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  1. I just don't look and that solves that problem for me.
  2. What about a crossbow? Hahaha!
  3. Interesting! And thanks for the reply. I am pretty clueless as to what devs have the capacity to do and what they don't. All I know is that Hinterland is growing as a company and Alien Isolation is one of my favorite games with the greatest potential, next to The Long Dark. I think both games share some interesting similarities and I have always wished the Survivor Mode of A:I was expanded upon heavily. Again, lotta of potential to unlock there.
  4. Okay, this might not be everyone's cup of tea(snarf snarf), but I think TLD and Hinterland might be THE perfect fit for creating an Alien Isolation sequel or follow up. I cannot imagine a better fit and I guess the only concern would be the pressure that comes along with taking on a project IP owned by another company such as Sega or Disney, however it works idk. I would be happy if Hinterland got access to the A:I game engine and made an expanded survival mode off of that.
  5. Oh man, I was trying to survive while lost out in Ash Canyon and I set up a fire in a place protected by the wind, but the snow shelter was not allowed to be placed anywhere near it for no discernable reason. It was all snow and flat ground, but it showed up RED for everywhere except for this tiny spot which was not close enough to get the benefits from the fire radius.
  6. This is all I do anymore and I love it. Although, when I play a stranded run on Ash Canyon I include the summit of TWM. It makes it more fun for me.
  7. This is what I am saying. The entire point of taking on a challenge is pointless if it is not a challenge and being able to incorporate the conditions into the survival mode would allow us to create our own challenges. I think more to the point than anything else is that the challenges totally subvert away from how EXCELLENT it is to have custom settings in survival mode and for us to be able to tweak our own challenges, even though I am not totally opposed to the idea of Hinterland setting their own challenges for us.
  8. I know they had talked about adding new challenges for the possible dlc, but I feel like the ones there are not very interesting. The Darkwalker is okay, but I mostly want to complete it to access the feat. My whole thing is that I would rather Hinterland would add more custom options for us to create our own challenges in survivor mode.
  9. As far as I know, there are no custom options for any of the challenges. I think it would be nice if future challenges had difficulty options or custom options were implemented into modes like Darkwalker and such. That or better yet I would like to see options that were centered around having only one region inhabitable and the rest constant blizzards or something, with maybe a feat that started you out immediately with a magnifying lens and arrowheads or something so we could dedicate ourselves to one region entirely with no need to go elsewhere.
  10. Why? Why does the placement of a snow shelter have to be such a pain in the *blizzard farts?
  11. I think it might just seem easier to bring water to a boil instead of taking it off early and using the tablets. More often then not I end up leaving the tablets for some time when I get cut off by a wind blown fire or something. My theory is that if we could melt water by the fire, we would end up accumulating more non-potable water and hence end up using the tablets sooner rather than storing them away and forgetting they are there.
  12. I think it should be easy enough to integrate a system where you place cans or a pot of fresh snow by the fire for melting only, even if it takes a little longer then it does in the main cooking spot. This way we could set up a system where we can melt snow and have both burners free to cook at the same time. I think this would also make the water purification tablets more useful, as people would be more likely to have half finished water laying around. Bonus points if water would freeze and thaw with the temperature.
  13. I can't believe a $5 a month subscription model was an option in the survey. Really curious what that would mean as far as content in The Long Dark Survivor Mode. Will they then drastically change animal behavior, add more in depth hunting mechanics, give us a map editor or integrate procedural generated maps? Not sure exactly what is being proposed with a live service model or if that would actaully be a good idea or not. Leaning towards not.
  14. Not sure if it was mentioned, but I have heard that if you drop a stick it will always land pointing North. Not sure if it is really true all the time or what, but there it is.
  15. I guess. I know I was in a rush at the time and I know what I could have done differently. I just wish that I took a picture of this large slightly angled ledge that I got stuck on. It was a definite "Nooooooo" Moment.