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  1. i went to camp office and had about 90% - 95% health but was then killed by a wolf on the lake through the wall of a fishing hut 💀 At that point, i have to say that i was beginning to starve. That's why i went on the lake for cattails and then loot the houses.
  2. Oh yes please! I just survived 3 days in the deadman challenge, went to Furlon and then to Mystery Lake, startet a base at camp office, had about 95% health and was then killed by a wolf on the lake through the wall of a fishing hut
  3. Nevermind :) i have the markers. It's just that i didn't know that you can scroll through all maps because i never used the map :p
  4. I don't see the graves in my map. Is it a bug or am i just blind? I left the new map because i thought the first grave will be in FM, but there is no mapmarker either. I'm fine if there is no mapmarker at all and i would've have to find out where they are by my self - but the discription says something diffrent. Please help.
  5. Just post your output.log! There will be important informations why the game is crashing. At least you will know if it's the graphics card or your memory. My guess is, that something is wrong with the your graphics driver, too many programs running in the background, or the game is using your onboard card instead of the better one. I'd say it's the second point. Windows 10 is just too heavy and uses too much recources. I mean, playing games on a laptop is a joke anyway, but playing on an slow i5 + using win10? That's just speculations, please post your output.log.
  6. Looking foward to play the "deadman" challenge. The new map, i will play on pilgrim just to avoid the wolves. For me, i know already that timberwolves will be super annoying when i want to explore a new region.
  7. Hi there, no need to upgrade your PC or Windows (if it's only to play The Long Dark). Just download a lightweight Linux, install it to your machine and you are good. (Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Puppy Linux). The installers will install Linux automaticly as a second OS, so you can chose windows or Linux when booting (if not installed diffrently). I would: 1. Install Xubuntu, 2. install steam + TlD, 3. play and have fun. Most people that switched to Linux are doing this too, only that they mainly use Linux and for some specific applications windows. No need to invest money in something you don't really need!
  8. "ThePancakeLady" already said it, the way diabetes is displayed is, regarding your question, unrealistic. As a type 1 diabetic, you always have your insulin with you - on you and never in your luggage. If you don't have insulin it will take days or even weeks before you are in that situation - i mean, it's not like the survivor of the crash is eating all the time cakes and drinks coke you can actually regulate how fast your bloodsugar rises just by chosing what to eat (your body, liver, produces sugar by itself, therefore you will need to use insulin at some point - type 1) and you also can prolong it just by physical activity. Also, it'll take a very long time before someone wouldn't be able to walk - but after getting insulin just a few minutes to be fully recovered and ready to go. So in that sense, the moral question wouldn't occure here in reality. Just with the insulin you hauled from the crash, the survivor will be fine for a very long time (weeks, months). Normally he just would save the insulin and stretch it so he would have a high bloodsugar, but that's only dangerous over years, not immedeatly. That means, here it really is not dangererous and no moral question involved. With the insulin you gave him, he will survive for months (disregarding the other threats in that situation). It's something completly diffrent from Hobbs situation. Also, the "survial situation" actually is perfect for a diabetic because you are forced to eat very little, mostly without any sugar (protein - deer) and you are constantly burning high amounts of energy while surviving like a marathon sprinter. It's the opposite of sitting on the couch, watching tv and drinking coke So, there is no moral question here and absolutly no reason to ask the question of helping him or not. It's displayed like in the movie "con air". That's not how it works with diabetes. It's a very slow process and the reason why diabetics always use insulin after every meal is to keep the level of bloodsugar at a "normal" level constantly - but you don't die or even recognise it if your bloodsugar would be 3 times as high as normal.
  9. MueckE

    Not a battery

    Well, the big fire infront of the community hall doesn't spend warmth (you don't get burned if you come to close - bug?) I just imgaine a very evil picture
  10. MueckE

    EP3 review

    I somehow have the feeling, this thread gets hijacked 😟 Let me summarise and put it under a question: Is it (from a player perspective) good, enjoyful, meaningful to repeat a task for no reason, wthout any explanation , wthout beeing rewarded, not knowing why (the bigger picture-story) and in the same way as before? PS: If you say yes, then you get the assambly-line worker of the year medal. 😀 Although, he at least knows the bigger picture and gets rewarded, a little bit.
  11. Yes it's unrealistic because a classic phone transmitts the signal via electricity and therefore shouldn't work. But i'm fine that it still works within the game, also within it's inner logic of the Aurora-effect.That all phones ring and only those two use them (especially considering how valuable these phones in that situation would be), is on the other hand a whole diffrent story 😛
  12. MueckE

    EP3 review

    To clarify: In generell, you can use mapmarkers in games to navigate and sometimes it also is the better choice (ego shooter for example). But that's just not TlD, and never has been. @tulkawen You are completly right, that it would be a nightmare playing the same Episode and just removing the mapmarker. But that actually tells you something about this Episode and not so much about using mapmarkers. It would be a nightmare because not only is there no creative way the search was implemented into the story via good storytelling, there is no storytelling in the first place. That's why i as a player can see immediatly why a mapmarker was implemented. That hurts the game and the immersion massivly. It's also very unnecessary because navigating by landmarks is one of the big strenths of TlD, a core feature that provides a huge level of immersion in combination with the beatiful maps alone.
  13. MueckE

    EP3 review

    If i would take "only" the first trip to the crash with the reason to get the insulin and on your way back you carry a survivor and you have to face wolves - than this actually the good part of EP3. The changes to the mine were visually and gameplay wise also nice (cold water, electricity), but couldn't be enjoyed because you had to search 3 fuses (just because). Still no storyprogress, but in itself a short, enjoyable "quest". If you take away this "small" sequence, there is basicly nothing in EP3. I could imagine playing this as a challenge within survival mode, that would've been awesome. I just don't see it working in storymode because everything else you do, you experiencing is meaningless and boring, without any creativity. Sounds harsh, i know, but i've already played the whiteout challenge multible times in surival mode and also in EP1. I also already saved Jeremiah by bringing medicine and fulfilled the purpose of learning about the location of Hydro Dam. For me personally, EP3 is even a bigger desaster then EP1 in it's first release. And that's just really sad after all what happend over the years.
  14. MueckE

    EP3 review

    Maybe i can give a more specific example to explain what i mean by "bad storytelling". So there are 3 more survivors - that's the information you get. How do you know where they might be (on the map)? Why did they left the crashside in the first place, alone, leaving the others behind? There is the survivor close to signal hill/cave to Hydro Dam, no metter what, this survivor had to cross a paved road to get there. So why would someone not follow the road? He also HAD TO see buildings on his way. And what about the phone? Molly is calling all the time and all phones will ring..... Why are all 3 survivors basicly in the same situation when you find them? One could be dead, another one never to be found (maybe later?), one is injured. You bring him/her back and right before you get to the hall he/she dies....... there are infinite ways to make something with it. Here, there was nothing, no creativity. Most importantly, what does all this has to do with your story, the main story? Everything that happens while playing has to do with the main story, with your story - if not, there is no reason to do it. So you find a survivor (for whatever reason). Then the obvious thing would be to explain the first questions that come to mind in some (interesting) way. The survivor could tell you why he/she left, why crossed the road and buildings and passed them, who he/she is, what happened, why he/she now is dying, and so on. You don't find anybody, nobody can tell you something, but not here. One more example is the map itself. It always was a strenghth of tld to navigate by landmarks and not having a map. Not only is there a map now, you also have an arrow that shows exactly where you are and where to go. Now, good storytelling would use the fact that you have to navigate without a map and implement this feature. Instead Hinterland went the "easy" way. That's why, regarding the survivor-mission, they want you to "search" a little bit and the survivors were placed somewhere hidden in a corner between rocks. When you read a text, there is always in the beginning an general explenation about the text, a summarise that doesn't give too much away, and everything following is under this summarization and the title. The reason is to give transparancy and to motivate the reader to continue to read (in detail). The storytelling decisions made in TlD don't do this. There is no transparancy at all and therefor no motivation. The principles of storytelling are rejected not only in the generll meaning regarding the big story, but also widely for the "small" storys. You can not dismiss basic rules of storytelling in "storymode", in an heavily storydriven game, in a narratively tight gameplay. It maybe could work for survival-mode because there the main story is "how long can you sirvive?" and that's it. But not here.
  15. MueckE

    EP3 review

    Somehow i hate to be the one, but maybe there will be some improvement (as it happend with redux) When it comes to cinematic, graphics and music, the long Dark is just amazing - no question about it. These things are something that have improved basicly with every update. When it comes to storymode itself it's the opposite. I felt reminded of playing EP1 in 2018. For some reason, Hinterland is not able to tell their story in an interesting way. Either you have to listen to vague, cryptic and boring monologues or you have to read letters that are of the same caliber - and even that is quite hard when you can't zoom in on the text because Hinterland decided that there resolution and there eyes must be good for everyone. I really would like to know something about the story. I can't say the story is bad or good because after EP3 i still don't know the story or what this is all about. The problem isn't the story, the problem is how the story is been told (or not). Then there is really bad game design. Everything feels forced and not natural at all - and that's in contrast to the believable and immersive landscape. Oh yeah, there is a path the player most likely will take, let's place timberwolves there .... surprise surprise. Why do you have to rescue 3 survivors, not 1 or 2? ... to stretch the playtime? Why do i have to replace 3 fuses and not 4? Why do i have to click an optionbutton within a dialogue although i only can click one and don't have a choice? Why are there no choices at all? What exactly is the reason to have a list of people on the plane and there IDs when they still stay meaningless characters? For example, when you check a surivor in the hall he/she could quickly tell you something reasonable why you, as human beeing and a doctor, should go and take a look at the plane (just like the insulin - this is how it works). Everytime the phone rings, i pray that that someone else is on the other side then Molly just because using this, all phones will ring and in that situation ofc nobody is interested in using the phone Also it feels so obviously forced that the small woman is carrying the survivors through the blizzards of PV just after bearly escaping death herself - reminds me of Rambo 34. Didn't we talk about the fetch quest thing already after EP1 and what went wrong? Oh boy, here we go again .... Yes, the are decisions i think where right - like placing the crashside at skeeter's and not forcing us on top of all to climb the summit in timberwolf. On the other side i wonder where the new map is that was announced? I also thought we would play the events of EP1+2 from Astrids perspective? So why aren't we in Milton facing convicts and all the horrors that were teased all the time? So we have a reproduction of "get medicine to rescue someone from death - EP2" and "get food and firewood or all die - EP1". What's the point? What's new? No storyprogress, no improvement in gameplay, bad gameplay design, repetetive tasks, no intense moments, just boredom. Even more disappointing is, that Hinterland hasn't learned from the EP1-desaster and in the best case we can wait another 2 years for an EP3 Redux. I'm sorry that this is so negative. I just want to add, that there is no intend of beeing rude, post it on reddit, to troll or to hate or all these things. I'm a player of the first hour, a long time follower, still love TlD and this is an honest feedback.