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  1. @peteloud, you wanna see my char maps of each region, that’s your response to a wishlist list idea? Lol, didn’t expect to get challenged on my exploring abilities. I’ve not achieved faithful cartographer, nor map every part of every region on every run. Having played about 20 runs and spending a whole lot of time in broken railroad, mystery lake, desolation point, coastal highway, pleasant valley, twm, and mountain town I really see no need to remap what I already know so well. Useless to do so in my opinion. I’m sure I’ve missed a corner of hrv or ac (maybe there is a way to get abo
  2. Short and skinny version: whittling or having a smoke while I waste the day away just enjoying the scenery. Like many of you there comes a point in survival mode where I’ve already explored every region and set myself up a base in each that I always return to just to see how much longer I can survive. Currently my stalker run is about 250 days and going strong, plenty of food and resources stalked up at each location and more than enough bullets/arrows/fishing gear/snares to keep me going for as long as I don’t let stupid happen. At this point I want to kick back and enjoy the
  3. On stalker runs this is how I lvl up my fire skill fast. I get your point that this is an exploitative trick but a similar trick can be used to quickly lvl up cooking and harvesting skills. If one harvests a lot of sticks and meat (a bunch of fish or a few kills for example) then cooks it all in the smallest increments possible, your cooking skill will lvl up rather quickly. Same goes for harvesting (provided the weather permitting), if you killed a few wolves, a bear or moose for example and harvest 1kg at a time then the harvesting skill will quickly go up. Would you l
  4. Crafting a bow is already part of the game. All you need to find and cure is a maple sapling and get some cured intestines. Then craft it with a workbench. For arrows you will have to find and cure birch saplings then take scrap metal and a hammer and get to a forge to make arrow heads. Many of us want a spear and is often requested within the wishlist.
  5. How is hunting difficult? All one needs to do is make an animal bleed, whether that is with a range weapon or knife/axe, soon after it bleeds its dead. Having a animal companion is a fairly often wishlist request and tho personally I think it would be a cool addition it is very much unnecessary.
  6. If this is about the fishing camp in CH, Stinky and I seen the same, the bear passes thru at around dawn and dusk. Personally, if I’m doing long crating sessions I do it at the gas station so not to deal with predators, but Stinky’s idea does work if u got no meat on ya.
  7. I was hunting last night with 2 bows and eating cat tails one at a time thinking these exact same things.
  8. I would also very much appreciate additional animals, both predators and prey. They could even be regional for example seals in DP to CH, beavers in ML to BR, and cougars in MT, TWM, AC, HRV. As it currently stands the only unique animals in the game are relegated to Bleak Inlet. I fail to see how adding more animals (both predator and prey) would make this anything like fallout 4. As it is (at least in regards to stalker and and the easier modes) surviving off the land is not difficult once a player acquires knife and or axe and a hunting weapon or fishing equip. Adding more animals
  9. I’ve found quartering useful at times but that’s very rare. When I take down a bear or moose I usually harvest 4kg, start 2 fires and cook, build a snow shelter near the fires and kill, then harvest as I cook in 1hr increments. Also most of my bear and moose kills tend to be near a structure (carter dam, farm house, service station, etc.). There is no real need to move any of it due to the fact that nothing dropped/harvested gets taken or snow covered or moved by any other force in the game. I take with me the meat I’ll need for the time being then return as needed. Food, fire, and s
  10. Cool idea to add as a clothing slot. I like that a belt/holster/quiver would reduce tool weight. So many of us acquire lots of pelts and have nothing to craft, the clothing craft list really needs expanding. In my current run I have about 30 wolf, 5 bear and 10 deer pelts just taking up space.
  11. Candles seem to be one of the most commonly wished for items (along with spear). Would be a great useful addition, no more redundant that saw and axe.
  12. 1 is a good idea, being able to both build and harvest a workbench would be quite useful. 2, the only place I would personally have need for this is the lake cabin in TWM. 3 (or a scope) is a popular wishlist item. 5 could be interesting, I can see how it would be an early game changer in stalker or interloper. 6 also a popular wish list request.
  13. Perhaps a drink recipe that combines rose hips and birch bark, recovery and painkiller in one. Warm up bonus for drinking hot water and a thermos, absolutely! 2 would solve my plant holding problem. 1 one would make stalker as easy as voyager with regards to food consumption. Be nice if they added hot coco.
  14. Easy way to save your axe is by stockpiling sticks, a lot of sticks. Stockpile them in houses, caves, fishing huts or throughout whatever region your trekking thru. Break branches, crates and broken furniture with your hands, don’t use your axe. Amass a large amount of wood because....... Certain skills can be easily and rapidly increased. Amass a large quantity of raw meat, a few wolf/deer kills and or a heaping amount of fish or a moose or bear perhaps, and cook it all out side of your base camp with 1 or more fires. Remember to start all your fires with torches to save on matches.
  15. Lol, that just means fishing, swimming or even bathing. FM could become something entirely different, we could craft a raft and take out bears/wolves from our makeshift boat. fishing on a sunny day in the comfort of our bushcraft raft..... sounds like a fun vacation.