Social feature idea: Find other (non)survivors dead bodies with random loot inside


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I had a game that turned sour in just 2 hours (caught in a blizzard, got frostbite, failed to find a bed), so i attempted suicide by pressing z and walking straight until I fall to darkness. Right before I die, I actually found a car, I moved in and died there. 

Then I realised, I wished that someone else could find my body. Sort of like Subnautica where people leave capsules with items for others to find. But this time it'd be unintentional by the player. 

Dead bodies could tell a story; they might have frozen to death, died due to blood loss, died in a wolf struggle. Maybe when hovering you'd see their player names or you could find a crude journal that tell how many days they survived and on which locations and how they died. They would be wearing the same clothes as they died, but unharvestable. Number of dead bodies could be limited to the entire world, say only 3 of them spawn on any given run so a rare find. They'd be carrying a very small set of items they had before they died that you can loot now and carry their journey on.

This could provide a little social connection to the otherwise lonely game. You'd find out stories of other players, feel sad for them, pay extra attention to the wolves where you find a body. And when you died your own story could be discovered by some another random player. 

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If game balance could be maintained, something like this could be really cool. I really like this idea, especially the journal thing. Maybe each player death could only go to one other player, and maybe there's a side-quest associated with it (like please take my journal to some location and bury it there in a rock cairn or something). If you do that, then maybe the player is "laid to rest" and it could also somehow notify the player who died so they know that perhaps their body was laid to rest or something.


Even if you couldn't get any loot out of the player's body, it would be a great addition to the game...

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I really like this idea. I’ve had similar thoughts like this in the past, it would be a nice little indirect social interaction within the community. 

Players could make posts within the survival story forum of other players bodies they found. 

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The idea would require some implementation of persistence across different save games, especially since death means the particular save game is wiped, and that would be a structural issue in the game design.  That would also not be a trivial change in the game design too.  

If the developers decide they wanted to implement the idea that's their problem because they have to do all the back-room work needed for implementation. 

Other than that, depending on how it was implemented, I doubt I'd have any objection to it. 

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This is a great idea, however I do imagine that would mean that live servers would have to be running in order to incorporate this completely as you have stated.  Not sure how likely we would see something like this any time soon.

     In the meantime I would settle for, let's say, 3x the amount of potential corpse locations and a little more of a background story considered with loot and blood left to tell it.

     This is a great idea though and it easily has my upvote!

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