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  2. Yeah, I came across this too. Wolf in pursuit but I got into the cabin and breathed a sigh of relief, relaxed, then the struggle animation began. Ruined my underwear, the in game set as well.
  3. Is it your fatigue level. The amount you can carry drops once you get below 50% fatigue.
  4. I was playing, years ago, when the screen went black and there was a faint burning smell. My graphics card and ram had gone to the long dark. Got a new pc and when I loaded the game I had lost all my saves and feats.
  5. Beware setting the respawn rate too long as it affects game animals too. You start seeing a lot less deer and bunnies after killing a few.
  6. The “bed” in the cave at the back of the ravine wasn’t there originally. Many a survivor was lost to the long dark by climbing down that rope without a bedroll or coffee/stim.
  7. I’m really sorry to be a pedant but, that’s not what irony means.
  8. If you’re far enough away and crouching he’ll not be able to detect you and won’t know where the hit came from so he’ll scarper at top speed. If you can lure the bear close to a house, fishing hut or car, you can duck inside, then go back out crouching, the bear will be close and probably won’t spot you (drop any meat or smelly stuff first). You can then take another shot and duck back in again, rinse and repeat. This has the added bonus that when it drops it will be close to shelter. If you have a revolver and lots of bullets you can use him as big furry target practice and grind
  9. I’ve looted TWM, PV, ML, FM, BR, HRV and MT with them on permanently and they’re at 90%. It’s Voyager so decay rates aren’t too bad, they’ve decayed significantly less than all other clothing. Noticed most of the decay after a wolf attack shortly after finding them, the only other struggles I’ve had have been with wolves with at least one bullet in them so have only lasted a couple of seconds. There’s been a couple of small falls with bruising and clothing damage. I think that might damage the crampons and I’ve had more of these than normal due to there being less danger of sprains whilst go
  10. Not sure the inner slot thing works. I haven’t had a bad animal encounter but the crampons degrade constantly like any other clothing item. It would be good if you could use them to stomp bunnies.
  11. Always have the crampons in the inner slot not the outer and they won’t get damaged if you’re mauled. Ear wraps will take the damage until you can craft a moose bag.
  12. I got lost in a blizzard, climbed a couple of ropes, and found myself at the crane above the entrance to the mine. A nice surprise.
  13. The lighting seems to have been updated. Really noticeable in TWM in the valleys at the base of the mountain, there seems to be deeper shadows. It looks really good.