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  1. Can someone please tell me how in the hell I make a rock cache? I play on the xbox and i have no clue. I thought it would show up in my radial menu in campcraft but nope. please help me out im so confused
  2. So I was attempting to do the Nomad Challenge and noticed very early on my days weren't being counted. I restarted it and again my days weren't being counted. I reported the issue but I was just wondering who else encountered this problem and what did you do about it?
  3. After a total of 7 attempts to complete the Hopeless Rescue Challenge, I finally managed to succeed! Most attempts I got hopelessly lost, or took too long due to bad weather and poor clothes except for my 6th try which had been my best run yet. I had found some really good clothing right off the bat and found not only a revolver, but a rifle as well before I had even left the ML region. I was making great time. Then 4 wolves decided to attack me one after the other after just entering PV, and my stupid self kept clicking the wrong button when trying to shoot at them:/ Needless to say aft
  4. I actually played WINTERMUTE before I did Survival Mode or challenges and it's actually what really pulled me into TLD. I think its slightly unfair to intensely criticize the storyline, characters, and dialogue before the final two episodes have been released. It kinda seems like reading half a book and deciding its crap and doesnt make sense... like of course stuff doesnt make sense because the whole thing hasnt been read yet. Yes the names are weird, some of the characters are weird and alot doesnt seem to quite add up, but we just dont have the whole story yet. I feel your ridicule of
  5. They actually fell to their death when crossing the elevated tracks in the ravine area ( i forget the specific locations name)
  6. Currently on sandbox #3, got dropped in TWM but on fellow TLD players advice quickly made my way to PV and have set up camp in the Farmstead. Really excited because I've gathered the supplies need for a bow and some arrows, just waiting for stuff to cure! I'm hoping this run I can at least make it to 50 days.

  7. I was walking through TWM on my 4th attempt to complete the Hopeless Rescue Challenge when I came across a black bear. It hadn't seen me yet so I crouched and started creeping up the side of the hill hoping I could just remain unseen and the bear would just walk the direction I was coming from. Still had my rifle handy though. It was about halfway past me when I shifted the slightest bit. Next thing I know it roars and beginnings lumbering up the hill side directly towards me. I aim my rifle and boom! the bear just collapses on spot. I was so shocked that a) hit my mark and b) killed it with j
  8. Thank you:) I used Procreate on my ipad and I definitely do want to rework this some so thank you for the suggestions as well
  9. My survivor has been alive for three days so far in TWM and I just gotta say how in the heck am I supposed to not freeze to death before day 5??????
  10. I killed a black bear outside of Quonset Garage in CH! It honestly was fairly uneventful. I set out in the morning armed with my rifle and began creeping around, looking for the bear I had seen wandering around a few times. I got lucky. After about 10 minutes of looking around I saw him. Big Ol' Black bear was lumbering along the road coming from the nearby logging path just on the edge of the Coastal Townsite. I crouched to remain undetected and quickly snuck to the edge of Quonset, dropped a raw coho salmon as a lure then quickly ran to the car on the opposite side. Crouching behind the car
  11. I killed a black bear a few days ago!
  12. Does the Whiteout Challenge start you in CH or does it start you in another region and you have to get to CH as well?
  13. ...I fell to my death on the 37th day......6 days after killing a black bear...and no I didn't fall to my death while climbing...I freaking mis-stepped the slightest bit while walking over the elevated train tracks above the ravine.....literally the lamest and stupidest way to die....mega frustrated that THAT was how my survivor died.
  14. I'm becoming more interested and motivated to pick a fight with a bear and hopefully win. However, I don't know what I should do if I were to go bear hunting. Any advice/help/tips/etc. would be greatly appreciated!