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  1. The vague details of the mapping don’t bother me in the least. I find the mapping generally useful in the beginning but kind of useless once I’ve become familiar with the region. Now a days The only reason I map a familiar region is when I’m looking for bow/arrow woods. I just wish we could make notes on the map itself, I would find that incredibly useful.
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    Todays Ideas

    😉 glad I could help
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    Thanks Hawk, that explains a lot. Lol, I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time looking for bunkers that are not there.
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    Todays Ideas

    I’ve used my large accumulation of cans to create blizzard/fog routes. Tho I like your idea of being able to use rope instead. Would be very helpful in ML when fishing for hours and needing to get back to camp. Sled and candles are also ideas that many of us have discussed and would like to see implemented. Hotter fires = faster cook times, coal would be the obvious necessity and a common resource but generally only found in specific areas.
  5. I’m I bit perplexed, are the bunkers random? To clarify, are they not always in the same spots in the same region? I’ve made my fair share of runs on both voyager and stalker but not to every region in every run. I swear I’ve seen bunkers in spots that they are currently not in (Myst Lake & Pleasant Valley). On one of my previous runs I found 3 in PV but they are not all there.
  6. I’d like the ability to switch between the 2. 1st person is best for general gameplay in my opinion but 3rd person would be a nice addition when it comes to getting a fuller view of your character and what attire and tools you’ve made for him/her as well as those up high crossing points (broken railroad in ravine, crossing the carter dam in winding river). Also I think a 3rd person view would be cool to see against the beautiful background and foreground of the game.
  7. I’ve played with them both but never really found much use of the spray paint. I do use the notes section a bit. Personally I don’t find the spray paint all that useful except for when I’m exploring regions unfamiliar to me. I want to be able to pull up my map of a given region I am in and see all I need to see without having to travel within that region to see any paint marks I’ve made. I would prefer this tool over the notes section because all notes would be on the regional map itself, it’s a visual thing.
  8. Exploring each region and mapping them out is one of my fav parts of the game. The only additional thing I wish we could do to our charcoal maps is make notes on them. At this point in my gameplay I am so familiar with many of the regions that I rarely if ever use the map. However, I would find it very useful to be able to make notes and demarcations of where I’ve stashed certain items (my cashes), bear routes and wolf territories, fishing huts with doors, cabins with a fireplace, locations of a workbench, caves with makeshift beds, ideal hunting locations (fallen trees to be on or u
  9. I’ve explored and charcoal mapped Forlorn Musk, Myst Lake, Mountain Town, Winding River, Pleasant Valley, Coast Hwy, and DP on voyager enough to know them without ever getting lost. I’ve probably spent well over 300 in game days in those regions (in total, not in a single game) and at this point never use/need mapping for them. All other regions I'm either still exploring or have yet to. After I’ve mapped out an entire region I will go online and pull up that regions map to see if I’ve missed anything (about a third of the time I find that I have). HRV I am finding very dif
  10. Lots of good advice given I see. Here’s my bit. Id stay in ML, lots to loot and lots to fish n hunt. Use rocks to divert wolves (stay crouched so not to be detected) if needed. Break crates apart with your hands in the dam for lots of wood, you will need lots to make perpetual fire. Make a fire in barrel and take a few torches, maybe 5 or more. Keep a torch lit then go forage along the river for cat tails and sticks, you can throw the torch at wolves if needed and use dying torches to light new torches. While foraging make fires along the way and always keep a torch lit so
  11. Take shots from any place you have to crouch to be in (under fallen trees), wolves and bears cannot reach you in those spots. Also if you have your back to a cliff wall, boulders, or structure then you can make a fire or 2 in front of yourself and shoot from there. Bears and wolves won’t cross a fire but will go around if possible. Also you can use a fire with a fallen tree, fallen tree in front of you and fire behind you or vice versa.
  12. If hunting in wolf and bear infested areas and near cabins without fireplaces and railings around the perimeter (for example coastal hwy) I’ll make a fire at the entrance of the railing and croutch between the fire and front door to cook. The fire and railings keep you from getting attacked, keeps you warm, and allows you to store and cook lots of raw meat (I’ll cook an entire bear or moose) outside where fires last longer. This also works with 2 or 3 fires if you’re backed up against some big boulders or cliffs.
  13. I play stalker and occasionally voyager for exploring regions I’ve not yet been to. First aid: bandages, antiseptic, painkillers, stim, antibiotics. I like painkillers over hip tea cause they are lighter and will use lich beard if out of antiseptic. tools: knife, axe, bow w/ 3 arrows, 1 flare, 2 torch, 2 fishing gear, 1 or 2 cans. fire: matches and striker rod or mag glass, 2 sticks, 2 reclaim wood or 2 coal if possible, and cat tail heads. food: about 1000 calories, cat tail stalks, 1 liter of water or half liter with tea/coffee. misc: 5 to 10 cloth (fo
  14. I’ve done that in HRV but didn’t notice trust in MT. Good to know, thanks.
  15. I got the polaroid in MT but I cannot get to the tower. I can get to the area just below it, there looks to be a narrow path between rocks but it’s far to steep to climb and cannot get to the actual base of the tower. Any help would be much appreciated.