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  1. With the Timberwolves, it has NOTHING to do with defending territory, they will chase you across the entire map unless you kill every single one of them. Its ridiculous. I gotta totally with the OP, these are way over the top. might as well have zombies in the game as these things.
  2. A person skilled at using a map would be able to at least roughly estimate their position and direction of travel based on their surroundings and the position of the sun- even without an operable compass. The premise of this game has always been that the character is/was a bush pilot. (until the very recent addition of playing as Dr. Astrid) I’ve always felt that a bush pilot would certainly need to be fairly skilled in map use. Furthermore, since the game itself allows the player/character to CREATE our own map, the game itself is assuming the character is skilled enough with maps to be able to make their own. Magical artifacts are extremely rare in today’s world, we must learn skills to make up for it. If muggles can do it, so can you.
  3. There is a key bind designated to put away your active weapon or item. The simple solution to your problem is to “holster” the revolver. It’s the only weapon that this is a problem with, (except stones) as the bow and rifle cannot be fired without aiming first.
  4. I’ve noticed that as well, but it’s only when you first drop them. After reloading the game they go back to normal.
  5. No, it does not. You lose your maps just like everything else.
  6. I started a new game this weekend and I am unable to “place” the rifle in the gunrack at Trapper Cabin. I was able to do so on the last survival game I was playing- which was started before the recent episode 3 update. was that just a fluke, or can anyone confirm that gunracks used to have a snap point for the rifle that no longer works?
  7. TROY

    4DON Too Easy?

    I also believed that the event would be more challenging, and/or more exciting than I found it to be. Here’s the thing: It would be nearly impossible to design an event that challenges and stimulates veteran players, particularly Interloper fans, without making it punishingly unenjoyable to newer players, or those without a deathwish. I thought there were PLENTY of wolves, at times in CH, I could see 10-12 on the field at once, and it was not easy getting around, and if I wasn’t a long time player who knows all the tricks for maximizing calories and firewood and managing every resource, I could see that it stood a very good chance of being a struggle to achieve those badges. Maybe it wasn’t the king of extremeville, but it was enjoyable- taken for the four day holiday event that it is.
  8. I missed this event last year, and don’t mind saying I’m forever saddened by two eternally grayed out badges. THIS YEAR THOUGH! Boy was I READY! I looted my crazy ass off on the first day! I decided to stay in CH, to limit resources and increase challenge a bit, so I had about a dozen candy bars, 30 or so cat tail stalks and I think close to 20 rounds for the rifle. I had collected enough wood to keep a fire goin’ for over 400 game hours, and I had a plan. A good solid plan. Day 2- I go out to do some scouting. Wolves, wolves wolves! Everywhere! I take down 2 almost side by side and the others skedaddle. Light a campfire between them to keep their friends at bay so I can harvest the carcasses, and all goes well. Inside to drop off pelts, and I eat 1 chunk of meat, risking the 1 or 2% chance of parasites; and I’m pleasantly surprised to find that’s not been activated. (Seems a bit “off” to me- I thought this would be harder) Well, I get to thinking, there’s enough wolves out there for me to head into day 4 with a pair of Wolfskin coats... Out I go, quickly pick a good spot and wait for them. Heh heh heh! They never saw it coming. Pretty aggressive, they keep coming back til I’ve got 6 dead in a very small area. I heard zero wolf noises after the last kill, but I waited for some time to be sure I had them all. “Got the whole darn pack!” I think smugly, and begin harvesting pelts and guts. I didn’t bother with a fire this time- none left to worry about. I guess the respawn timers are accelerated to go along with increased numbers. i never got those pelts inside. i never got myself inside.
  9. TROY

    EP3 review

    I'm of the opinion that Molly is the unknown "she/her" that the convict who assaults Will at the end of Ep 2 is referring to. We never see Molly wearing anything other than her overalls in Ep 3, but if you look closely at the splash screen art; the coat she is wearing looks an awful lot like the one that convict wore.
  10. Has anyone else noticed this since the chapter 3 release? The wolves literally NEVER stop howling. Its just one long constant howling session. I noticed it in the story playthough, and assumed it was intentional, or that is was because there were just SO many wolves active on the map at once, but its happening in Survival mode as well.
  11. update on this- my apologies for the errors- but it's also possible that they are somewhat random I suppose.
  12. Based on the sequence that they appear in my journal, and my memory of when I explored certain places---
  13. If you don't know what happened then you ABSOLUTELY missed something. And, just because the convict in the dam claims that some unnamed "she" or "her" ended up on his bad side doesn't indicate it was Astrid. Clearly, at the time, that particular cliffhanger was intended to make us all think exactly that, but it should be obvious now that it was not Astrid.
  14. One was added to my inventory after speaking to the girl that’s still alive, have you interacted with her yet? If you did, and got an ID, then yes, I’d say you missed a body.
  15. I'm not 100% sure about the locations- here's what I remember