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  1. Not gonna lie, I was totally excepting a pic of a bunch of wolves in one place at once. But this IS indeed a wolf's paradise. Also a hungry human survivor's paradise as well!
  2. Looks like some kind of crazy shooting star. If I saw that in the game, I would wish for a supply of pumpkin pie 🥧💜
  3. I was playing Episode 2 a few months ago I believe, and I THINK that I was able to use the auto walk feature? Not completely sure, could be mixing that up with my Survival Mode games. And being that I haven't played it in a while, it could have changed.
  4. I play on the Playstation 4 Edition of The Long Dark and with that, you can take images while you're playing the game. I use my phone to take pics of the photos I want on a post afterwards. I tried once to access the forums on my browser on my PS4 and transfer higher quality photos that way, but it doesn't work
  5. I was playing my Stalker save, "Wolf Spirit" and my current base is in Pleasant Valley at the Farmstead. I was pondering about what to do next, then I decided to go to Bleak Inlet! I have only been there once in one of my main save files, but it didn't last long. I did kill my first bear and harvest some of it there but ended up dying by Timberwolves. I got myself all packed and ready to go and went through the cave to the Winding River to Carter Hydro Dam to Mystery Lake. I had to make a detour to Mountain Town, because I needed the mountaineering rope I left behind at Paradise Meadows Farm ages ago. I dropped by Trapper's Homestead and to my surprise, there was some venison I left in the snow like over a hundred days ago. I had dumped it outside then as the condition had deteriorated to where I couldn't eat it then, as I didn't have Cooking Level 5. This time around, I was able to eat the meat with no issues, so it was a nice unexpected treat for me on this trip. I got to Paradise Meadows Farm in Mountain Town and lo and behold, the mountaineering rope was there right where I left it! (Of course it would be, as I don't believe stuff like that can just vanish) Returning to Mountain Town, even if it was for a short time, was a nice flashback to when I had first began the save in September. I went back to Mystery Lake and to the Ravine transition zone to deploy my mountaineering rope to get down to the lower section of the place. It was a pretty tense climbing down as I was close to becoming encumbered and the visibility was bad so I had no idea how far away I was from the ground. I got to the train cars and found myself a Distress Pistol! I finally entered the Bleak Inlet region and tried to navigate to get to the Radio Tower where the code for the Workshop was (Main reason that I chose to go to Bleak Inlet is because I wanted to craft Ammunition) But the visibility was horrible, and I got myself some bruises and sprains as well as beginning to freeze. After me doing a considerable amount of cursing and not knowing where I was heading, I came to the realization that I needed to find shelter and make a fire and wait until the weather was much better for traveling. As you can see, I found myself a cave back in the Ravine transition zone and stayed there until things looked more favorable to my situation. The weather and visibility improved, but it was still fricking cold so I was hurrying to get to the Radio Tower for warmth, rest and that code. As I neared an outlook, I saw three hunched wolves, TIMBERWOLVES, in the distance and I was like, "Oh FRICK NO, this IS NOT the time for THIS to happen." So I injected myself with a Emergency Stim and bolted towards the safety of the outlook. I evaded the Timberwolves and got up the stairs of the structure. The Timberwolf Morale Meter had appeared by then, and I could hear the lot of them running around and snarling like some demon wolves from 4 Days of Night. I spent a little time in the outlook, recovering warmth and energy and condition. But those Timberwolves still were camping there and I had to be getting to the Radio Tower, so I basically fired shots at them. I managed to defeat the Timberwolf Pack, and I got the trophy for doing so! I also must have hit one of the Timberwolves with a bullet, because I found this; I have to say, Timberwolves are probably my official favorite animal in The Long Dark now. They're wolves, they look cool and have interesting behavior to me. Plus they're a rare thing. I kinda wish that a Timberwolfskin Coat was a thing in the game, and that it would be warmer and more durable than its cousin counterpart. Night fell, and the Aurora appeared and I found my way to the Radio Tower and got the code to the Workshop and a lovely view too. The view in the morning, just so lovely 💜 As you can see in the picture above, I took the mountaineering rope from the outlook and deployed it, getting down to the lower level where everything I wanted to explore was. I made the cabin (the Cannery Workers Residence) as a base and went to the Fallen Lighthouse. Also went to the Long Bridge where the bear seemingly spawned out of nowhere. I aimed and took a shot at the bear, and I was mauled. Survived the ordeal and waited a while before retreating to my base. You know who did not survive, though? The bear who mauled me. So I had landed a shot after all! It was a good thing for me to have took down this bear, as it is providing me with a steady meat supply on my adventure here. After cooking some of the bear meat and restoring my condition, I headed to Last Resort Cannery to scope out the place and loot it of course. Another Timberwolf Pack came after me, so I had some more experience on hands with Timberwolves. Returned to my base and cooked some more of my bear meat. That night, the Aurora happened and I was panicking as I ran over to try to do the obstacle course to get to the Workshop. Yet another Timberwolf Pack came after me and I ran into the trailer and slept a few hours, figuring that, "It's the beginning of the night, the Aurora will still be happening after I have gotten some rest so I can climb up the mountaineering rope to do the obstacle course!" But after my nap, the beautiful Aurora was replaced by an ugly storm and that was not a fantastic occurrence for me. I stayed at the trailer for a few days before the Aurora finally reappeared at a great time for me! I began the obstacle course and it was nerve wracking in two ways; one, it was near the end of the night so I felt that time was running out and I had to hurry. Two, there were some crazy running and snarling Timberwolves down below me so I had that initiative not to fall off. I made my way to the Workshop building at last, entered the code and got into the Workshop! The wolf inside was not pleased with me coming in, but fortunately I knew it was a thing and reacted fast and effectively. Meanwhile, I was really excited as I had never been in the Workshop at all in game and I was eager to begin crafting Ammunition for the first time. I basically went nuts with making Rifle and Revolver Ammunition, practically spent a whole in day game doing it and I became a Gunsmithing Expert because of that 👍 Now I have set up my base in the Workshop and will finish creating some more Ammunition before exploring Bleak Inlet. So those are my adventures in the region of the Timberwolves so far!
  6. Don't forget Fluffy too, lol! Here is my favorite landmark/location. In Mystery Lake, the actual lake. Why? Because I love lakes, I love the name and its also practical due to loot in the buildings and the fishing huts where you can fish. If you're lucky, maybe get a deer. Yes, there are wolves and a bear but if you have yourself protection and offense(weapons), you can turn that to your advantage.
  7. My first run was an hour and 2 minutes, so I got the Umbra Badge that gives me the Endless Night option in Custom Mode! The run itself didn't go over smoothly as I started in Desolation Point, barely made it to Coastal Highway before the Darkwalker himself appeared. Made it to the Event Camp at Jackrabbit Island and got the loot from there and didn't stay long before placing a lure nearby and retreating. Was planning to go to Mystery Lake and although I normally know the route to the transition zone from Coastal, in my mix of apprehension and dread and panic, I passed the place and ended up at the Rockfall. By that time, I had placed down my Dispel Fog mark and the toxic fog was building up again, so I made myself a camp fire, gave my girl one last binge of food eating and succumbed to the green guck soon after.
  8. It's cool and well made, great job! Maybe make the Revolver next, then the Rifle?
  9. "A deer or a moose or S-SOMETHING H-HAS to appear eventually, R-RIGHT?"
  10. Yeah, I feel like that should be a thing. Just hacksaw a bunch of metal and craft a workbench. But then, I can see a workbench weighing a lot, so if where you want to bring it to is a great deal away...that won't be a quick trip.
  11. I feel the same way with the Peanut Butter jar. I like peanut butter and having it on my sandwiches and whatnot, but I could NEVER consume an entire container of it. I would just be sick. Sometimes if I even put too much on my sandwich, I feel a little queasy.
  12. I personally don't know for sure, I'm guessing that Hinterland will end the event for good when they say they are going to. Yeah, that would suck for the people who have not gotten the game and the chance to play and get the Badges and Feat. Perhaps Escape the Darkwalker SHOULD become a Challenge, but with it being a Halloween based event, unfortunately I can't see that happening.
  13. That Darkwalker countdown clock was nice to have, but at the same time, it terrified me as the mintues seemed to go by so quickly and I was rushing around.
  14. Outdoor bases are cool and have a real feeling of living wild. Think that I will have a save file one day where my character will just have outdoor bases.
  15. What is your favorite base in The Long Dark? This may be not only big name locations such as Trapper's Homestead, but something like a cabin on the lake. Just a place that you love to use as your base usually as you play the game. It could be your favorite for practical reasons, nostalgia or something else! (And you can list down more than one base if you like!) My personal favorite base has to be the Pleasant Valley Farmstead in Pleasant Valley. First, I love the colonial mansion type of look and the interior as well. And there's a little dog house, which makes the dog lover in me happy. Second, it's my favorite base to decorate and organize my stuff. There's certainly enough room for that! Third, it has a nice six burner stove and a fireplace and a workbench. There's also that roofed porch which is nice to chill out in a indoor/outdoor space. Fourth, I like the location being kind of remote but relatively close to other places such as the Pleasant Valley Outbuildings and Thomson's Crossing. Fifth, it feels like my ultimate home in The Long Dark. There's a few regions where I haven't really explored and stayed for a period at their bases, so maybe my main favorite will change. And sixth, memories. Such as the time I died because I was impulsive, tried to kill a bear, refused to take shelter and patch up and then met my doom. Seeing the Old Bear charge at me from across the property like a speed demon. My Frozen "Wolf Friend". My second favorite base is the Lonely Lighthouse at Desolation Point. My third is Paradise Meadows Farm in Mountain Town