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  1. the storage container that is in the kitchen of the community room is not for storage is for supplies to survive an upcoming great blizzard. It is part of the main mission. Anyway I already tell you that there are more weapons.
  2. Thanks to your help I can finish the chapters and start with the third one.
  3. thThank you. if you could also tell me which are the three of mystery lake. It is the only secondary that I have not been able to complete.
  4. He tells me to learn the survival lessons but he doesn't tell me anything else. At the beginning I used to pick up medicinal plants and sew some clothes but I don't wear anything else and I don't consider it complete. and I guess I have to do something else but the only thing that puts me is that I find more collectibles for survival but I don't know where or tell me anything else. where I'm looking for I'm in the town of Milton
  5. Hi. what I have to do to complete the missions of the survival lessons of chapter one.
  6. Thanks, I will read them since I don't know how the event is going
  7. Gracias, los leeré porque no sé cómo va el evento.
  8. Hello, this is the first time that I am going to do the hallowen event and I would like to know what it is like. If you have to choose a map. I would like to know things about the event to enjoy it well.
  9. if it is good touch to have wolves in certain caves but. If you did not know that there could be wolves in interior caves and seek refuge in them you can take a good scare or death. But it is very good contribution.
  10. Hi everyone, I've been in desolation point for almost twenty days and after I almost finished my life a bear found an inner cave next to a waterfall and I wanted to take shelter and it was a surprise to me that inside there was a wolf which attacked me for Surprise almost gave me a heart attack. I didn't know that there were wolves in the inner caves. I hope I don't find a bear inside a cave. I have already survived for more than 100 days in what I have been playing in stalker mode
  11. it is not that I modify it too simply just widen the mapping range a bit for those who like not to leave black holes in the map
  12. Well, thanks to the community of mods, mapping the map is not so difficult anymore, just raise the range to 300 and ready the mapping range is somewhat larger than the basic
  13. Ten years in the game, that seems like too much time for the limited resources there are.
  14. I have already been told and in a vigilant way if it can be done without having to die or at least not die obligatorily due to lack of food
  15. I see that many are wrong in that aspect and they told me a way to have infinite scrap to make arrows or hooks. and so do not starve. if you don't have to die in the game at least you don't die of cold or hunger or thirst. Even so, thank you for your answers.