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  1. I’ve never seen the moose there. It appears outside trappers too but there is no downed tree. i don’t think I’ve seen a moose at FM, where do they spawn?
  2. It’s true of Mystery lake, mountain town and Timberwolf mountain.
  3. In each of the moose spots there is a broken tree that forms a shallow arch. You can climb up and light a fire at the apex, perfect hunting spot.
  4. Quite a few people have reported this. I always stash spare rifles in strategic points but it’s never happened to me.
  5. The development team have talked about the game being about interesting decisions. Having processing happen off screen gives you time to ponder and make those decisions. The off screen moments have a big influence on the pace of the game. I don’t think The Long Dark is about decisions. For me it’s about burglary. I rob anything; shops, farms, children’s bedrooms, even the dead, I’ve no scruples. It’s my favourite burglary simulator. 👍🏻
  6. I like the fire starting/cooking system. There’s a fine line between immersion and tedium. A fire starting mini game wouldn’t fit the overall style of the game. I don’t play interloper though so my experience is likely different from others.
  7. I notice a weird thing with trees in maps with high and low areas. As you move and look around, the trees in the middle distance seem to move around thirty degrees. I first noticed it on my when HRV launched. It looked like something massive was moving through the forest pushing trees out of the way. Scary! I’ve maxed the FOV and it might come from that. Can’t say that I’ve noticed it recently though.
  8. I try to be as efficient and frugal as possible, scrupulously saving matches and tools. Then, after looting the entire island, I miss the struggle and quit leaving all the goodies behind. I used to compulsively hunt bears on sight, even when it was the stupidest choice. The revolver has stopped all that as I no longer travel with a rifle. Getting jumped by a bear is probably the best thing in the game. Its horrifying!
  9. Desolation point just feels colder than the other regions, it’s bleak too. It is a bit fallout too, especially the wolf cave and Hibernia Processing.
  10. The sound effects for storms disappears when going indoors and doesn’t return. I am playing on a PS4.
  11. I’m having the same issue. 11 rifle shots and 7 flares, all missed. To be fair, I didn’t hit much with the flare gun before the update. It feels like the rifle is hitting low asI mostly get an explosion of snow.
  12. I was playing a custom game with stalker loot. The container on the rock seemed different too. I usually just get shoes but I got socks and jeans as well. Might just be rng. The containers look great. Rifle seems to look better, I didn’t get a chance to use the revolver due to my full house of sprains. The screen flashed red a few more times as though I was taking more injuries but there was nothing left to sprain! 😄
  13. Great update. loot in the aircraft containers has changed, no longer finding a ton of lanterns to be broken down and no more grinding the fire starting ability from the resulting lantern fuel. Sprained everything on the way down from the peak. I like the new sprain mechanic but it is punishing when you are overloaded. Soon going to head into PV. It will be interesting to see if it is still as crashtastic (PS4) as it was before the update. Really pleased with the update so far. 😄
  14. There’s another container on top of the rock next to the container you found. Both drawers had crap shoes in them.