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  1. So doing a little digging here’s my observations: The image of the “prison” has the mountain in the background. Which also happens to be similar in appearance to the world map... and what of Astrid? She is at coastal highway. Perseverance Mills is said to be far to the north of Milton. Is the world map showing north as the top of the map? Will is near the exit to the dam. Which, potentially in the end leads to coastal highway too. Maybe they will not reach perseverance mills by the end of episode 4? Anyone else have random observations regarding the
  2. I really like the fatigue-buff idea, I agree that it would encourage players to get out at night. For an off-the wall idea: How about an old astronomical observatory that needs electricity to align? It could even be world-building in that you could find the notes of the scientist who used to work there -studying magnetic fields, sun discharge, etc. You could view the night sky with the telescope and witness CMEs from the sun and use the other instruments in the observatory.
  3. @Lexilogo I really like your idea of making auroras more important. It would be nice to have a critical “need” for it. Any ideas on what would be considered important enough to travel at night?
  4. I like the ideas of more transition zones, I kind of like the idea of following the railroad, but with little to no movement off of it, and a bear being in your path. Perhaps some of the scenery could be the ocean cliffs to one side and vertical cliffs on the other. You could climb the cliffs at either locations as part of your exploration, perhaps bring-your-own rope in order to go around the bear. Or climb up to smallish plateaus, perhaps tying into other regions or locations of interest.
  5. So as the lore is based on a geomagnetic storm it seems unlikely that a compass would work in the conventional sense. It does seem likely that given the scenario our character finds themselves in it would only be reasonable to encounter said compass. So how about a compass that spins erratically? It dances around on the compass face. But on “specific” days it spins at high-speed -the needle whizzing by in a counter- clockwise pattern. There will be an aurora tonight...
  6. I rather like this idea. Is that the same tree I passed awhile ago? Dense forest, knolls, little outcroppings of rocks. Lack of caves and no buildings. Just you in the woods. Might make a good transition zone.
  7. I like some of the blending and immersion in your idea. Definitely the corpse messages, the red cloth -as someone who came before you. I had this struggle when I was brand new to the game, and refused to search the internet for a community map so as to not spoil the experience. The sign-post ideas would have definitely made it a bit more clear at the game’s intro, but as you gain experience you learn how to identify possible entry locations. As noted if you are drawing your charcoal map then it is rather apparent. However I can’t say that I would go around marking every corner
  8. Well I thought that too. I figured it followed the lore as the flashlight already possess a battery, your basically just ‘giving’ it more capacity.
  9. Hi again! So in keeping on the Aurora topic... A craft-able lamppost. I dunno about the rest of you, but I very very rarely bring a flashlight with me due to it’s weight and lack of everyday use. So instead I suggest being able to combine a flashlight, car battery, and something like a maple sapling to create a lamppost. You could assemble it and post it outside somewhere, even multiples of them to light your way. It automatically turns on during an Aurora.
  10. This is how I had envisioned it working. I like the crafting idea. I had just pictured a digital alarm clock flashing 12:00 with alarm blaring.
  11. Hi everyone! So like the title implies, an alarm clock that buzzes during an Aurora. Set it next to your bed and when the Aurora arrives it’ll wake you up from sleep. It could even have an on-off button. Just a little thing you can use for simple benefits... Waking up to operate the milling machine, Getting in some extra reading or crafting time, etc.
  12. I agree to keep the indoor locations as seperate loads, but what if there was animation tied to it instead of a loading screen... You are being chased by a wolf! You sprint into the door. (Rather than holding the button to let you in) this triggers the animation in which you crash through the door -swinging it open, then slamming it shut. Your focus has been on the door knob. You get inside (though not actually loaded yet) push against the door and verify it’s actually shut, mess with the lock (hand shaking) keep a hand on the door while staring toward the knob, breathing heavily, your ch
  13. Actually I very much like your approach to the cougar. +1
  14. Perhaps it would have a trade off. Lack of feathers to gain other benefits. Inner peace: gradually restore condition, restful sleep, and/or cabin fever reduction.