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  1. A good spot for moose hunting is the marsh ridge in Forlorn Muskeg. If he’s not there pop over to mountain town a check the spawn location there, it only takes a few minutes. The ridge is a relaxing place to hang out too. Trappers works too but the other spawn point past the unnamed pond is a bit further away and the moose doesn’t seem to spawn in these points nearly as often. It’s really convenient when it does though, lots of meaty moosey goodness.
  2. Mukluks! They are my favourite thing. I don’t feel a run is complete until I have found mukluks.
  3. There a secret elevator??? I only just found the waterfall cave inside a cave in PV.
  4. I took down a moose with the revolver. It took 58 bullets (some misses), and finally dropped when I got down from the tree and hit it in the head as it was charging me. This was just after the revolver was introduced, I was deliberately grinding the revolver skill. I don’t think non “critical” hits have any effect.
  5. The only time it isn’t windy is when it is foggy. Crouching doesn’t always seem to work on timberdemons although I got quite close to a couple. I didn’t find anything essential and crafting bullets doesn’t feel necessary as, even on stalker settings, you find hundreds of bullets. Ultimately, it’s optional, or you can switch off the deathwolves in the custom settings.
  6. I fought my way to the cannery, wounding shed-loads of timberwolfs in the process, only to almost die once I got inside the locked door because of “spoiler”. I stayed for a few days healing, mending and crafting. The morning I decided to leave (flee) the area, I woke to an evil blizzard. “Great”, I thought, “a break from murder wolves”. So I set out passing about a dozen wolf corpses on the way, they were everywhere. I was feeling kinda bad about it as I don’t usually kill stuff unless I need to and prefer not to waste the resources...until the red bar appeared again. Chased me onto thin ice and wrecked me some more before I eventually added two more corpses to the battlefield. I really like the new area but, entering Bleak inlet is like leaving TLD and walking into a different game. Fun though!
  7. When you reload the revolver you can hear the casings hit the ground. It’s a cool detail.
  8. “Frankly, I think it's all just RNG” I’m not sure about this. There is definitely some RNG involved but, different difficulties seem to equate to time since the disaster: pilgrim - days; interloper - months. The loot in a region seems to be generated when you first enter that region also. Start in TWM and immediately leave, then return on day 200 and you will find wrecked gear. Start in another area and visit TMW for the first time on day 200 and gear will be in better condition. On the other hand, I could be talking nonsense, it’s a difficult thing to test. 😁
  9. “As soon as you arrive in this region you are feeling at home i’m think, don’t you?” it does feel like returning home.
  10. Nah, it’s gone. Thats the beauty of TLD though, just start again 😄
  11. I was in the middle of a run, I entered one of the middle section of fishing cabins in ML and, when I exited, the screen went black for roughly a minute. I then got the hypothermia risk graphic and the game saved. I then materialised in a random part of ML with starting gear and all the afflictions from standing still for a couple of hours. playing on PS4
  12. When I harvest clothing it seems to be using a sewing kit as if I had mended it instead.
  13. The preppers cache location at Skeeters has changed, it’s not really hidden anymore.
  14. Daymo

    Penalty for too hot

    I like the idea of excessive sprinting causing your character to sweat and your inner layer gradually becoming wet. This would lead to increased dehydration and a reduction in the temperature benefit from your inner clothing, an increased risk of hypothermia also. Changing clothing whilst outdoors and away from a fire should have negative consequences. Increased hypothermia and frostbite risk perhaps.