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  1. Well, now that I think about it, it would be kinda stupid for people to shoot each other instantly. In that scenario people would probably try to hudle together as much as possible, yeah sure there would be some struggles but I dont think anyone would resort to an outright shootout. So unlike TLD, this fictional game, could be about survival in a group instead of alone with rare occasions of agressions between humans.
  2. this is not a wish (although it is in the wish list...😅) its just a way to share a concept that to me is pretty cool.
  3. Oh god I just realized I put this on the wish list. Totally unintentional. If any moderator is seeing this can you please move it to discussion forum ?
  4. Well yes Will and Astrid do not have to be the protagonists, to be honest, I don’t care. What I really like is the idea of seeing the effects of the flare on a more...civilized setting. Though I believe it would be best to keep the permanent winter, I mean it’s kind of the main theme, also changing it would imply changing the art style which I absolutely adore.
  5. This is just some food for thought, but imagine that after TLD, Will and Astrid leave great bear and go to the mainland. There they find a broken, frozen, urban landscape, where the effects of the flare are especially felt. People start to panic, essential resources run low, ellectricity goes down and fighting starts to happen. Now what is left are small groups of people who steal and kill each other in order to survive. While radically different from the original game, it would give room to certain systems that first game cannot include. Dont you think this would be cool ? Remember this just
  6. Im sorry but I do not remember what you commented, so that probably means that it had nothing wrong with it. Either way, just as the title says, this is a discussion, negative opinions are more than welcome, Ive learned a lot from those... 😅
  7. First off, I am not, in anyway, trying to criticize the way TLD is being updated. I just want to understand what the future plan for this game is. While watching the forums, I’ve seen many extremely radical propositions: multiplayer, shotguns, chainsaws...(I’m not saying any of these should be added, specially multiplayer). But the point is, what is acceptable ? Should the devs only continue to add new regions and some misc items ? Do you think that implementing something new and quite different could be good ? The thing is, that just like most games, old players tend to dislike big
  8. I don’t want to force anyone to do anything, I just stated a consequence that would eventually happen if this were to be added. A consequence that mirrors the already existing weapon system, for example. Now about how it would work. I’ll take you through my thought process. Originally my first idea was to use a limited repair system, basically a piece of clothing had a limited number of repairs it can do before ruining. Now this had a problem, when you were repairing something that was, for example, at 90% condition, you would lose one repair, for only a 10% condition gain, when you could
  9. Even with this addition, you’d still be able to do that exact same grinding process. Let’s make an an example: - you have a coat that is at 25% condition, and the maximum amount of condition you can repair is 200%. Now you repair it to a perfect state. In that moment you’d have a 100% coat of which you could repair a maximum of 125% condition. Mind you this is just an example, not how the numbers would go. When you level up, that maximum amount would increase, thus making clothing last longer. I simply cannot see how this system would be at odds with the current sewing skill. Also
  10. This game forces you to do a lot of things. Eventually you will be forced to use magnifying lenses and use the bow exclusively, for example. How is this different ? It gives more value to clothing, thus promoting its collection. It would also give a little more reason to hunt, as at some point you will need to make another set of clothes. And I mean, realistically this makes sense, you wouldn’t to “patch up” a piece of clothing indefenetly.
  11. I disagree with you. First off, your only focus is on one difficulty type, Interloper, in which yes, crafted clothes are a priority, but I think you missed the fact that the limited repair would also apply to this clothing type. Also, I do not see how this would conflict with the base sewing skill, when you level up, the amount of regained condition on each repair increases, and with this so does the maximum amount of condition you can repair, in one piece of clothing, increase. These two modifiers do not interfere. About the socks and underwear, because they are an inside layer, the
  12. I have absolutely no idea if this was ever suggested but here it goes. Right now clothing basically lasts forever, no matter how many times you get attacked by animals, you can simply repair it. I’ve never sewed anything before, but I’m pretty sure that after 100 repairs it would look like something straight out of Frankenstein. Basically what I propose is that clothing have a limited amount of condition you can repair before ruining. This maximum amount would vary with your sewing skill, and the tier of the clothes, for example, an expedition parka would have more repairs than
  13. I cannot if you are joking, being serious or being sarcastic 😂.
  14. You may be right about that one. But I don’t know if it’s worth putting that much effort into one challenge... maybe adding it to wintermute, like you mentioned, would make more sense. Kinda like the bear spear.