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  1. Ive seen some disagreement on your statement here, and I just wanted to say: this has been my exact finding as well. Eating raw predator meat results in a very high chance of getting parasites, but does not result in food poisoning.
  2. I think the best solution to this problem is to simply not have raw meat in the food menu at all, as @Kaisentlaia suggested. Put in the campcraft menu and make the default action "cook" with NO eat option. If a player is in such dire circumstances that they are making a conscience decision to eat raw meat, they can do so from the backpack ui. Half of me thinks this is simply something we all need to just get used to, but the fact is; theres literally no way a person would "accidentally" eat raw meat, and as it stands now, the game is artificially instituting a very high probability of it happening.
  3. After extensive testing of the new cooking mechanic system I have some suggestions. First, the cooking times are incredibly excessive for the amount of meat being cooked at once. Also, the cooking times being so different from one meat to another feels REALLY arbitrary. Red meat is red meat. A kg of moosemeat shouldnt take any longer to cook than a kg of rabbit. Lastly, with this new system in place, I'd like to suggest that maybe its time to make the default size of meat portions .5 kg?
  4. I've discovered that the "wake player when freezing" setting does not work. I just died in my sleep from hypothermia, with that setting enabled, ending a rather long run.
  5. Maybe my interpretation of this function isn't the same as everyone else's, but I don't think its broken. My take is that you are "modifying" the likelihood of a wolf fleeing. So, lets say the base chance of the wolf fleeing is 5%. And you give it a "high" modification. Now there's, say, a 20% chance for flee. low adds 5%, medium 10% and high 15%. ?????????? I cant back this up with anything other than a hunch, but I have noticed a marked increase in wolfs fleeing rather than attacking by using the high setting. I will say, I don't think the struggle modifies are working. I have "clothing damage" turned off and I still get torn clothing regularly during struggles.
  6. So, I've noticed that I'm losing arrows, not to vanishing into the terrain when they bounce off, but when they stick in the animal. I've shot 3 wolves with arrows, followed the bloodtrail to the corpse, and all 3 times the arrow was vanished. I suppose its possible this is still the terrain swallow, but I was quite close to the animal each time and didnt see a bounce. Any time Ive gotten a one shot kill the arrow was there and retrievable, but if it runs off and bleeds out, the arrow is lost.
  7. I have not been online, or had to play in quite some time, as I've been busy making my dream of an off grid homestead come true, but today I popped in for a few hours of relaxing "Death by Wolves" and what do I see???? I see CUSTOM DIFFICULTY SETTINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAND SAKES!!!!! I think I just swooned! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! I might even forgive the broken RNG for this. maybe not, but I'll consider it.
  8. Oh Mel... go sit down and relax. We ALWAYS like what the team has coming.
  9. Lots of interesting viewpoints here. I think @Carbon said it best. "we all have the choice of which mods we choose to employ." no matter how ridiculous the mods may get or seem, no one is in charge of which ones you use except you. If you don't like it, dont put it on your machine. I'd also like to point out that Raph himself clearly stated that modding support is coming in the near future in the September Dev diary. "It’s also time for us to get back to Survival Mode. We still have a lot of things we’d like to add — more regions, more wildlife, new and improved survival mechanics, modding support, etc." OK, well maybe he didn't clearly state it's coming in the near future, but he said he'd like to add it. good enough for me.
  10. TROY

    map starting zoom

    HA! We don't often see eye to eye, but on this, I couldnt have said it better. 8 times out of ten, when I open my map, it's to see whats nearby, or to make sure what I'm seeing has been properly rendered in the map. To get an idea of direction based on something close by, or to check if something I'm using as a landmark or line of sight is lined up witha secondary reference, and I WANT it already zoomed in. It only takes a second to zoom in or out, but this game constantly makes you feel as though every second counts like no other game Ive ever played. (I suppose thats exactly why the OP wants it zoomed out, LOL!)
  11. i havent tried the car radios, but I know sometimes you hafta click it several times to get it to play. And it often begins very softly, barely able to be heard.
  12. yes they do, but its not really enough light to safely pass through with
  13. Im pretty sure Hesha was referring to how the Wolves in the game behave. They ARE mindlessly aggressive, and would in fact be easy to lure, trap, and kill.
  14. Some good points brought up here and I agree, they were happening to frequently, and I've changed the title of the post. I think they could be more common without returning to the frequency they were
  15. I'm sure I'm not alone in being sad that the Aurora has been made a fairly rare event in Survival Sandbox. I really enjoyed the beauty of it (although the sound effects aren't my cup of red rose) I looked forward to nights that it was "up" and going outside to enjoy it, or even putting off sleep to travel during it so I could see it from different places and angles. I also enjoyed being able to listen to the radio while I cooked supper or harvested bunnies in the evenings. It's so rare now that those have practically become non existent. I've seen it only once in 16 days survived since the update that nerfed it.