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  1. In stalker I find weather and wolves to be a factor in some regions such as BI, FM, and Coastal Hwy.
  2. Thanks, I usually leave the prep cashes as a last to do. I’ve already found the one in PV, now I just got to keep searching ML.
  3. I think for most of us the wolf coat is the first go to crafting coat being that it’s the fastest to make and easiest to acquire the pelts. Once I’ve made wolf coat I always skip the bear and find me a moose. Personally I like the moose because it’s mobility and protection seem to be the best overall. What do y’all veterans think? Anyone stay with wolf or prefer bear, why?
  4. I find the prepper cashes a bit confusing, I know the locations are constant but pop up randomly. Is it the case that there is always one in ML and one in PV (not including the one near the TWM rope climb transition)?
  5. I play stalker and have noticed that blood and foot tracks tend to disappear in both snowy and windy conditions. Blood trails do seem to last longer than paw/hoof tracks but both so seem to get blown away or covered in snow during both weather conditions.
  6. I agree, the cannery in BI does allow for a hell of a lot of tool repair. However the resource consumption to get to it can be a rather high cost. If for example you were in AC, TWM, HRV or MT, the resources required to make the trek to the cannery is also a hell of a lot. Getting to BI from far off regions does require a lot of food, water, wood, (most likely medical supplies), clothing repair, as well as tool and weapon usage. If another region is to be introduced, it would be nice it there was another machinery workshop like the one in BI. Especially if that region was a connecti
  7. Are you referring to meat bags when animals are quartered?
  8. I always seem to find one in DP at the whale processing or on the Riken, in Coastal Hwy at the gas station neighborhood or at the far end fishing village, also FM usually has one and BR either at the maintenance shed or lodge.
  9. There is always one at the top of TWM.
  10. @acada there is a way (or more), now go find it billy goat.
  11. Bow drill and flint would be awesome additions. I agree with @ajb1978, using a bow drill should be slightly difficult and could take a few tries to start a fire. Flint could be treated like coal, generally only found in caves with a slow/nearly non existent respawn rate. Lastly, if a mag lens can make fire then so could the bottom of a broken bottle.
  12. @FreeSTONE, Aside from the time and energy it takes to cut down and process a tree (which for a single person could take an entire day at the very least), what would be done with the wood? Not to get to hung up on realness but green wood does not burn, it has to be seasoned first (which takes a long time). If the idea is to build/craft with it, then craft what? As it is everything craftable is more or less easily accessible in terms of the tools and ingredients. If the idea is because sticks burn too fast for you then I suggest you camp at Mystery Lake, the light house in
  13. @TheJodieeXO I know you’re new, it is obvious. I read your post, I can see your rep points and could instantly tell by your ideas and query. That is why I suggested you read thru the forums. They are immensely helpful for newcomers. Most new ppls suggestions and questions have already been posted and answered many times over. good luck.
  14. Cranky

    Map marker

    Here is a tip for figuring out your direction in survival. Drop a stick, every dropped stick lands in the same exact direction no matter the weather, surface, or region. Game lore does not allow for a compass (geomagnetic).
  15. I suggest you look they the wishlist forum. Many have wished for this idea any many more have chimed in.