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  1. I wish there was more versatility with the wolf pelts. It seems the one and only thing it's used for is the coat. Why not some socks?
  2. Now as for the bees, farming, canning. I want none of it. I'll settle for some tasty deer/bear/wolf jerky though.
  3. Well you're also not being attacked by wolves, bears, and moose regularly, or traversing blizzards and high winds. Also you're probably not hiking in that t-shirt and crawling around in it. These things do add wear and tear.
  4. @oplli I REALLY love the idea. Very much. 100% can't complain I believe it is brilliant. No sarcasm. That said I'm not sure if this would be possible. They "might" be able to make a stand-alone game like that, but I don't think that would be all too easy to incorporate.
  5. That would be what you'd call an instance. It's do to the game engine used so there isn't a way around it.
  6. I never took note of that, but assuming that's the case that'd be a reasonable complaint.
  7. Patriot

    Strength skill

    I agree about the malnutrition aspect. As well as muscle atrophy, but given the mechanics of the game regressing a skill doesn't seem likely. So debuffs would be the way to go about things.
  8. Patriot

    Strength skill

    I shall direct you to my thread. It has had a decent conversation on this topic.
  9. Well I've only played the game for 300 days. I'm very close to certain it was around day 130 when I finally got level 5 in mending. Still even if it had taken me 300 days, which i'm certain it did not. That is still 200 days sooner than you're now proposing. On Interloper I suppose 300 days might be the case because of having more scarce resources, but there are a plethora of clothes that can be mended on any other difficulty. Which likely does amount to mending more than a single item a day if you were to average it out. Correction I'm certain it averages to more than 1 a day since I had doubtless mended items far more than 130 times. Sometimes 1 item requires 1-3 mends for a single item.
  10. This is GREATLY exaggerated. I too would mend any clothing I found and would then harvest it. However I didn't spend every day doing that I'd often do it when I needed to warm up, but didn't need to sleep. I got to 5 casually keeping it mind at around 130 days.
  11. How easy do you believe it to be to master a skill? You become a master chef, a master butcher, a master archer, gunman, etc... all in relatively short order. The fella is a veritable genius. So mastering the art of mending in only 100-200 days is not unreasonable.
  12. I don't see mending as broken. If anything being able to use the fishing hook to sew with until it is nearly all used up and then fish with it as though it were at 100% is broken. I'm not gonna complain about that though.
  13. Patriot

    Water Water Water

    You are correct. One can do that, and I normally do. However, from a RP perspective that's a problem. If the ambient temprature is freezing then the water ought to freeze. Not to mention where are these water bottles coming from? That too is a mystery.
  14. Patriot

    Water Water Water

    I would argue that one could construct water barrels at various locations in case you find yourself dehydrated and without the ability to light a fire or lacking a can or pot. However, if you were to build it outside that water would freeze. If you built it inside I'm unsure of the ambient temperature. I'm sure in some places it might be fine.
  15. I will argue that the the detrimental effects are a boon to the game. Get yourself some ol' moonshine in ya and you're ready to brave the cold. You'd be unaware of having Hypothermia if ya had it so if you were reckless then if you made it home alive you might find yourself with a few dead digits IE Frostbite.