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  1. So in my survival game I have visited every single location listed in the journal and I was not given the achievement. WTF?? That was a really long slog trying to get around every single place on the map. I have not just visited those locations but I literally cleared the map for each region and most of this was before they brought in the new feature to allow you to unveil larger portions of the map by using charcoal from higher places.
  2. Right now the game looks like there are areas with really deep snow but actually you just walk over the surface of all snow leaving just footprints. I would like to see the addition of a mechanic where some areas could have deep snow that you would sink in. I'm thinking thigh deep. When walking through it you should be slowed down greatly and there should be ruts in the snow behind you rather than footprints. There could also be a new craftable item, snow shoes. Wearing these should enable you to not sink in the deep snow. Deep snow could also give new strategies as wolves should struggle to walk through deep snow and will have to find a way around it.
  3. While it is true that falling over and catching yourself with an outstretched hand can cause you to sprain a wrist, all the slopes in this game are covered in a heavy snowfall. The snow makes it extremely unlikely that you would sprain a wrist falling over. Plus this game simply doesn't have a falling over mechanic. Sprained ankles is definitely a risk, even more so because you are walking in snow.
  4. @ManicManiac If you are going to quote someone then quote their entire sentence rather than just taking a piece of it out of context so that it fits the reply you want to give. You quoted me earlier as having written, " I think that killing rabbits should be very easy" and then went on to give a lengthy explanation of why you disagree. What I actually wrote was, " I think that killing rabbits should be very easy when playing Pilgrim and increase in difficulty with each higher difficulty setting." If you are going to twist what people say to fit your own agenda then maybe you should go into politics.
  5. When I cook up meat I eat one piece at a time and then move on to the next one. Or at least that is what I would like to do. What I find with this game is that I see a bunch of cooked meat in my inventory. Each piece is 1.00kg except for one piece that I already started eating earlier. So I double click on that piece so as to finish that first only the game likes to swap that piece with one of the 1kg pieces just as I hit the second mouse click. What does it really matter? Technically it doesn't really matter. The reason I find it annoying is that for every piece of meat I finish there is one thing less in my inventory cluttering it up making it faster to find anything else I need. I find it annoying when my inventory is cluttered by lots of partially eaten pieces of meat.
  6. It is only a small thing but it really niggles me. I worked in a ski resort before. I have spent many hours walking up and down ski slopes. I luckily never sprained an ankle while doing so but I came pretty close a few times. I can tell you from experience that I never, not once, even came close to spraining a wrist. Spraining a wrist while walking on a steep slope is not even a risk. There is zero possibility of it happening unless you actually fall down the slope which never happens in this game. I fully agree with ankle sprains being a strong possibility on steep slopes. Wrist sprains? No chance. Spraining a wrist from walking on a slope is about as likely breaking a leg by putting your hat on.
  7. I completely agree with UpUpAway95. This game is a single player game. I can fully understand when developers are rigid in their design of a multiplayer game because everyone should have to play the same to keep it fair. This being a single player game there should be far more customization with regards to difficulty. I fully respect a person's right to enjoy a really tough survival game. What those people have to realize though is that different people have different motivations for playing. I consider myself a casual player. I am quite happy to play the game on Voyager difficulty which is reasonably easy. I find it annoying though that many of the die hard survivalists out there love to jump down the throat of anyone who requests changes that make things easier. I think that killing rabbits should be very easy when playing Pilgrim and increase in difficulty with each higher difficulty setting. I would also love to see a new difficulty setting called CUSTOM. With the difficulty setting of CUSTOM you should be able to change many of the game's aspects to decide what you want to be a challenge or not.
  8. What I mean by this is simple. I'm in a survival game and I have almost fully mapped Mystery Lake. If I die and then start a new game, do I lose the map I have already uncovered? I ask because I think that from a realism point of view you would need to lose the mapping you already did but this is a game at the end of the day and I think it would be much better if any mapping you do in one game should carry over to the next, at least on the lower two difficulty levels. Especially as the mapping, though necessary, feels like a real chore to do.
  9. Deseoso


    Most edible plants die off if they get hit by a brief frost. What could you realistically grow in this game's climate. I doubt the devs will add this and I would personally agree with them if they didn't. There are enough games out there where you can become completely self sufficient. I think a big part of the appeal of this one is the need to keep moving to scavenge and hunt for food rather than simply becoming self sufficient.
  10. Deseoso

    Map Markers

    I've seen a few requests for the ability to make notes on your maps. I want to suggest an alternative. I would like to be able to click somewhere on my map and have the game place a small spot at the point where the mouse cursor was. The spot should have a small number next to it starting at 1 and increasing with each extra spot. Then I could just write the number in the game's notes page and keep detailed notes about different points on the map.
  11. @ajb1978 & @FluffyComeHome thanks for the detailed info. This will help my survival mode game.
  12. Oh that is fine. I actually didn't like that aspect of Wintermute. It is like you're lost in the Canadian wilderness and somehow you have gotten hold of Harry Potter's Marauder's Map.
  13. Okay, that is the "What", now I need the "How". How do you map an area? I haven't figured that part out.
  14. So in survival you can take charcoal out of fires but the description isn't very specific on how to use it. Great so it is useful for sketching. Sketching what and how? I am hoping someone is going to say maps because I don't like that there is no map in survival mode. I would love it if you could use charcoal to create your own maps for each region. Is that what charcoal is for or is there another use for it?
  15. I was struggling to survive the night of the wolves and then in a short span of time I found not one, but two rifles and a weapon cleaning kit. I managed this by getting lucky. I found both caches in Coastal Highway and then crossed over to Mystery Lake and found one of the caches there in the first few minutes.