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  1. Ten years in the game, that seems like too much time for the limited resources there are.
  2. I have already been told and in a vigilant way if it can be done without having to die or at least not die obligatorily due to lack of food
  3. I see that many are wrong in that aspect and they told me a way to have infinite scrap to make arrows or hooks. and so do not starve. if you don't have to die in the game at least you don't die of cold or hunger or thirst. Even so, thank you for your answers.
  4. I don't want to die, I would like it to be infinite
  5. I would like them to make infinite ways of hunting. for example, the sprouts that sprout again after a while after catching them and changing the way of fishing instead of using pieces of metal change it for something renewable that you can fish infinitely. For me it is something that I would like you to change because after so many days surviving because you have to die by obligation.
  6. but why die after surviving so many days in the game what you least want is to have to start again could make your days infinite just by adding infinite ways of hunting for example a method of making arrows that you know you can always do more or even fish to survive as long as you want
  7. mayimbe

    wolf fur coat

    I only know that I was disappointed I hoped to scare away the wolves and the only thing I got was that they laugh at me and attack me just as if I didn't take it
  8. Hi, I wanted to ask if the wolf fur coat is of any use or not because I thought it would scare away the wolves but as if nothing because they attacked me anyway.
  9. Thank you all for the answers I have not been dying for the first 25 days and doubts arise and running out of medicine was one of them.
  10. Thank you for responding, but medicinal plants should make them infinite and thus not limit the long-term supply of medicines.
  11. thanks for answering. I said it for being able to make bandages and medicinal plants in the long term.
  12. 319/5000 Hello, I would like to know if there is any information about the reappearance of nature. I understand that everything is not done by man. but I would like to know if rose hips and lichen also reappear after several days. If there is any wiki that says so or somewhere to know, please. Thank you
  13. gracias, tenia dudas y ya van varias veces que empiezo de cero y lo malo es que cada vez me surgen mas preguntas aunque primero terminare de leer todos los hilos del foro por si ya estan puestas algunas de las dudas que tengo. por cierto tengo que escribir por aqui en ingles o en español para que me entendais mejor.
  14. hola tengo una duda acerca de los alimentos a pesar de haber observado bastantes hilos ninguno de ellos me a aclarado mi duda que es la siguiente. para almacenar la carne en el exterior es mejor cruda o cocinada para que dura bastante mas y claro esta no recibir visitas de lobos y que se la coman. no se si escribir en mi idioma español o tengo que hacerlo en ingles de ser asi diganmelo y cambiare la forma de hacerlo. saludos y gracias a todos.
  15. hola saludos desde españa soy nuevo en el foro y estoy encantado disfrutando del juego a pesar de llevar poco jugando y saber las mecanicas basicas del juego a medida que avanzo me surgen preguntas pero me alegra saber que hay una gran comunidad detras del juego apoyandolo. saludos a todos