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  1. I'm very curious if someone has intentionally placed themselves in a situation where they would expect to by hypothermic? I mean, people try to kill themselves in all sorts of ways, some of which are objectively painful and horrible. It seems like someone could just down the better part of a fifth, take some sedatives, and just go out and go to sleep if they were determined on such an action. In northern areas near cities, do you encounter people after winter who just went out and died in the cold on purpose? Is this something you see or is it just my sick imagination?
  2. I'm on board with that. It seems if I had the ability to firmly attach a blade to a long shaft that is what I would do.
  3. Does anyone have any first hand experience of finding someone dead or almost dead from hypothermia? Has anyone survived life threatening hypothermia? I was interesting in hearing your experience. Do any physicians, biologists, EMTs, etc know what temperature is a high risk for hypothermia? I know even at forty or fifty Fahrenheit you can eventually suffer exposure if you're out long enough. What I'm talking about is at what temperature or windchill is hypothermia something that can kill you pretty rapidly. I imagine below freezing is most dangerous, as eventually your body parts will freeze causing disruption on the cellular level by ice crystal formation. Is hypothermia painful? I know being extremely cold is quite uncomfortable, but I have heard some say your reach a point where you actually feel warmer and have no sense that you're shutting down. Do the bodies look peaceful like they do in the Long Dark? Ive heard people try to burrow under things as a primitive instinct, but I'm not sure they are in any way aware at that point. At what rough latitude ( depends on day to day weather of course) does hypothermia because a very plausible way to die outdoors? People used to give cold people alcohol, but my opinion is that would make body heat loss faster. What about people under the influence of other sedatives such as barbituates or Benzodiazapines? Does one's thoughts just slow down until you go to sleep and, well, just not wake up? Do survivors say they feel any sense of panic as the cold sets in? Would someone who has been in briny or salty water lose heat faster than a merely wet person? They chemistry of it makes me think it could be so, as you can get liquid water much colder in a salt solution.
  4. Always wanted to explore Europe outdoors. Live across the ocean though.
  5. Sometimes Inbred and retarted people have "idiot savant" type talents. They could be the next Mozart but I want nothing to do with them.
  6. I think the real problem would be the rating organizations. I'm not sure what their standards there but I wouldn't be suprised if tobacco use would be limited to mature rated games.
  7. Very nice. I'm looking forward to starting a new survivor
  8. Funny that you mentioned trying canned sardines. I can't imagine that as there have been times where I have all but lived on those things.
  9. Pretty much standard backpacking stuff. Firestarting kit and matches, a knife, first aid, clothes, wet weather gear, a bed, water and food. What I like about this game is that if its something you would imagine you need in the woods and find the item in game, well that is pretty much its purpose.
  10. Thanks man. I don't have any plans but you never know where life will take you.
  11. Oh, I was just curious on how frequent it is. Don't think I'd give up my citizenship but I did like visiting. Thanks though.
  12. Do any US citizens here work or live in Canada? What is the process you go through? For those that do, have you ever considered revoking your US citizenship and moving permanently?
  13. I don't often drink coffee because I don't really like hot beverages. When I do drink it I tend to drink a lot of it, and I like it black and robust. I also like a strong iced coffee now and again.