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  1. A lyric in the Canadian Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot goes " Over the mountains and over the plains, into the muskeg, and into the rain". Having not known this piece of Canadian vocabulary, I never heard the line correctly. Yesterday it sort of just clicked. Muskrat? Masthead? No, muskeg
  2. I couldn't agree more. This event mode is a gas.
  3. Funny, this is just what killed me a few minutes ago trying to avoid the dark walker. Can't say I agree with you though.....I mean, its a trestle bridge with a God knows how many meters drop. It is what it is. It presents something that can kill you at any point in the game. You just have to be aware of it and accept that it is a risk of taking that route. There are other paths you can take.
  4. I made it all of 1 hour and 1 minute in my first run at this ( starting in DP ). Of all the things to kill me I was paying more attention to moving quickly and looking around and I fell right of the railroad bridge in ravine. Got that badge by the smallest of margins.
  5. I must recommend subnautica, at least with the popular mods. It pretty much covers all your bases and I liked it better than Stranded Deep ( Though in fairness I haven't played it since it was in development). Don't Starve is a great game with lots and lots of crafting from resources. It also has a multiplayer if you're interested in that.
  6. This is how I think it should work. While I don't think adding a jump key, as in a shooter, would add anything to the game, I'm more on board with some kind of vaulting or set place one can jump. For instance, all the rocks where you can tie off a rope to climb look the same. This is because seeing that very specific rock is a cue to the player that says " Hey, you can tie a rope to me". Obviously it would be difficult to come up with a system where you could tie a rope off just anywhere, so it is made so that when you see the cue, you know you can climb in that area. Same thing with the vines at the beginning of story mode. The vines are your cue that you can perform a certain action here that you cannot elsewhere. Jumping could be the same sort of mechanic. Perhaps there is a very specific patch of ground or something near a wall or a ravine or whatever that can be a cue to the player that says " Jump from me ". Upon walking in this area you would hit a key to vault over or jump up on something. Imagine if in the Ravine you didn't just have to watch your step, but you would have to jump over a section of missing track on that bridge. Perhaps if your stamina is low, there is a chance you could sprain an ankle or, God forbid, miss your jump and fall.
  7. Yeah that would be nice and save a lot of clutter.
  8. I was just being funny, I believe it. I can't promise I wouldn't try it under appropriate supervision. At the end of the day its just pee, which itself is not usually harmful. I'd definitely consult someone experienced in it first....I would not want to meet the darkwalker in RL
  9. Maybe that is just what the herders say to get people to drink deer piss. Hey, drink this, I promise you'll get REALLY high.
  10. So does that mean you were excited about it or not? That could go both ways.... I haven't played yet but I hope they have adaptive features to help players without hearing. I'm super excited to try this event. I was busy over the weekend but I'll have a chance to spend a couple of hours on it tonight.
  11. Assuming google translate is correct, I agree. I know there is always the argument that there is no reason to add something if it just does the same thing as another game feature, but just having more animals with different appearances and behaviors would add some visual variety and interesting encounters. Boars, for instance, might attack you like wolves but their meat would have either a much lower chance or no chance of having parasites.
  12. You might also look at other games that offer what you're looking for while you wait for features you like in TLD. I think something like Co-op is something that could be modded, much like the Nitrox mod for Subnautica. I'm not particularly interested in it myself, and there are all sorts challenges making a multiplayer ( as mentioned, what happens at times in the single player game that you would pass time? What happens when one player sleeps?). I think a travois or sled or something might work, but it would need to cost a lot of resources, slow you down some, and most importantly need to drain your attributes faster ( After all, you'd be pulling the sled, and probably sweating from the exertion, so dehydration comes into play). New diseases sounds like a great idea. I've never liked the idea that at level 5 cooking you are immune to food poisoning. There still should be *some* risk from consuming spoiled food. Vitamin deficiency mechanics have been requested I believe. I would like to see more exposure related ailments. ( How about increased loss of heat after exertion from sweating. I think snow blindness would be great, though I'm not sure how they'd implement it in game. Its a pretty small team, so none of us are going to get everything we could possibly want. I, for one, am very fond of mods. That's me though, not the community as a whole or necessarily something the team wants to make a priority of.
  13. I have to agree. Realistically, I think it would be safer than taking water from the bowl, but in the game we only have potable and non-potable. In an absolute emergency, I could see drinking from the cistern, however, I would definitely want to purify or boil it if I could. While the cistern ( the bowl too) water is chlorinated tap water ( assuming they aren't using wells ), that is going to fade over time. The fact is water that is potable without treatment should be pretty uncommon. Its troubling how hard is is to obtain clean water.
  14. Gosh what a great thread. My favorite PC game for a long time, in theory, was PUBG. I'm just not very good at it, it's hard to find people to play with, and a lot of pick up teams are toxic. Apple II+: Zaxxon port from Sega, Ultima, this parser game called creature venture. Atari2600: kaboom and pitfall, all Activision games Nes: Oh dear so many. Does anyone remember "River City Ransom?" Mario 3, metal gear (my father was in to that one) SNES games especially f-zero. Old PC classics. Ultima series especially 6 and 7. Ultima underworld. A friend and I got hours of entertainment out of the Leisure Suit Larry games, especially 6. Every teenager should experience the Leisure Suit Larry series. Someone mentioned Quake and the sound track. I seriously got into Quake 2. Wing Commander, Crusader no regret/no remorse. Ultima Online.There was a game called Deathtrck wwhich was a racer shooter game. The Perfect General. Post 2000 of course Half Life. Right now other than TLD I really like the elder scrolls series, Subnautica, Phoenix Project. Oh how did I forget the xcom series and that whole genre. The best survival game out there other than this is Don't Starve.