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  1. mayimbe

    World Map

    I did not understand how the points are there but the regions are not?
  2. mayimbe

    Dev diary

    google traduce los textos del dev diary si no tienes para que te lo traduzca puedes hacer un copia y pega en el translate y si no pues me dices y yo mismo te mando la traduccion
  3. mayimbe

    World Map

    On the map that you show I do see both points that you say On the map that you show I do see both points that you say
  4. Hello good the hud of the meter you can deactivate it in options, hinterland added in options for those who do not want to have the meter in sight.
  5. lo entiendo pero pense que ya eran oficiales al hebr un metodo de instalacion facil, de todas formas llevo muy poco y tan solo usaba un par nada mas unos binoculares y uno que cartografia mas ampliamente el mapa pero como en la pagina encontre un monton pense que eran oficiales, pero tampoco tengo ningun problema en no usarlos puesto que no alteran jugabilidad ni nada, el mod en si que mencionaba antes lo use la vez que use la capsula del tiempo para jugar una version anterior y bueno cuando vuelves a la version normal se pierden las insignias de eventos de años anteriores y con ese mod pues lo unico que hice es ponerlas a como estaban antes de usar la capsula. gracias por escucharme..
  6. no veo que tiene de malo usar mods, no rompe nada, hoy en dia todos los juegos tienen contenidos de mods que la comunidad aporta y de todos los mods que hay solo cite uno para que aquellos que quieran recuperar las insignias pasadas las puedan tener. no creo yo que sea malo usar mods que la comunidad aporta, otra cosa seria hablar de pirateria que en eso si que estoy en contra. de todas formas si este comentario va en contra de las normas o ofende a alguien pido disculpas.
  7. and for those of us who do not speak English, the subtitles are useful, for example I am from Spain and it helps me with the google translator
  8. hello in my opinion if you play pilgrim voyager or stalker the bearskin sleeping bag is the best and to keep you warm the expedition parka combined with the military coat, and if you play in intrusion I recommend the wolf fur coat that in addition to shelter you have the possibility to drive away wolves.
  9. Hi, I would like to know if the game will continue to work with the same requirements since I have a 4 GB RAM laptop and a 1 GB graphic and I don't have money to buy a better PC. regards
  10. hello I wonder if once the challenge is over if I play a game that you kept for a long time in previous versions, would you lose the badges obtained from the event or were they going to be kept?
  11. hola me pregunto si una vez que el desafío es más, si juego un juego que he guardado desde hace mucho tiempo en las versiones anteriores, ¿perdería las insignias obtenidas del evento o iban a ser mantenidos?
  12. mayimbe

    10 degrees less

    inside the house, for very few clothes you wear, the temperature is always good, so it would not be any threat and with respect to wanting to change the game it was only a desire for colder temperatures I do not think it is much change but well it is only my desire . for that reason I put it on this wish list.
  13. mayimbe

    10 degrees less

    I'm not talking about custom content or modds. My suggestion is to put it directly into the game, because an important part of the game is surviving the cold.
  14. Hello, if you do not like the painting do not use it, for me it has not been a waste of time. And second, I prefer that the graphics do not touch them, I have a low-end PC and I do not have money to buy something better, so the graphics should be left as is, they are great for me.
  15. Hello, I would like the low external and internal temperatures of the event to remain in survival mode as well.