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  1. I think this is a good example and a good way of stating it. I love the playstyle of TLD and I love when the game mechanics themselves require/reward caution. I don't love when the UI requires caution. To me it distracts from the amazing immersion of the game. I have to take focus away from the virtual world I'm living in and remember that it's a game where I might accidentally light up my last match instead of picking up a rock.
  2. Thanks stay puft! Lighting a torch with a match makes sense to me as the shoot key. Lighting from a fire I would probably prefer as the action key, but I could see it either way. As long as there is an answer though, the feature is still possible.
  3. That's an interesting example. I wonder how it works on ps4? If the keys are truly already separate there then they must have already worked out some answer to that question. My expectation would be that the "use the item in my hand" action would light the torch with a match. Just like it does now when you aren't aiming at a campfire. The "interact with the thing I'm aiming at" button would light your torch on a campfire, if you are aiming at a campfire. If you are not aiming at a campfire, it wouldn't do anything. The benefit would be that you are protected from accidentally lighting your torch with a match when you are trying to use the campfire.
  4. I posted something in the Wish List section.
  5. As discussed in this thread: On PC, you can't bind different hotkeys for "interact" and "shoot". There is just one entry called "Interact / Shoot" The game decides which one you mean to do based on what you are or are not aiming at. This leads to occasionally using the item you are holding (throwing a rock, shooting a pistol, lighting a flare, extinguishing your lantern) when you are really trying to pick something up or open a door. According to Mr. stay puft on the thread linked above, these functions are separated on the ps4. This seems like a great feature to bring to the PC as well. Thank you! Love the game.
  6. Haha yes, I totally agree. It seems like the distinction should be between "interact with the thing I'm aiming at" and "use the item in my hand" (whether it be a gun, a torch, a lantern, a flare, etc). I think it would be very helpful. I like your examples. I know that sometimes in real life when I'm trying to open a door, if I'm not quite close enough to it, I'll throw the rock I'm holding instead.
  7. It's good to hear that someone agrees. It's also good to hear that PS4 already has this separation. It gives me hope that it might be easy to implement as the code already has the ability to disentangle these two actions.
  8. Thanks for the response TROY. I bound the "holster" command to "q", and that has been my workaround / gun safety. I was just hoping there was a better way. It would be great if I could run around with the pistol, or a flare, or my lantern and not sometimes accidentally shoot, or start lighting a flare, or start sparking my lantern. If you have a torch out, you can even easily waste a match (if I remember correctly). Ah stones. How many times have I stunned a rabbit, rushed up to grab it, mistakenly thrown another stone at it while standing right over it, then stared helplessly while the rabbit woke up and ran off while I was busy readying another stone... I still love the game though. Nothing else quite like it.
  9. Is it possible to bind two different keys for "interact" and "shoot"? In the key binding settings, there is just one entry called "Interact / Shoot". Both are bound to the LMB by default. Is there a way to do more fine grained mapping in a config file or something? If not, I'd like to propose this as a feature request. As for why I want this... I've probably used more ammo over the course of the game shooting at small objects I'm clumsily trying to interact with than at evil wildlife. It would be awesome if I could map something like "e" to interact, and reserve LMB for nothing but deadly shooting. Thanks!