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  1. Don't worry about not being used to the controls first thing! You have played primarily (I guess) with a mouse and keyboard and learning a controller is something else. If I got a gaming computer and begun playing on it, I would be a MESS at using a mouse and keyboard 😅 because I am so used to a PS4 controller! And General Discussion is the perfect place for this topic
  2. Great organization there! Yes, I store all my food indoors because I have always had a plentiful supply of antibiotics and Reishi Tea and at the point I am at in my save file, I have Cooking Level 5, so I can kind of eat just about anything
  3. With the wolf as the icon of Stalker, it is not super surprising that they are quite abundant in this mode! I can relate to this post because I have started my first Stalker run recently (fortunately it's been lucky so far as I have gotten the important tools, the Rifle and Revolver...) And I never saw a bear myself anywhere near Trapper's Homestead, but I always see one on Mystery Lake itself and have just survived a close encounter with one near the destroyed foresty lookout. Anyways have some good luck on your first 🐺 run! 💜
  4. How do you guys organize your food in The Long Dark? Do you put it on display or in storage spaces, or not organize it at all? I usually put my food supply in certain storage spaces but when I have tons of meat, I have all my other eatable goodies on display. Like the few pics down below that are of my current main save file of TLD. So that is my food situation as of now in the Pleasant Valley Farmstead! I have tons of moose meat in the freezer/fridge as well as soda and water. Down below are pics of how I put together my food supply on display while living at the Quonset in Coastal Highway (this is the same save file) Apologies for my screeny-looking photos again, but I tried to use the web browser on my PS4 to access this site so I could bring over higher quality looking pictures from my Capture Gallery but that didn't work
  5. Nice! I myself have probably played more than 100 hours at this point (I can't see the Play Time unfortunately as I play The Long Dark on the Playstation 4) I got TLD while it was on sale for $14.99 and it was well worth it for me, given the time I have dedicated and will dedicate to it and how much I love it! I wouldn't have minded paying $29.99 for it, though, honestly.
  6. Cool! I think I will be getting a Switch myself (maybe this year?) The idea of playing The Long Dark while out and about, I like! I can sort of picture myself chilling in a rented treehouse or treehouse villia and playing on The Long Dark on my Switch.
  7. Yeah, I kinda wish there was more room to save statistics, I can't see why there can't be more space for them.
  8. Hopefully you will be able to find the time to do those relaxing, thought-provoking stuff someday!
  9. So I managed to get out today and went on a nature trail! It was short and sweet, and I took a couple of pics and decided to share them here because it's an outdoor thing. I enjoyed going for this small walk, wish I could do nature trails more (hopefully I will) The surroundings kinda remind me of the brevity and beauty of life, and I feel at a peace as I go down the paths and see the world in the wood just be. Luckily ran into no hostile wildlife, only saw chipmunks and heard birds and glimpsed butterflies and even dragonflies. I spotted the hoof marks of a deer, but sadly didn't remember to take a pic of them. On a final note, I'd prefer if there are no questions about where or what this trail is called. Apologies to those who might want to know, but I like having some privacy. And there is most likely a nature trail like this close to you, if you like doing that kind of thing!
  10. Welcome! Hope that you will enjoy participating on the forums now 💜🐺 I live in kind of a rural area as well, but there's a highway next to it so not that rural 😂
  11. Awesome idea! I would probably do the same thing with the bear, maybe.
  12. True dat! A wolf WILL most likely return the carnage one day here.
  13. I very recently had a close encounter with death in my Stalker save. So I'm in Mountain Town and one day I went to the clearing that is between Milton Park and the cave leading to Mystery Lake. I ended up having to spend a little time in the clearing, had to take a nap. I left to go home to Paradise Meadows Farm at night. Had to use the climbing rope and that drains a lot of energy so that got me pretty tired. Was getting cold as well. I was on the road path right next to Paradise Meadows Farm and got attacked by a wolf. Things probably would have gone better if I didn't try to defend myself with my Revolver, should have used my Hunting Knife or Hatchet. As I was trying to smack the attacking wolf with my gun, I saw my condition going down and my struggle bar not going up and that gave myself a mini heart convulsion. The wolf gave up and I was left in a bad way. I had one bandage, managed to patch up one of my Blood Loss wounds but still had one in effect. So I hobbled over to the house on the farm and got in. At this point, my condition was in the red, the heart was beating and death music playing. I treated my infection risk and pain, but had no bandages in my medicine supply. So I quickly tore down the towel and turned the cloth into bandages. My condition was still scarily low, so I cooked myself up something to eat, drank and took a nap, for fear of dying somehow if I slept too long. I survived!
  14. Yeah, you're close to it so that's good! I have Insectinial Parasites in my Stalker save and have NO antibiotics so I'm using Reishi Tea to treat it.
  15. Hey, wolves need to eat too and defend their territory. I'm just a bit touchy about this because I love wolves so much and in the game, I only kill them if need be.