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  1. Hi all 👋🏽 New survivor here, really enjoying the experience and this has become one of my top 5 games of all time! After successfully managing 100+ days on Voyager starting at Desolation Point, moving through CH and then ML., killing a moose and a few bears. I decided to try stalker and after a couple of random spawns map starts & resulting wolf deaths, I started in ML & settled into a solid journey. I covered all of ML and MT - crafting deerskin, rabbit items and the Moose satchel. I killed 70+ wolves and hunted a few bears. I remember thinking I was getting to grips with Stalker and feeling pretty confident. Then it all went wrong - I was savagely eviscerated by a wolf while at low health at the doorstep of my trapper cabin. Details - I was being cocky and baiting two wolves with food to practice revolver timing. Having hit both wolves, I thought a hand to hand would finish one of them off - but mistakenly chose the knife, instead of hatchet which ended up with a much longer struggle. To my horror, my health dropped from 50% to nothing (I had a healthy armour rating) and the black screen descended 😱 Lesson learned, confidence kills, even 1 foot away from safety!! So for my next journey I have a couple of Qs: 1. Does the knife do less damage than the hatchet, therefore increasing the length of a wolf struggle? I have found that a hatchet stops the fight fairly quickly and I lose no more than a 30% health, often less. 2. Can wolves crit hit or is their damage consistent - my health dropped a lot, not sure what happened there. 3. I suck at shooting wolves with the revolver when being charged - the wolf pattern change is tough to deal with vs bow & rifle. Ahysuggestions, as it’s not easy to practice without serious consequences. “For the soul, there is never birth nor death ... He is not slain when the body is slain.”
  2. I saw it when walking out from the from the ship, it looked super cool! 😊 the Aurora is one of the nicest gaming experiences I have had!
  3. Thanks for the warning <scribbles a note to avoid that mine shaft> 🧐
  4. Thanks @wizard03 for taking time to reply 👍🏽 I had to stop story mode as it got really bad at the start of episode 2, regardless of hard resets. Though been able to play survival for hours with no crashes - weird! Really enjoying this play-through!
  5. Hi 👋🏽 Just started playing after some initial PS4 hiccups. I’m really enjoying the game, it’s pace and environment. Never played a survival game before and after 35 years of gaming, it’s a nice surprise! So far I am in chapter 1 of Wintermute, almost done with it and may complete the 2nd before trying survival mode. I am tempted to jump in now though ... Look forward to getting to know you all!
  6. Working better now since a hard reset of the PS4 (did not know it existed 😂). for others facing similar blue screen crashes, a hard rest is holding the PS4 power button down until it beeps twice. Then unplug PS4 from the power socket for 30 secs. I have had one crash since in 6 hrs of TLD which is ok compared to before!
  7. Hi all New player here on PS4 Pro, installed the game last night with the latest patch. Really enjoying what I have been able to see so far, but not getting very far without blue crash screens. Having game crashes in the storyline beginner area, near the plane in a tree location. Had over 12 blue screen crashes - game on PS4 seems broken. So far have restarted my PS4 a number of times, deleted and reinstalled the game twice. No luck - game crashes every 15-20 mins, usually around fire pits or as I walk around the rabbit area, just after the crashed plane site. I have started a support ticket, but this game is unplayable right now. Other games are super stable and have no issues - any suggestions?