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  1. Well, I play in stalker mode and it doesn't seem so difficult to me even though there are many wolves in the coastal area you can see them in the distance and in the final game nothing 200 days and I hope to survive many more.
  2. mayimbe

    Use Less

    I found bears and wolves in blizzards and in the middle of the fog and they see you long before you can see them.
  3. mayimbe

    Use Less

    Wolves detect you just as blizzard and blizzard because of the smell. and the birch bark tea not only warms you, you also regain health, very useful in the long term.
  4. The good thing about this game is that in difficult times you can get disoriented and have to camp, with a compass because it would not matter blizzards or fogs because you would know at all times where each refuge is, I think that there would be no point in putting a compass, it is more I would like that when there is fog or blizzard we did not know the time of day, since you do not see the sun.
  5. mayimbe

    Use Less

    For me the birch bark is very useful to use it as it has good healing options it warms you and it is a renewable source and in the long term it is the only thing that cures you.
  6. the long dark is a game based on the loneliness of a post apocalyptic world, a cooperative would not make sense for that there are other games, this game tries to convey that feeling of loneliness and a cooperative will ruin that feeling.
  7. Bueno, si hay cultivos de invierno, el trigo, la cebada son cultivos que sobreviven perfectamente al invierno, por lo que no sería una mala idea poder plantar cultivos
  8. to end that bear in options change the configuration, use press and hold instead of having to click repeatedly with the mouse and it worked perfectly for me.
  9. To obtain the map you must draw it yourself using charcoals that you can get from bonfires, stoves, it is better not to have the map discovered at the beginning because if it is not very easy to know where the shelters are and it would not have so much difficulty.
  10. True, the wolves were better before, if it could be easier to kill them with a headshot but at least it was a good defense for us, a bait and a shot. We already have a lot of difficulty cold, hostile fauna, hunger, thirst. The bait was like a respite for us from such hostility.
  11. Well, what I'm talking about is not about the video, but that they ignore the bait completely and keep on going past the bait and attacking me, I've been around for thirty days and every time I face a wolf I always end up very badly hurt I did several tests in several games but since version 1.67 they ignore the bait and always attack, and I don't know what to do anymore, I'm about to return to an earlier version.
  12. hello if I loose the lure when I see a wolf growl, I never run away from a wolf attack. but I started a new game in which I have been almost thirty days and since the last update the only thing wolves do is ignore the decoy and attack me.
  13. Hi, can someone help me? I don't know if decoys are any use I drop them a piece of meat, and they don't turn around or go for it. They directly ignore it and attack me. My question is, it has to be raw, I have to be more distant from the lure or near the lure, or I don't even have to wear a lure because they don't work. If there is any video or you can write me how to do it, I would appreciate it.
  14. hello yes there are marine flares in other regions in mystery lake I found a couple of them