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  1. To me, it looks like its in the coastal townsite or rural crossroads, most likely the latter with some changes.
  2. You unleashed quite the torrent of preaches, ideas, opinions, and other such philosophies upon me. This was like a present box, unwrapping it and seeing what lies inside was your own, squishy, blood oozing brain. You remind me a lot of a youtuber I enjoy heavily, perhaps you have heard of him, his name is Exurb1a. I think you your styles of writing, story telling, and other such word riddled thingamajigs are not indifferent. Thanks, this was a nice read, Im still young and dumb, so I cant quite relate to you yet, but I am quite afraid of just waking up one morning, wasting the time, stepping o
  3. I haven't even been aware of this whole "Quonset Manager" stuff, (if so, i've forgotten) seriously, what is with you and your obsession over this!??!? Its amazing and spectacular, but it also seems like a dedication akin to a junkie and his needle. Perhaps you are as mad as the man you claim to wander these snowy wastes!
  4. Jesus christ, interloper with arthritis... the possibilites of pain!
  5. Raphael when describing the Old Island Connector stated it was a burned down forest. Presumably some sort of electrical fire happened and lit the entire forest and all the houses up. It makes sense, seeing as all the trees are either felled or have a lack of snowy foliage. The fire most likely came from the second earthquake knocking down all the electrical poles, the same can be most likely said for the coastal town. The blocked road also came during the second quake, the guy in the light house said the roads up here hadn't collapsed like the ones further south or what not. Not sure why they
  6. Good ol' bridges going off into the mist, to bad you weren't the first to upload something like that here, I WAS! So you better get a good lawyer, cus' i'm suing!
  7. Hitting you with the passive aggressive smiley!
  8. Ill be honest with ya, I just asked this and sat back, totally wasn't expecting this amount of dedication to a singular question or outcome of a moral choice. Damn good job hinterland, and bravo Grey for this response.
  9. Yeah, ill be honest with ye, if I lose way to many arrows, I usually just restart, its just a hassle to lose em all. Good thing I can reload a save, or I might be stuck with the rifle forever
  10. How skilled are you with aiming the bow? All you have to do is pop them in the middle of the face and there down, You have to aim just a little lower then there snout for it to work properly though.
  11. Id think a crazy calvin and hobbes snowman in some obscure corner of timberwolf mountain would be a nice easteregg!
  12. Fools, you have not truly experienced tangerine ecstasy until you have sipped THE NECTAR OF GODS #VoteSnappyOrangeSoda2019
  13. In all honesty I scoured the map for any notes or books but Im pretty confident they've been downright removed. Perhaps you will get acess to the gloves in EP 2. I don't know as I haven't played it yet.
  14. If only hinterland would add in some EGG NOG I drink so much of that stuff during the holidays Id bet you im 98% normal human and 2% pure, creamy, rich, NOG.