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  1. killed another bear at Broken Railroad with my magic arrow. there was a moose up at the lodge too but the bear was easier bc of the hunting blind. can i get 20 KG of meat back to the maintenance yard without wolf interference? probably not.
  2. ok, fast forward a couple weeks. obviously plenty of food at trappers but not much to do other than make up a new bow which was fine. i took a day trip on to the abandoned lookout and didn't get anything good. then another trip to the 3 trailers where i got a candy bar and another cooking pot. i grabbed a bunch of bear meat and 1 hide and made it back to the camp office without incident. the plan is to stay at Mystery lake till this hide cures and then get all my stuff to 100% before heading through the muskeg and on the broken railroad. the elusive second wool ear wrap my be there. hopef
  3. took forever to find this guy. and i have lost some nice catches before. he was hidden up the hill between the little cabin and the other side where the broken lookout is. at least it wasn't on the side of a hill so i could make a fire.
  4. he wasn't as heavy as i thought. only like 30 KG and over half of it is gone now. i am not a fan of overkilling bc it takes so long for these guys to respawn. but if i am in this for the long haul, i need more sustenance. no one shot this time though.
  5. got him pretty good. good landing spot too. ended up chopping him to pieces and not even a wolf howl. going to snow shelter it, eat my bear meat and craft a new bow (currently 20% condition) and arrows up the wazzoo before i head out to FM and then the Railroad.
  6. day 123 - well that was stupid. stayed a night in grey mothers and was harvesting clothing and i didn't realize that instead of repairing my wool toque i harvested it. shit. i have a wool scarf but that is -1 degree for not good reason. i know i have another one somewhere. maybe the dam? sh*t.
  7. need a plan now. can't keep farting around this cave forever. I would like to get my one bear skin coat repaired, but it's not in terrible shape. i also only have one sewing kit left so i've been repairing with fishing tackle which works pretty well at sewing 4. i could either head down to FM and get back to the camp office that way, or i could head back through Milton, which i have not really looted yet. i think i will do milton. i'll be carrying a uncured moose hide though.
  8. a little on cruise control in Milton Basin bc i have plenty of food. Killed a bunch of rabbits and carved up some deer in order to get my clothes to 100% again after that wolf attack. i did sneak down to the muskeg overlook and placed the rope from the cave there for later on in this run. gotta think ahead. there was a nice looking moose grazing there but i let him go. plus there isn't a really good shooting spot. i do wonder if i will regret missing out bc a lot of times these moose appear for a day or two and then fade into the night. anyway, i did finally get around to cleaning th
  9. to be fair though, i am not as worried about a loss of health (as long as it isn't life threatening) as i am loss of top end clothing. anywho, i had some cloth on me so i repaired my pants and undies. i killed the 3 rabbits that were close so i will have to wait for their coats to cure before i can repair my shredded hat and gloves. still, all in all a big success. That was a heavy deer. 44 KG, plus coat and 12 guts, all cooked up like Emeril.
  10. dammit. i arrowed that wolf and even heard him croak when i was taking an hour to sleep but his chum got me as i was bringing back a few more quarters from my catch. not terrible damage though, considering i left one bear skin coat at the cave in order to carry more.
  11. other than falling off the train trestle, the first dumb death that comes to mind was one of my first Voyager runs. i got a fire going at the hunting blind on Mystery Lake to chop up the dead deer there. Blizzard came on and i couldn't find my way back to camp office in the snow. Died of....exposure.
  12. Went from ML to Milton down to Milton basin, spending one night in the farmhouse. i thought i had been there already but apparently not. That's one negative about playing two runs at the same time. anyway, Milton Basin has a gift for me, and i made it happen without missing terribly or breaking some ribs. good spot to fall too. no wolves over here.