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  1. Hi devs, awesome work with Episode 3, I'm still enjoying so much TLD. Episode 3 is very good, really. A little bit on the repetitive side (carrying 4 survivors around is sloooow), but I had a blast playing this episode. Just wanted to let you know it's good as it is, no need for a rework/redux one. Just work on episode 4 😉 I hope we will see the final of the story with episode 4 & 5. Thanks for this great game.
  2. found the last one, thanks !!! now just have to survive this damn blizzard with the wounded one... I'm sweating blood with this game, it's so good 🙂
  3. Hi everybody, I'm enjoying Episode 3 so far, but I'm completely stuck. I have to find all the ID cards from dead passengers, got 9 out of 10 but I'm missing one. Searched for almost 2 hours around the plane crash, couldn't find the last body. If there's someone who has a hint (or a map...). Maybe it's far away, but where ? (I hope it's not a bug...) thanks !
  4. Just finished the Hinterland Episode 2, enjoyed the story & game really, but had an issue at the very end of the Episode, at the endgame dialogue video. Just before the end chapter video dialogue, I stumbled upon an electric wire, and was in very bad condition (screen went to red & black, I was at 7 % health), and the endgame video triggered just after, while the screen was black. The whole end chapter dialogue was then with black screen, I couldn't see a damn thing of the end chapter video dialogue. The storyline videos dialogue should not be influenced by your condition and showing what's happening instead of using the condition dizziness of your character. I would add another remark : may I suggest to restore condition at the very least required to remove your character dizziness to enjoy and be able to play the start of the next chapter ? I couldn't even go back to the previous checkpoint as the game automatically saved the chapter end. Thank you !