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  1. Doesn’t change the math though. Either you understand it or you don’t. On easy levels like stalker and below, sure- just ignore quartering just like you ignore cattails. Who picks up cattails in easy levels?? But on interloper you have to know how to maximize resources. quartering does that. It is about resource management as well as time management. Those aren’t important when you are sitting there with a can of condensed milk and two expedition parkas harvesting without needing a fire lol.
  2. Can’t change math though. When the math adds up you either understand it or you don’t.
  3. Absolutely no reason for candles. Duplicative. You have fire for light or a cave on clear nights. Candles destroys the mechanic of limitation of functionality. Understanding the brilliance of the game designing clearly makes candles a bad idea.
  4. Ridiculous. You clearly don’t play interloper. There is no way to spend 5 to 8 hours in interloper in one spot and maintain a fire. The weather changes way too quick. Plus it’s just plain...simple...math. In less time that getting a hide and two guts you get the hide, 10 guts and the meat. math. Simple.
  5. Well when you get good at it you will understand. Either that or you don’t play interloper. But cutting a whole bear or moose on interloper in the open is poor decision making. The weather change alone makes it impossible. what do you do when you are 1 hour in and a blizzard starts up? I simply finish the quartering taking a tiny bit of cold damage and then safely transfer the catch to the nearest shelter in as little as 3 trips not using any additional resources. it’s just simple math- in less time than it takes to get a hide and two guts, I get the whole animal.
  6. First of all crampons are hardly short lived. using them only when needed they will last well over a year. also I made a wish list request that the developers make them repairable at the mill. Word is this was implemented in a recent update but I haven’t tried it because I still haven’t needed to- mine are still at 70% on interloper after 300+ days. But the idea is this would finally give interloper players a valid reason to go to BI.
  7. Quartering is essential in interloper. It is impossible to harvest a bear in the open. I always quarter deer or larger when exposed. I see a lot of people who give the poor advice of “don’t bother with quartering”. they either don’t understand the concept and why it’s useful or they play stalker or below. If nothing else, at least a player should understand quartering mechanics so they can advance in skill.
  8. let’s remember this is a survival game, not a camping simulator. If there are to be seasonal changes it should waiver from brutally cold and wintery to unbearably cold and wintery. certainly not spring and summer.
  9. Once you reach level 5 archery the standard bow is way more than sufficient. Plus no way I would trade not being able to shoot while crouched over more power.
  10. Absolutely none of those. I especially don’t use any aids or save scumming seeing as how I regularly call out “interliars” (fools who make interloper settings easier such as removing cabin fever or starting with a bedroll and still think it’s interloper). the trick is I simply know all the maps very well and have indirectly memorized the loot tables just from playing enough. I know where the Wolves, bears, and all spawns are just from playing many hours Honestly once you get the bow you can just last indefinitely even on deadman (ATDS is actually how I play deadman). I typically ge
  11. 1250 day interloper run (still going) 300 day deadman run (still going)
  12. For me its the exact opposite. For me the excitement is when you have everything to lose on a risk. Its not nearly as fun when you have nothing to lose because you arent invested. Taking my 1000 day interloper character into Ash Canyon for the first time without researching the area or pulling a map was the most unnerving adventure I can ever recall in gaming. And the horror when I finally found a cave only to find the caves were not warm (which has since been nerfed) and experiencing a true survival emergency on a character months in development. What wouldn't be fun would be just
  13. Well for those paying attention, of course interloper isn’t the hardest level. Deadman of course is harder. Also some custom settings can be made that are harder than the default interloper settings. The discussion here is about the ridiculously uneducated claim that the first 30 days of interloper are the EASIEST. It’s absolutely untrue. That’s the discussion.
  14. You are so incorrect. Once you learn the game you will understand. Master interloper - hell even try it once and then come back.
  15. Climbing socks on INTERLOPER in HRV. had to be a glitch.