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  1. And why not that the developers do a survey with 2 options, one of them if saved in the options section and another with a no saved and the most voted because it is the one that remains and thus the issue is resolved or so less is my way of thinking.
  2. hola subes streams del juego?? por que de ser asi me encantaria verlos. feliz año para ti y para todos vosotros y esperemos que este comunidad siga siendo fiel durante muchisimo tiempo ya que por mi parte los desarolladores hacen un trabajo excelente tanto en esa historia apasionante que te adentra en el juego como el modo sandbox que te obliga a tomar decisiones y por supuesto sin olvidar los desafios.
  3. The food is not thrown away, it is used, once you reach level 5 in the kitchen you can eat zero percent food, meanwhile you can place it on shelves or tables and the rest of the items that are at zero percent such as whetstones or kits of sewing if you put it in a closet disappear.
  4. You can write in the language you want I am Spanish but most of them here are English speaking so I use a translator to translate what I write in Spanish to the English language
  5. If you could save your game, it would not be so much fun to know that you could die if you take a wrong step.It is the good thing about the game preparing a strategy and having to change it if a blizzard or if a pack of wolves surround you that if you risk a lot you can die is the essence of this game. I prefer that they do not touch that because to my liking if you die you die nothing of loading games because otherwise the surprise factor or the risk factor would not be worth anything.
  6. calm that I also use a program to translate and perfectly understood what you wrote
  7. It's Turkish, you can run it with the browser's translator, that's how I communicate with you here since I'm Spanish
  8. Hello first of all to say that for me everything they add is very worthwhile and if you think you can do it better, do it yourself but what you cannot is underestimate the effort made by the developers and secondly it was not necessary a second ship of ammunition for That with the one in the shady cove is worth it. If you don't like the game, don't play it but don't say those things because it seems to me a lack of respect towards the effort of the game developers
  9. hello, my opinion is that the airport or airstrip will be in perserverance mills since will and astrid go to that place why put the runway in a different region, also for everything that is mentioned in the story the place where they go It must be a fairly large city or at least I think so, on the other hand the prison that is mentioned if it is not in the same region as that of Perseverance Mills could be on the outskirts of that region as a separate region so as not to mix the area of the prison with the city and that is several kilometers
  10. Let's hope they don't put it, there are already many online games and this game is more oriented to solitude
  11. They have never fooled people, for the game purchased you will get the 5 episodes of the story and a lot of updates, new content, regions among other things that make it a much better game little by little.
  12. I would settle for having the same penalty for not eating and not drinking, since if you don't drink your health shows that it drops a lot because food when it reaches zero should be the same, at least that's my opinion
  13. seen as you say you are right better to eat 50% meat than ruined I had not thought of it that way
  14. Cooked meat lasts longer than raw meat and the carrne in quarters is eaten by wolves if you leave it in bags next to the hunted animal verified by me.
  15. thanks for helping me, so much wolf and so much attack was something that made me desperate