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    Plane Crash

    I kinda like the idea of a plane crash where you spawned. I play on Interloper+ so wouldn't want extra loot (makes it too easy), but would be a cool landmark. That said, I love the carefully curated maps in this game, and if I have a choice of where devs should focus their time, I'd prefer they create new maps or new environments for me to explore than work on adding a marker like that to the start location and working it in so it looks natural at every possible spawn point (which you just know they'd have to do, because they're artisans).
  2. If game balance could be maintained, something like this could be really cool. I really like this idea, especially the journal thing. Maybe each player death could only go to one other player, and maybe there's a side-quest associated with it (like please take my journal to some location and bury it there in a rock cairn or something). If you do that, then maybe the player is "laid to rest" and it could also somehow notify the player who died so they know that perhaps their body was laid to rest or something. Even if you couldn't get any loot out of the player's body, it would be a
  3. DPHG

    Harvest All

    This seems dangerous (at least on Interloper where I play). Bad enough that I risk a blizzard killing me when quartering a bear or moose. 2 hours is the max I would ever consider doing something automatic outdoors. That said, might be a great feature for others. If they add it I can always just not use it.
  4. This would be an awesome addition. Agree that it should be a rare (unique?) and hard-to-acquire item, like the crampons.
  5. I may be in the minority, but I actually like the Cabin Fever mechanic. It forces me to be more strategic about things like where and when I craft, and to split my time between "safe" outdoor locations (many of which I would never have discovered at all if I hadn't been afraid of cabin fever), and my "base". I have managed to avoid cabin fever (but not cabin fever risk) on all but one Interloper game, and I've played almost 1,700 hours of TLD, mostly on Interloper...
  6. Actually I think the change is more subtle than that. Depending on how far you place the tea, it will either heat up then burn dry (takes 5-8 mins), or will heat up and remain warm (takes about 15 mins). Try placing it further out, and be careful of the "warming" time.
  7. DPHG

    Dried meat

    I know this doesn't do the trick, but if you have cooking 5, you can pretend any cooked meat is dried meat, because you can eat it even when it's ruined.
  8. Yes, very difficult to aim with a controller. This would help.
  9. After having spent almost 1,500 hours playing TLD, I'm pretty sure that the bear is female.
  10. Would be cool if the survivor could create a zipline between attachment points by climbing to the higher one, attaching a line or rope or something, then throwing it over, going back down, and attaching it at the other end. Would be a challenging thing to do, and a cool reward.
  11. I like some variant of this idea of connecting players, but it would have to be done such that it's not OP. It would have to choose a random player to give the item to so you couldn't pass items to your future self, for e.g. Maybe the item also disappears after a certain amount of real (calendar) time, so if I put my extra Wolf Skin coat (which I think I actually have 2 extras..) in the bin, if someone happens by the bin in the next 24 hours, they can claim it. I'd love it if you could do this that you could include a note with it, and maybe the recipient could optionally write a thank yo
  12. If flint rocks are added, I would suggest that firestarting with them should require: Flint rock Knife (for steel), or scrap metal Charcoal (you need charred material to catch the spark) Only if you have all three could you start a fire this way. I would also suggest that the charcoal is consumed in the process, but that the flint rock and knife just lose condition.
  13. Umm, just wondering how you survive for any length of time with no animals and no plants, especially if loot is set to low (hardest setting)... What do you eat when all the carcasses are gone?
  14. It's not 8 hours to go from anywhere to anywhere else, except maybe in Dead Man when you have to stop and take care of yourself while travelling. That said, "Challenge Accepted!" I'll set up a new Pilgrim game and make the trip. Will report back. Probably won't be for a week or so due to other commitments...