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  1. The author was criticizing that there is no "real" update for survival mode. He thinks that at some point Hinterland finally will develope a concept for sm, regarding it as a game itself. Making wolves harder to kill, more deadly or the weather colder actually doesn't make it harder - just more annoying But you are right, as long you don't know "everything" there is still some challenge and you might think more wolves equals difficulty. But again, in reality that's not true. The author is at the stage where he recognizes that there is no concept, no thought through survival game, just a sandbox and he thinks that Hinterland, at some point, will adress this - but they won't. It will stay a sandbox because the effort to change this against the few players who benefit is inbalanced. Again, for most of the players it makes no real diffrence and yes, in the end you have to admit that you had many hours enjoyable playtime for a relativly low price.
  2. The thing with TlD is, that it's actually not a survival game. It feels like a survival game when you play it the first time, for a while, but after you've survived a few runs it feels that it's "too easy". Sandbox was meant to be just that, a sandbox, but players played it like a game itself and for new players it actually is a hardcore survival game. For Hinterland it just was the place to test things. There is nothing wrong with that. Just get used to it that the aspect of "survival" will never come back for you with TlD. Focus instead on the storymode. After all the years i can assure you that Hinterland will not change TlD to a survival game. Why should they? For the majority of players it is a survival game because they play it a few hours and that's it. Like Raphael said, why should they change it only because a very small percentage of players would benefit from it? Just watch how new players or players who play just a little struggle even in pilgrim mode. For the majority, that is hardcore survival and if you are honest to yourself, for you it was the same when you started playing.
  3. For me its more like Hinterland became more a buisness then a developer. It's the same story that happens to bands who create a monster album, and later they are forced to produce more by there label and these albums just suck. Or like it happened with star wars or right now with game of thrones where you have something really great and some idiots lure you into their following bs. Redux should have happened 2017, episode 3 -5 2018 and major updates for sandbox at least every 3 months. Instead Hinterland is using it's resources to build up the studio and making the game itself second priority. That's why episode 3 hasn't been released although it already was finished but will be overhault again and again. And after it's finally released it either sucks or has to be overhauled to a new redux again Everything you hear from Hinterland regarding this are excuses. In 2015 and eve 16 the studio was way smaller, but more big updates were released with a higher quality. Also the game was, thanks to the community, basicly bug free for a long time till Hinterhand decided to throw overhault things that worked perfectly fine. I'm sorry, but season 8 of game of thrones really got me 😛
  4. Obviously we can't say anything for sure without the output.log, but i remember having the same problem at one point and most of these bugs are just old bugs that reappear after an major update (unity). What you discribe happened two times already for a few players and it has something to do with your graphics card or NVIDIA-driver. That Linux-users claim similar problems is one more hint. So if you can, just upgrade your graphics card (some cheap for 50 bugs will do), and that should solve your problem.
  5. I can't say anything iabout the new things in detail yet, but regarding the HUD - the new spains icon pushed it over the line. The idea with the overhaul of the HUD was to make the game more immersive and don't be distracted by bars or icons, to not constantly doing math instead of just diving into the world. Now, i feel the advantages of the new HUD have gone. It's just too much. Could you please remove windshield, scent, sprains icons from the main screen and put them to the "tab - hud" ? If someone really wants to know if there is scent, wind or the risk for sprains you can just press tab. These informations don't need to be popping up constantly on the main screen.
  6. In the video, you can see a the revolver beeing picked up at the basement, did you checked it out?
  7. I've been through this also, when you are one of the few peoples who can't play - but i think it's somewhat an unfair reaction from you. I mean, saying that Hinterland doesn't help you after less then 5 hours of the release is a beyond ..... You can criticize Hinterland for a lot of things, but not that they don't fix major bugs very quickly after an update, within a few hours/days. That's actually a big strenght of Hinterland. And as far i can see, this time there are zero to none bugreports. So it seems the prewok/polishing worked well this time. Just stay calm! From my expreience i can tell you that crash bugs have first priority after an update for Hinterland.
  8. Just discovered this thread Seems not so hard to survive. The only thing i see is the random spawn that limits your chances. You could start over and over again till the game gives you the "right" spawn, or you could leave this rule aside, or you actually could say specificly that you have to spawn in TWM for example. What i mean is, if it's random i just start over and over again till i spawn in DP, CH, Milton or ML, if i can chose, i'd chose ML. The reason is simply, that this challenge depends on how fast you lose the condition you got. So you need a spawn in a small map with lots of loot and shelter. Also it makes it easy to not run for the forge but to use rabbits and fishing instead. Someone who spawns in TWM has a huge disadvantage against someone spawning in DP in that challenge. So either make it a rule to spawn in TWM (to make it really hard) or just spawn where you want (then it's not so hard to survive).
  9. I gave up on survival mode after all the years of asking that someone finally treats survival mode as a game itself and starts to balance things. With Redux, i actually enjoyed Wintemute, so i chose story mode although i naturally would've chose survival mode.
  10. Because this quest doesn't exist anymore. There is no "fixing the gun" in Redux. Jeremiah gives you the gun. You have to get a spear instead.
  11. I now would take wood, books and cloth with me and either go to ML via Radio Tower or CH via the Barn+Rural Crossroads. Now you can easily make fire, you have water, a hacksaw for carcasses. The only thing you need now is better clothing, the hammer and the bedroll. There are cattails right next to Farmstead on the river. If you go to ML, there are plenty cattails at Winding River, and there will be enough food at rural crossroads and the coal mine to CH. So you don't have to worry about food for a few days. On the way to Radio Tower there is one bear and one wolf you have to pay attention, the way to CH is more dangerous. So now you have the choice.
  12. Sadly, for most peaople who played the first version of Wintermute amd were waiting for that a long time, this effect didn't happen, because you were so frustrated and angry about grey mother and her stupid quests that you didn't care anymore - just wanted tp leave Miltom When plaing Redux, Grey Mother was actually nice, but i knew already the Story behind it.
  13. Interloper is in the beginning a little bit more challenging because there is a higher percentage of unpredictablity. TlD is always your choice balancing the risk of your actions. Obviously you have to know the game, it's mechanics and locations to make proper choices - but when you know the game, you actually can limit the risk to a very low level, even at the start of an Interloper game. In the beginning of an Inteloper run, your choices are pretty limited, so the main goal is to be somewhat save as soon as possible. Save means to have all choices again and not to have big fat base. Therefor you need water and shelter, next matches, food, sleeping bag. After you have these things, the game is basicly the same as the other game modes - just a little bit more tedious. When i know how fast i can get the first and second stage, the risk becomes predictable. Still more risky because i have to run almost naked without any protection and can break an ankle or stumble into a wolf. That's true, but in the end, if you've done this a few times, you'll realise that it's repretitive and not challenging at all. That's one of the big complaints about TlD, the game would need way more unpredictable mechanics and situations with harsher consequences to be really challenging.
  14. At first, Interloper was quite challenging, but then Hinterland added rabbits and added more spawns for matches and hammer/hacksaw. Now Inteloper is easy like pilgrim - just more redundant Therre are things you have to know about TlD that makes it so easy. The main tool to survive is fire. With fire, you can survive forever. In Interloper, you will find matches at the main spots (whale facility, Farmhouse, Lake cabin). This means after you've spawned, go to one of these places and you have fire and shelter. There are always cattails, carcasses and rabbits near by. If you have played the challenges, you will know that you can go from any spawn to any place within 10 ingame hours - to the next shelter or spawnpoint for matches within 1h ingame. This means with the worst possible start (blizzard, TWM, night) you will lose less then 30% condition till you reached the lake cabin (far less if in DP). So you know how to get matches - reach shelter - water right after the spawn and have plenty of condition left. The next step is to get food. You can either start a fire next to a carcass and harvest it by hand or just kill rabbits. Now you also have food without any danger. Depending on where you are, you also can just eat cattails and you are good for many days. At the same time, you search the main spots in your map (Famhouse, Radiotower, Barn - Carter Dam, Camp Office .......... ) and you will quickly find hammer and hacksaw. Normally you should have both within the first 24h. So after the first day, you have food, water, shelter, matches, hammer, hacksaw. And again, that's basicly guaranteed because spawns for matches, cattails, rabbits are not random (at the main spots). Then either establish a small base and live like that or start going for the forge. You could go to CH/DP on the first day or to ML - depending on you prefences or your spawn. So yes, actually pretty easy.
  15. Food will last longer outside already. Fresh meat outside attracting predators would be a huge exploitable feature. I wouldn't go for long hunting trips anymore - just put some meat infront of my porch and get free pelts, guts and meat -> repeat. Although it seems interesting to have another firestarting tool, in my opinion there is already too much of it. Making a fire is the only thing you need to survive forever. Maybe a firebow for Interloper but then matches, lens and firestriker have to removed. "The" (or some kind of) spear will be added soon, they're working on it. Hot food outside also would make the game more exploitable. Why would i care about the weather anymore with such a bonus? I think drinking a hot tea/coffee is already too good.