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  1. I've heard that. I've noticed it working on the ice fishing shacks. When I get to play again im going to mystery lake to check trappers. I've just started this new game so I've only been to DP coastal highway and the connecting zone.
  2. This makes sense to some degree. Obviously mass doesn't change, but the way that mass is distributed and the bulk of the item make a huge practical difference. I can tell you that you do notice the weight of a pair of heavy steel toed boots on your feet as opposed to sandals. However it's much more awkward trying to carry those bulky amd heavy boots in a pack than just wearing them.
  3. I too am having an issue like this. I was running fine on ultra, but now I get loss of frames in some animations such as thrown objects. The lantern swinging animation looks really chunky. Moving around I seem to get as smooth frame rate as ever. It just seems to be certain animations.
  4. I agree to a point but I wouldn't mind seeing a custom option for a days survived victory or some other end. The reason is that it's fairly easy to survive long enough that it kind of stretches my suspension of disbelief and reminds me im playing a game. Of course there is nothing stopping you from setting these sort of arbitrarily yourself and just stop playing and start a new run.Make up whatever happens afterward if you want a story...
  5. Me? Not too far north. I think they call the area Niagra Escarpment. 300 or 400 kilometers North or so. For our friends in Europe; That is not all that far in North America.
  6. I've been there once ( in March ) and I can attest to the cold. Toronto was below freezing but not too bad. When we went north though it was brutally cold on the road. It was so cold that condensation froze on the windows inside of the van. I'm glad we all had warm ski clothes so if we had broken down or something. Id go there again for the food alone. Hearty cold weather food, and French fries with get this, brown gravy. I think if you add cheese curds it's poutine. And of course the breakfast food. At the time I was puzzled by the little shacks out on the frozen lake. For that matter I had never seen a lake completely frozen over, no ice at all really except a thin crust. I remember being amazed that you could drive a truck out on it.
  7. I'm sort of yes/no on this one. This is an integral game mechanic in Don't Starve and it's extremely appropriate and well implemented in that game. For LD such a thing would have to be implemented much differently I believe. I don't think it would do to implement it as a resource a la Don't Starve. It worked well there as it was part of the weirdness of the game. I think in LD it would be best used to emphasize the loneliness and isolation of the situation. It would need to be more "realistic". Sort of along the lines of cabin fever, which of course has been implemented.
  8. If it's doable Im not against the idea. How about a unique wolf/dog hybrid ( they aren't uncommon apparently) in each zone ( maybe excepting challenge areas like TWM) that you could eventually give limited commands. To keep from farming it it would yield no skin and the meat would have a high chance to inflict parasites ( more likely to have been eating feces or garbage than a wolf I guess) To deal with the aurora can turn against you until the aurora passes. That would help balance it out and be consistent with the other animal behavior.
  9. I think if it could be abstracted, so that there was a reward for "collecting" backpacks but it wouldn't be overpowered or negate the benefit of the satchel. Say everyone you find gives you 0.1 extra kg carrying capacity up to a certain point, perhaps a couple kg. They do such a good job with sound. They never show a backpack in any way on the survivor but I've always accepted it was part of your equipment. I'd like to know how they produced the sound but it sounds absolutely like an old external frame pack I used to use when I'd have a Sierra cup and a canteen and the like strapped to the frame.
  10. That's my favorite thing in this update. I don't know why such a small thing is so important, but I really like this. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism. I would like to see more maps but these are pretty nice tools. That's a brilliant thing to try and it would never have occurred to me. How do you dream up this crap? I envy your out of the box thinking.
  11. I'm one hundred percent on board with pretty much any sort of communication from the team. The greatest feature of the Long Dark isn't in the software, rather it's the developers and the community. There is a lot of toxicity out there and this community is the best I've found in gaming. I've been playing a lot of 4x but I always come back to this game.
  12. I'm very curious if someone has intentionally placed themselves in a situation where they would expect to by hypothermic? I mean, people try to kill themselves in all sorts of ways, some of which are objectively painful and horrible. It seems like someone could just down the better part of a fifth, take some sedatives, and just go out and go to sleep if they were determined on such an action. In northern areas near cities, do you encounter people after winter who just went out and died in the cold on purpose? Is this something you see or is it just my sick imagination?