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  1. then I'll go for infinite natural resources
  2. my wish is infinite natural resources and infinite metal minerals in the caves
  3. There is someone who found out about that, matusalen
  4. there are 2 bunkers one fixed and one random in them you can find fuel although the random one can be hidden like those in a mysterious lake
  5. It would also be good to obtain the metal separately, like this, it would also be good to obtain it from the mines in the same way that the pieces of coal come out, because pieces of metal also come out, as in any mine
  6. stop saying stupid things do not invent things that are not
  7. All the clothes are very useful from a sweatshirt to a simple cap either to use it at the moment or for scraps in the apocalypse everything works before or after
  8. in summary of the initial post the fire is already infinite simply use the magnifying glass on sunny days and avoid using matches except when you really need them otherwise if I would like other things to be infinite, such as metal to make arrows or natural resources
  9. for that it would be easier to implement a new region with a city map
  10. If there are wolves in the surroundings you can take the meat in bags, I have seen it with my own eyes, if they are in bags, the wolves take them
  11. surely because they are empty
  12. I would like that at least in the game options they give you the possibility to use them as before, now they are useless and if a wolf catches you it is very likely that you will end up fighting with them hand to hand they are harder they have super powers they are many and now without the lures it is much more difficult to cope with them.
  13. tambien estaria bien que no le destrozaras la casa a madre gris en sus narices pobrecilla
  14. que pesadez tanto coop ya hay mil juegos de ese estilo, the long dark lo que implementa es la soledad de un personaje en un mundo post apocaliptico es decir tu y lo que la madre la naturaleza te envie, no me gustan los cooperativos nada. solo es mi opinion pero es que en si el tema cansa.
  15. I got the achievement once I got the 8 pages it doesn't make it easy to defeat it and you can also get the 10 it's not as complicated as it seems