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  1. I have now passed 200 days on my current stalker run. I am at 217 days as of the last save. I am hoping to make the 500 day mark. I am in HRV at the moment and am having a good time. I really like the way it is laid out. The only thing I have not done is make ammunition at this point. I have the code and all required materials at my main base. Just dont need to cause I have 44 rifle rounds and 117 pistol rounds still. I think I have about 23 arrows as well at this point. Trying to get better with the bow cause I kinda suck with it. Alright that's not exactly true, I completely s
  2. I have had mine for about 60 in game days now. I believe they are still in the 90's as far as condition goes. I have been able to climb ropes at half alertness that in the past I could not. While climbing I rarely if ever have to stop on a ledge to regen stamina. (Playing on stalker difficulty) The real beauty is that's just half the bonus of going to AC to get them. Right next to them is the tac pack. That extra 10 pounds of carry weight is amazing. You really appreciate it if you happen to lose the well fed bonus. My only regret was waiting till day 150 to go get them.
  3. I usually just let her know that she is fine or good to go.
  4. I have faded into the long dark due to this mechanic. It was a 150+ day stalker run. I went to sleep in a hunters blind with something wet. I believe it was my satchel. That said with 32 deg above clothing (as the OP did) I would try not to sleep outdoors at all. I was at 51 deg above with a bearskin bedroll and still died. Respect to you OP for not giving up and keeping the run going.
  5. I hail from NY (Long Island) but my parents were both from Maine. They moved back there after retirement. Such a beautiful state. Was just there a week ago visiting with mom for the weekend. Sanford/Wells area.
  6. I ended heading to DP instead of BI. I now have a very nice lighthouse base there. Just finished going thru Broken Railroad as well. There were a lot of wolves there. It is my favorite map now actually. Only places I have left to visit are BI, HRV and AC.
  7. When you first begin playing TLD it definitely can seem that the scent detection is OP. It did for me as well. I learned that carrying meat or guts/hides around should only be done to get back to your home/base. You can just leave it outside in the snow right out front of your base (meat that is). Just grab a steak or two when you need and cook it up in the safety of your base. The hides and guts just leave on the floor inside to cure. Try not to bring meat out with you for the days adventures. You can eat cat tails if your in a pinch throughout your days adventures. That and you can usua
  8. You sir have been on great bear for over 5yrs at this point. RESPECT!
  9. My longest run so far has been 167 days on stalker. I went to sleep in a hunters blind with wet clothes, blizzard moved in and faded into The Long Dark. My current run on stalker is now over 100 days and I will be trying for the 500 day milestone.
  10. My first 150 day survivor covered the 29.99 that I payed for this game. Everything after is free as far as I am concerned. I will check the hrs later I have logged and do the math. This game is so worth every penny it costs.
  11. In PV just before the transition to TM there was a moose and a bear walked right in front of it. They were about arms length away from each other. I crouched and waited to see what would happen. Sadly bear just trotted on by on his merry way.
  12. To the OP, this is a very nice ap. Thank you for taking the time to make it.
  13. I did not bring it all down. I took what I needed and noted what was left up there. I took the following: 84 matches 4 firestarters 1 xp parka All ammo 2 Fishermans sweater ( the one that is white and better than thick wool) 1 Hammer (swapped out any tools I had with better quality) Swapped any items that were better quality than I had 4 meal ready to eat I think that's about it. This is my favorite map now. Now I have a reason to come back and try the summit a different way. As a side note, I went around the far right side of the map, a few
  14. I finally summited TM. What an awesome map. Had such a good time making my way up there (playing on stalker). Took in the sights, shot some wolves (maybe a lot of wolves), avoided a few bears. You know the usual. As a quick side note, I did not see any Timberwolves on TM. Thought for sure I would but.. Final mountaineering rope nearly did me in. Luckily a well timed cup of joe allowed me just enough stamina to reach the summit. Ah that sweet sweet loot. Almost to much up there. I do really do enjoy this game. My very well maintained rabbit skin hat off to you Hinterland dev
  15. I would say dont bother breaking branches unless absolutely necessary. I am always able to find enough sticks just laying on the ground. After a good blizzard you can find heaps of sticks. I agree with you about the branches taking way too long. There are definitely some balance issues with the game. I mean I have to eat 4 pounds of deer to fill myself up.