was launched and the flare gun was in the plane in PV, so this time is not a "real" time
  3. @sholtolsen That is definitely not the way I am taking in PV to go to the plane. I paint it where I walk about, but for sure there is a video showing the exact way. Other things I do different: - I also check the first "container home" in front of the dam, there can be a stim, coffee, flare and gloves/hat - I am also checking the new barn in PV just on the right side when you cross the road before the farmhouse, found a stim twice here - you can save time by cooking if you use the circle menu (space bar) - I mean the office in the dam on the right side of the control room, there can be a stim in the metal shelf and some cloth/shoes in the office You arrive after 3,5h in the farmhouse, I have no chance to reach that time!?! Below my records made in Mai 2019 and Deadman from 13.February 2020
  4. @sholtolsen First of all, congratulation to this record!! Very fast time! I have to check my best time, I think it was 14h 39 m You got very lucky with the weather, I did not see a single snow flake in your run! Lucky with the weather but quite unlucky with stims! You missed the last stim in the coal mine, see the screen shot from your run. There are only three places in the mine where it could be and in your run it was on the last place. I do a few things different than you. In the dam, I also check the office, there could one additional stim and also some clothes. Also I think the new way up to the plane (PV) is faster than your way, which I used to go as well before Episode 3 update but I am not sure. You reach the farmhouse in 3,5h which is absolutely great! However I cook only one time 6 coffees here and save over 30m against your cooking. I learned so many things with the new challenge "As the dead sleeps", that I think I should beat my own record here as well.
  5. You are right, I did hear from them, but they are both too far away from the shortest way, so no opportunity for a speedrun
  6. I finished it yesterday evening again. With NO stim in Maintenance Shed, I climbed out of Milton without a stim. Had to be under 10 kg weight and used the two coffee cups I found earlier. Went back to the dam after Ravine, got the extra stim in the barn and finished in DP. Still not your time @Joe Buckley but coming closer.
  7. "As the dead sleep" challenge I was now 10 times in a raw in the maintenance shed in Broken Railroad without finding a stim in the wooden box. Before V1.73 I had at least 50% chance or even more. Now always same spawns : grindstone and sewing kit
  8. Would you let me know the other places, that might help a lot for a speedrun. Except this mission I never played on Interlooper 2 BR (wooden box and hunting lodge) 1 FM (open cave Marsh Ridge) 1 Ravine (yellow wagon) 1 PV (barn) 1 coal cave (PV-CH) 1 DP (light house)
  9. Thanks for that, I dident know about such problems. Anyhow I looted the whole Maintenance Shed, each box and everything but did not found anything. I shall check next time also under the place where it should be. I note that there was an update hotfix V1.73 that is exactly the last day I found a stim there.
  10. It was like that before, but since 29.January I did not found a single stim there anymore, and this in more than 10 runs. I don’t think that is normal, before I had a 50% chance. However I continued my last run without the stim. It was possible to climb out from Milton (to ML) without a stim, I used the two coffees I found an reduced my weight under 10kg and just made it. I shall hopefully finish the run tonight and I will be clearly under 2 days.
  11. Still speedrunning "As the dead sleep" I was now 7 times in a raw in the maintenance shed in Brtoken Railroad without finding a stim in the wooden box. Was there an update which I missed. First I tought it is just bad luck, but yesterday I tried 4 times and today another 3 times and there was never a stim there again. Can anybody confirm this please?
  12. @Ice Hole I goat it 🙂 I found the way myself yesterday after a few tries. It is now even easier/faster than before!
  13. here I could have made it under 2 days. I was almost dead entering DP where my last cross was waiting to be visited, I decided to get the stim in the lighthouse to survive but unfortunately got a sprain when jumping down to the road.... almost made it ...but just almost
  14. my first time under the bridge in BI and later on also in BI
  15. @Ice Hole May be the reason is my poor english, but I am not sure if I get it right. You still can go there through the scrubs? If so, can you let us know how you do it?