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  1. The first time I had a satchel I made the same mistake. Spent in games weeks hunting another moose until I finally got one, my satchel was about 10% when the hide finally cured and I tried to fix it only to learn that leather was required. 🤬
  2. Daymo


    Have you tried shooting it down with another arrow 😉
  3. I read it at school about thirty years ago. Orwell was prescient. Weird how 1984 and Brave New World are so different but also so relatable to life today.
  4. I was quoting Orwell, really badly. “Four legs good two legs better. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”
  5. Four legs better than two.
  6. I'm just saying I'm fine with it the way it is. I wholeheartedly agree. There isn’t really anything that needs “fixed” in my opinion. The game is great as it is.
  7. Thanks Odizzido, I didn’t know that it had been disproven. As for the changes in freezing dependent of the location of the thermocouple this may be relevant: Cheers 😀
  8. I don’t understand, sorry 🙂 How about adding a mess tin as a rare item: used can - cooking pot - mess tin Lighter with the same bonuses to cooking time but 1ltr.
  9. “Water in the player’s inventory can now freeze if the players is not well protected against the cold, represented by a meter in the players inventory” nice idea. I don’t think your clothing would protect something in your backpack though. Glass jars, useful for storing tea and coffee (can be found and looted) I like this too. It doesn’t make sense to have a bunch of mugs of hot beverages in your backpack. ”Water can be heated up to take more time to freeze” hot water freezes faster than cold water. I can’t explain it but it’s true.
  10. Heading to the Bleak gunsmith, what should I bring? A minigun 😉
  11. Nerfing the revolver made sense as it needs to be weaker than the rifle and bow and it was a little too powerful at launch. They reduced the number of revolver bullets in the world for the same reason. it was designed more for deterrence than hunting. Once you get the skill up to five it is pretty lethal against wolves when shot from the hip.
  12. Daymo

    Game-mode Idea

    If you failed to make a deadline and turned up at a location to find the survivor’s corpse...pretty brutal. wasteland 2 spoilers below...I don’t know how to blank it. In Wasteland 2 you are forced to make a decision between helping to groups of survivors, it’s impossible to help both. Once you have chosen you have to listen to the unfortunate group’s desperate pleas and recriminations. It’s a powerful moment in a pretty good game. There are radios all over the shop, I think this has the making of an awesome challenge. No that I would presume to tell Hinterland how to make games lol
  13. Daymo

    Game-mode Idea

    I’ve often thought it would be interesting to have another survivor to care for/supply, especially on easier difficulties where you have loads of supplies. Your ideas are on a whole other level peca and would be amazing 😃
  14. I loved fallout 3 and Skyrim, Fallout NV, heavily modded, is the game I probably invested the most time in and I never once paid any attention to the story instead just heading off into the World to do my own thing. I always felt these games were lacking something that prevented me from being truly immersed in their Worlds without knowing what it was. Then I played The Long Dark and I finally found a World that you could truly “live” in, where decisions actually matter and can’t be reversed with a quick reload. You can approach the game entirely on your own terms thanks to the brilliant customisation options. It’s kinda ruined other games for me in a way. Red Dead Redemption has a beautiful World but it only feels skin deep. Props to Frontier Development for having the courage to create a World and leave people to decide what they want to do in it but Elite Dangerous starts to feel like work after a while. And no other game has ever terrified me the way getting mauled by a bear does.
  15. I think Leia is trying to use the force. ”these are not the dogs you are looking for”