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  1. I was hoping going into it that the aurora would have a noticeable effect on the convicts, like it does on the hostile wildlife...a rage amplifier, so to speak, so that those particularly prone to rage would have turned wildly insane and maybe glowed green during auroras as well. I guess that didn't happen. It would've certainly been interesting though.
  2. So the clear implication here is that Mr. Carter resides on Santorini in a parallel universe.
  3. There doesn't appear to be any possibility of a crawl space beyond the crashed bus in Milton, by which Astrid or the inmates could've reached Pleasant Valley, so I propose this series of events: -The first aurora triggers a small earthquake as the prison bus enters the pass leaving Milton, causing a minor rockslide which causes the bus to crash. -There is a disagreement among the inmates, and some of them head into Pleasant Valley while others remain in Milton. -Astrid arrives in town, gets in a fight with the remaining inmates, and then flees into Pleasant Valley through the pa
  4. Nah, Piddy, your story doesn't hold water (ugh, a pun 🙃)...if those lines you drew on the back of the dam were truly the water level of the reservoir, how could there be so much dam structure height above that waterline on that side, but much much less height of that same structure on the mystery lake side? Unless of course, the dam were to empty into an underground river that just so happens to run under the above ground river that then somehow comes from nowhere and empties into Mystery Lake. I mean, I'm not saying its 👽, but its 👽.
  5. I've not tried, but I'm not sure how you'd do it, since you wouldn't know that a blizzard is starting before it starts, and once it starts its too late to pass time to avoid it. Unless I'm misunderstanding and you're asking if the aurora can be forced if it is currently blizzarding. The answer to that is that it's possible to still get a late night aurora after the blizzard ends halfway through the night but its much much easier (much higher chance) to get an aurora if it is clear or at least not snowing before nightfall.
  6. Regarding modding, since judging by the latest announcement about episode 4, it seems likely that it will be a thing at some point in the future... ...assuming the existence of mod maps (please!), I'd love to see this feature: Use some of the game world's empty caves as mod connection points (disabling achievements for mod-linked worlds); if there are no mods active they'd remain the usual caves, but there'd be a menu option when starting a new game to choose from your list of installed mod regions and bind their entrance points to whichever mod connection points you'd like. That'd be f
  7. There's definitely some truth to this, though I guess I adapted pretty easily to the game's systems. But then, I'm no pro survivalist or anything.
  8. Hmm maybe I was actually thinking of this. But I thought I saw someone, maybe LMG, do a rock cache jump to the pier as well. Could be remembering wrong.
  9. Technically, it would probably be much easier to implement finding your own old corpses, than those of others. Nice idea though.
  10. A few helpful notes about that mine: -The locker laying door side down can be accessed. You just need to crouch and click on the bottom edge of the door, a bit tricky but it can be done. -Auroras can be forced. Before night arrives, pass time for 12 hours, cancel before finishing, reload, repeat until aurora occurs.
  11. I saw someone place a rock cache across from that low pier and use it to run across. So I guess that's a way, though I expect you might fall down a lot when trying to use it.
  12. Hmm. Charlie claiming that this is her first survival game. Riiiiiighhht... (This is a Don't Starve reference. Same Canadian, same survival, different game...Heeeere's Charlie!)
  13. Recently, while considering California's dwindling water reserves, I realized that hydro dams need bodies of water behind them to generate enough pressure to generate a good amount of electricity. This made me wonder about the Carter Dam reservoir - it isn't directly on Mystery Lake, but instead just a small river coming from the lake, and that appears to be the inflowing side. Existing infrastructure indicates that the water level probably couldn't have been significantly higher in the past, either. If the water instead flows the other way somehow, the terrain on the other side of the dam doe