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  1. I would like that at least in the game options they give you the possibility to use them as before, now they are useless and if a wolf catches you it is very likely that you will end up fighting with them hand to hand they are harder they have super powers they are many and now without the lures it is much more difficult to cope with them.
  2. tambien estaria bien que no le destrozaras la casa a madre gris en sus narices pobrecilla
  3. que pesadez tanto coop ya hay mil juegos de ese estilo, the long dark lo que implementa es la soledad de un personaje en un mundo post apocaliptico es decir tu y lo que la madre la naturaleza te envie, no me gustan los cooperativos nada. solo es mi opinion pero es que en si el tema cansa.
  4. I got the achievement once I got the 8 pages it doesn't make it easy to defeat it and you can also get the 10 it's not as complicated as it seems
  5. If you go down and you see that you can't go up just load the game before that point and that's it
  6. no no no y no online no please
  7. I don't think mills of perseverance east north of milton since both astrid and will go in the opposite direction, will toward pleasent valley and astrid toward coastal highway. that's my opinion
  8. pues se agradecen esos streams en castellano de the long dark haber si pronto puedes empezar a subir videos yo llevo algunos años en the log dark y estare encantado de ayudarte para tus inicios
  9. yes news january or february 2021, please patience
  10. the game is also updated for steam I already have it updated to version 1.93
  11. And why not that the developers do a survey with 2 options, one of them if saved in the options section and another with a no saved and the most voted because it is the one that remains and thus the issue is resolved or so less is my way of thinking.
  12. hola subes streams del juego?? por que de ser asi me encantaria verlos. feliz año para ti y para todos vosotros y esperemos que este comunidad siga siendo fiel durante muchisimo tiempo ya que por mi parte los desarolladores hacen un trabajo excelente tanto en esa historia apasionante que te adentra en el juego como el modo sandbox que te obliga a tomar decisiones y por supuesto sin olvidar los desafios.
  13. The food is not thrown away, it is used, once you reach level 5 in the kitchen you can eat zero percent food, meanwhile you can place it on shelves or tables and the rest of the items that are at zero percent such as whetstones or kits of sewing if you put it in a closet disappear.
  14. You can write in the language you want I am Spanish but most of them here are English speaking so I use a translator to translate what I write in Spanish to the English language