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  1. Okay! So I need a totally new strategiy here. Avoiding any freezing will be hard here.
  2. Very impressive time! I have no experience in Interloper and so I have one question to the experts. My health seems not to recover, no matter how I try. Is this the standard adjustment in this challenge or do I miss out something?
  3. I already have the next question. How to fill up the health level? I thought it will go up itselves if I stay warm and sleep enough, but this is not working. Is there special tee that I can cook? Only stims will raise it up? Thank you for your Help.
  4. Congratulation! I just started the mission yesterday, I first had to explor new region on Pilgim mode. I am now rested at Trappers after 1,5 days. My biggest problem right now are matches, got only one left. My plan is to go Milton Town, loot everything before going to visit my first grave in Hushed River Valley.
  5. Thank you. Found it out now also by myselfe in Pilgrim. However in the "As the Dead Sleep " there is no rope on the wall, so the only exit from Bleak Inlet is the cave to Forlorn Muskeg.
  6. Hi @all May someone help me to understand the new region. I started the new challenge "As the Dead Sleep " in the broken lighthouse. Is there only one exit from this lower part of this region? So far I found only that cave where you switch to Forlon Muskeg. Or the other way round: How to go up to the radio tower and the lookout? As I see it at the moment, I have to leave Bleak Inlet by the cave, walk from Forlon Muskeg to the broken Railroad and then go down to arrive on the upper level of Bleak Intel? Thank you for your inputs
  7. oh it is closed now? I just stopped playing yesterday at the farmhouse with 4 stims. I first tried the new challenge (Deadman) but I have to do a lot of research before I can start this one. There are two new areas to me to explore @R3425 Congrats to your time! How many stims?
  8. This is exaclty what this thread is about. We now could finish it under 9h. With TWM the record was little under 15h as far as I remember. We already have a few threads about the "old" route
  9. @Lohaan I mised your new record of 8h 37m yesterday, congrats! I had a 10h 33m time yesterday, but still 2h too slow
  10. Finished twice and my best time so far is 12h 1m. That will be very hard to save 3h for me!?! I arrive at the farm house after 4h. What is your time arriving the farm house? Because this leaves me only 5 more hours to finish the rest?!?
  11. Hi Speedrunners Very interesting, it motivated me to start again with TLD. So after several months not playing I started yesterday, had still 12h. Will try it the next days to be faster.
  12. Interesting question @MarrowStone ! I assumed it would have the meaning "silence of wintertime" like @MueckE explained it. (Winterstille) Hinterland is also a German word and means the same as in English (back-country) Wintermute is also a family name from east Canada? Would be very interesting to hear what it is meaning exactly here @Raphael van Lierop
  13. You could start a list with all countries. I am from Switzerland here we know how it is with a lot of snow.