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  1. Hullo Raph! As you might know (probably not) I really like to create regions so I have two questions for you: 1-What do you guys at Hinterland use to create regions ? 2-And could this software ever be sold as a DLC / new IP ?
  2. @Doc Feral its after 24 H I think
  3. Yes of course,but I prefer to have to terrain fixed up before putting in the wildlife
  4. Well like I said the idea is Raphael Van Der Lierop's
  5. Thank you for your feedback @MarrowStone for the linearity of the region it was actually something that was reproached to me allappa bay(it was a really unlinear region) The thin ice glacier is a really good idea
  6. 1-Naming and localization of the Longfen Range: Longfen Range connects Pleasant Valley to Timberwolf Mountain: 2-Basic plan and locations: Legend: Black lines are cliffs Blue lines are iced up rivers Red lines are ropes(the arrows indicate the highest side) The thick gray lines are roads The thin gray line is the mountaineer's trail Blue dots are fishing huts Small black dots are frozen corpses Green lines are subterranean location 3-Lore and locations:(examples of loot for voyageur) Longfen range is a intermediate region harder than ML,CH,CrH but easier than DP or BR its general weather scheme is a mix between that of PL and TWM so blizzards,blizzards,cold fog,cold and clear weather and some more blizzards for good measure. A-Upper valley: A small farming hamlet with mediocre loot(jeans,sport socks,granola bars...) B-Mountaineer's village: Lore:The mountaineer's village served as a base camp for the mountaineer's wanting to climb Timberwolf Mountain(you will find a note referencing the one on Timberwolf) An other small hamlet this time made out of trailers,good loot(Trail boots,fleece mittens,ski jackets,MRE,rope,snow pants,...) and crafting table C-Mountaineer's cache: A small hut resembling mountaineer's hut on TWM but filled up with big industrial containers piled up in it,FABULOUS loot (MRE,snow pants,ski jackets,more rope,cans,ski gloves,...) no crafting table(this is because the location would be OP if you didn't need to go out at some point) D-Weather station: A small square concrete building with an aerial sticking out of it,the inside is filled up with a bunk bed,a bunch of lockers and a table,mediocre loot(paper,sodas,candy bars,...) E-Nose section: Lore of the lore:This idea came to me when I saw @Raphael van Lierop answer that the nose section of the plane on TWM was in an other region. The front section of the plane that crashed on TWM(Grizzly air lines flight 14\15\12\20\3\11) filled with dead people and lockers,mediocre loot(candy bars,matches,fleece mittens...) Special thanks to the people who reacted on my previous region: Allappa bay: @Mroz4k, @s7mar7in , @k0s0ff , @DarKube , @gnomegnine , @MarrowStone , @jeffpeng , @Moll , @Pillock , @Fuarian (in no particular order) Thank you for reading -SneakySquid
  7. Yeah in France were I live they are a really big thing!
  8. Nice first shots @Hugn To hide the UI and put your quality up to maximum press F10
  9. Spoiler: Thats the entry to millton I think.
  10. When I saw this I thought it was "bear spear times"
  11. Well maybe for "the long dark 2"BTW I hope it's not going to be called like that