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  1. What an amazing 51 day journey & learning experience! Long post warning & hope you enjoy - it has been one of my best gaming experiences in 35 years, thanks Hinterland Team 🥇 TLDR: Epic 51 day run - ➡️ML➡️PV➡️TWM➡️AC➡️PV➡️ML➡️FM➡️MTB➡️MT➡️HRV➡️ MT➡️ML Death at every corner - loot & scoot, flare gun blasting 🧨Moose & 🧨 Bear - freezing most of the time. Early TWM summit, Ash Canyon Gold Mine & HRV cave diving /scrambling on low health 🥶 was great atmospheric fun! Yes interloper is horrible and unforgiving - I hate it ‼️ - starting a new survivor soon 😝
  2. I have killed a lot of them & they have me too! Most satisfying was yesterday on interloper, as it was a do or die situation. I had just suffered my first 🐺 struggle (50 days in) at the bottom rope of the Cave Overlook (ML) and could not get back to the Camp Office due to 3 prowling wolves. Blizzard was incoming of course ... I was in rough shape, 40% health, low temp, no food & sideways snow! So I cut across the rabbit section & climbed over the slope to the lake to get to fishing hut & stove. As I come across, I see the bear on the lake ‼️ So I duck into
  3. I had this quite a bit on my PS 4 lately, I have done a power clear (unplug & restart) to no major improvement? this survivor has a lot of stuff in the pack as on max carry (tech/moose satchel/ wellfed) Suggestions would be welcome @hinterlands?
  4. @Mosey Burns The Quonset Hut wolves tell a story about how the dumb wolf Carl was killed by a human with a revolver. They then all laugh about how Granny Wolf Carla disembowelled that human a few days later‼️
  5. Early on when I first started The Long Dark, I got lost in a blizzard heading from Camp Office to Trapper’s Cabin. I had a vague memory of where to go and watched my health plummet due to exposure. I sprinted all over the place, looking for what I thought was the cabin, to find nothing but the freezing cold ... health, stamina and food all on red. I injected myself with a stim and ran some more, I spotted a structure and was sure I was saved 🙏🏽 Pleased with myself I walked over to to realise it was a shed of some sorts with a deer carcass, not the cabin 😱 I had no idea where I w
  6. Off to the Gold Mine My ribs are finally healed and I have gorged my way through 30 kilos of moose meat - praise the spirits of Bear Island for providing me with precious meat. I have stocked up on birch bark tea, made the last of my coffee and taken two slabs of moose steak for my climb. Remembering the advice of @Syraith about coming back to find a moose lurking and @darkscaryforest about the dreaded long climb - I remember to ensure I have my last stim & trusty flare gun with me! Waking early, the ☀️ greets me and I use the mag lens to brew a hot cup of java - well rested
  7. Meat glorious meat‼️ The moose was dodged again and as he blundered past, the Fearless Survivor took careful aim and shot him between the antlers. With a loud bellow the moose falls to its knees and stops breathing - a flare gun one-shot kill , the stuff of legends! I quickly build a fire using charcoal to ensure it burns hot and start carving the moose. This is done carefully as not to attract wolves, 36 kilos come off the thing, but most importantly the hide - which will make a good satchel. The next days are tedious -> gathering firewood, birch bark ans cooking 🥩
  8. Ash Canyon starves you ... unless ... The Fearless and now Broken Survivor crawls back to the cave he saw earlier. Wounds are bandaged and painkillers eaten, both thankfully found in the Summit treasure. It is a long and painful night, with the wind howling and the temperature dropping. That night a realisation ... broken ribs means no climbing for many days and I am trapped ‼️ There is no way to back track to the Mountaineer’s hut - nor a climb to a cliff top house here in the Canyon. The Angler’s hut is hidden below amongst wolf trails - that would be suicide! Apart
  9. Bear Island is wicked‼️ Firstly for all the reasons @jeffpengsuggested, and particularly because I did want to make the trek back to this region for many moons - the Fearless Survivor plunged headfirst into the fabled Ash Canyon in search of more treasure! Day 13 Rested, well fed and full of confidence, I left the Deer Clearing Cave with 15 cat tail stalks, water, 4 boxes of crackers & a good attitude! The ☀️ is bright, good things to come ... In the connector cave, I stocked up on 7 coal and am set for the next couple of days at least! The frozen swamp and low sec
  10. Need your advice or taunts‼️ Well I have had a fun and epic 13 day journey so far with this Fearless Survivor 😎 This is my second loper run of significant value, first one ended at 23 days. Great Bear Island reminded me that a bow, arrows and hatchet means nothing, if respect is not shown to its lupine hunters. No crafted weapon/tools yet (inspired by @ManicManiac), trying for the Pacifist and moving fast with chain torches, no skinning of anything yet. At a serious decision point, read below (TLDR at the bottom too). The journey Spawned in FM and went to Spences
  11. Sorry @straffin, how annoying‼️ I fell off a cliff after attaching a climbing rope today in TWM ... had just finished the summit and was feeling smug. Was sure I’d see the death screen, but luckily had 10% health left after landing 😰 managed bandage and to limp to a cave after narrowly avoiding being munched!
  12. Thanks @ManicManiac I am really enjoying reading your journal! No plan for the FM forge, there is a hacksaw there I think?