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  1. I totally agree with this sentiment. As much as I appreciate the festive aspect of a seasonal event, I would much rather have something new implemented into the custom settings of survival mode instead. Just keep working on Survival Mode PLEASE!
  2. I am the type of person who both likes to play with minimal HUD and take screencaps every so often. It would be great if the Overencumbered icon and the "wind shielded" icon also where attached to the contextual button. Also, I would play with no HUD activated if i could still be able to read the burn times when cooking as well as the fire length. kinda crucial information I we all need to know in some way.
  3. Mig_zvm

    ski and sled

    I had this exact same idea, except the way I saw it a lift could bring you up during an aurora and you would have to continuously return to the top in order to explore different areas. the entire region could be one big ski mountain with a bomb ass lodge at the bottom!
  4. Mig_zvm

    Classic TLD

    sure, but I love the idea of choosing multiple game types with different rule sets.
  5. Mig_zvm

    Classic TLD

    I wish Hinterland would sum up TLD more or less in it's current state and create a setting where you can choose a "Classic Mode." This way they can alter the game in any way they see fit and still keep fans of the current state happy. One of the great features of TLD is the ability to choose custom settings and play anyway you want. I am sick of people complaining that adding new rules and core mechanics would ruin their TLD experience and I would argue that this would go a long way in keeping everyone happy. Let us Tweak our game til our hearts are content!
  6. My guess would be to stave off cabin fever
  7. This is a great idea, however I do imagine that would mean that live servers would have to be running in order to incorporate this completely as you have stated. Not sure how likely we would see something like this any time soon. In the meantime I would settle for, let's say, 3x the amount of potential corpse locations and a little more of a background story considered with loot and blood left to tell it. This is a great idea though and it easily has my upvote!
  8. I wonder if binoculars aren't a thing yet because the game's draw distance isn't powerful enough to justify it. I think maybe that creating a "zoom" option might expose too much lack of detail for the current build of TLD, but that it might end up in a next gen remaster or sequel. I could be wrong.
  9. I guess, but what if I don't care about the lore and I just want to play an awesome survival game? Also, does an EMP blast event really destroy all electronics forever? I don't believe that is how it works, could be wrong. I respect the idea of creating limitations and sticking to them, but then why go through the effort of adding an item which you basically can't ever use and then also make them weigh a ton so that the player won't ever really want to carry it in the first place anyway? It seems like a waste and besides, would cars really be any benefit on the unpaved ro
  10. Right now the flashlight is pretty darn useless if you ask me. I think it would be better if the batteries were charged up during an aurora so that you could use it thereafter until it is depleted. Loonsloon also had the idea of making it scare wolves so that it would then become an important piece of kit when it was found. Cheers
  11. I always thought the cave in DP could be expanded so it goes off into an even more remote recess in the mountains. Kind of strange that that cave doesn't lead anywhere.
  12. I just don't look and that solves that problem for me.
  13. What about a crossbow? Hahaha!
  14. Interesting! And thanks for the reply. I am pretty clueless as to what devs have the capacity to do and what they don't. All I know is that Hinterland is growing as a company and Alien Isolation is one of my favorite games with the greatest potential, next to The Long Dark. I think both games share some interesting similarities and I have always wished the Survivor Mode of A:I was expanded upon heavily. Again, lotta of potential to unlock there.