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  1. pleasant valley start. wolf tracks right there. i am a goner.
  2. i am starting to have this nagging thought...and hear me out. that i freaking stink.
  3. yuck. and that's all she wrote...
  4. spoiler alert. i did not kill this guy. not even sure i wounded him. i did waste an arrow, leaving me with just two. I am out of crow feathers. i did improve my gear with the rabbit hat and gloves so i'll be heading to HRV now. let's see what's to see.
  5. Day 15 - found a few more birch barks to make some tea. Not great but i figure i am about 60% health now. Not enough to survive another wolf attack but i can't stay here and longer. Most of my stuff is cured though which is good bc i am out of cloth and my clothing is homeless level. time to go.
  6. and so i got greedy. i carved up the one dear i was planning on. Then noticed another downed dear from a different wolf. Got his hide, 3 KG of his meat and left for my cave home with the wolf on my trail. made it back, lit up a fire and started cooking. Wolf followed me into the cave and nearly wiped me out. Took 2 bandages and 2 topical meds to stop the bleeding and infection. I do have a stim and two birch teas but i'll be using my time here to lick my wounds and try to find more birch or else this will be a really quick run. Damn.
  7. Day 8 - spent a night in the cave near marsh ridge. Even got the rope and hung it from the ledge. Killed some rabbits and got some birch. Day 9 - made it up to the milton basis. Was planning on staying here a few nights to try and let me skins/hides/branches cure so i can head to HRV with a little bit of gear. for that, i need food. which means running dear into wolves.
  8. Day and night 6 - forged it. made Hatchet, Knife and 10 arrow heads. Found the hacksaw on the way over but didn't need it because i found enough scrap, toolboxes and prybars. Heading up in big circle to Milton again. Gonna sleep in an interior cave on the way. No ranged weapons yet, because of course. Planning on hitting my cured rabbits to make gloves in Milton and then braving HRV again to hopefully get the mack jacket. Kind of a long way to go but i need better clothing bc i have struck out on skijackets, etc. so far.
  9. Day 3-5 spent in Milton looting and not finding much. Two windbreakers? anyway, i got the heavy hammer so thinking of crafting early on this run. No hacksaw yet but i found 3 crowbars, 2 of which i can scrap for 4 metals. Day 5 i spent in the little cave at the milton edge before the mystery lake cave. now onto Day six, found not much useful at Trappers other than another hammer. thick soup fog heading over to the Muskeg.
  10. On to Day 2. Made it out of HRV with a bedroll (yay). Still couldn't avoid freezing (boo). didn't lose much health though. Just a reminder. This custom is everything deadman except there are rifles and there is birch tea crafting. No healing other than tea and stims. Slept a night in the transition cave to Milton, then hit the little trailer, the church and finally the farm. Picked up a lantern at the trailer and then the heavy hammer and a crowbar (!) from the dead guy in the farm barn. Also, i have 4 dead rabbits on me and it's pretty impressive to see how quickly the wolves
  11. Trying again! Hushed Valley Start. Foggy a wet afternoon.
  12. Merp died again. This is a challenge.
  13. and no rifle to be found either!
  14. Still day 7. Weather too good to pass up. I am just leaving poachers now. Can't see a thing but i am warm and snug. Can't afford to risk waiting it out in the camp and having a blizzard sneak up on me. don't hear any bear noises but there's wolves in the distance for sure. Also, make sure you check your inventory before making this trek. I remember leaving the heavy hammer all the way back at the dam. Yuck.
  15. Day 7 now - made my way through PV, radio hut then the cave entry to the damn. Spent 1 night in the cave there, killed a bunch of rabbits and didn't actually run into any wolves. Spent 2 nights in the damn because of two blizzards before heading on to the camp office. Decent weather throughout except on my way to the lookout. Been eating the occasional downed dear and lots of tails so far. Clothing, ok for day 7. Even got the chance to read a few cookbooks. I need tools though so off to the muskeg.