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  1. No it's very warm and wet. The place isn't the problem it's the people.
  2. I'm perfectly happy with the game. If you purchased through Steam you had the opportunity to get a refund within two hours of play, I believe.
  3. I live in the hell that is southern Appalachia in the US.
  4. Can't you just eat a balanced diet and limit processed food consumption? If you eat decently you don't need vitamins. In TLD world its hard to access fresh food which leads me to think your next physical problem you're going to run into is the scurvy. I think it would be an interesting game mechanic as well. We already have cures available such as canned food. My understanding is that rose hips are full of C as well. It would probably be difficult to implement and add less to the game but apparently over consumption of vitamins, particularly A, is a problem. I know eating the livers of some animals, namely polar bear liver, can poison you with A if you consume much of it.
  5. Once again, I chose not to reject his idea out of hand because we are limited by the content the game gives us. The fact is that you might be occupied for an hour in accelerated time with no way of checking the surroundings. No one said anything about having flashing text. It could be as subtle as the sprain indicator. The fact is you used a realism argument when pressed as to why you didn't like his idea when the suggestion itself was to compensate for the lack of additional cues and warnings that would be present in reality due to the inherent limitations of a video game. You're saying to rely on hearing and sight, but the entire point I was trying to make is that those abilities are even further limited by the fact that you're locked in to a time accelerated menu while things are happening in the background.
  6. In real life im not locked into an action with an accelerated time perception so I dont have time to react. In the game i don't have access to senses I have in real life that would alert me to danger. Those two reasons are examples I could give not to reject the idea out of hand
  7. I'm running firefox. I'm not seeing it happening at this point. Everything looks normal.
  8. I mentioned in another thread that I think a sling would be particularly appropriate. Its something you can make almost directly from natural materials with very little processing. If you can make a rope or a line out of gut, you can make a sling. While I am a big fan of the revolver both in terms of game mechanics and utility ( I find it more useful than the flare pistol), I was actually expecting a shotgun to be introduced before a handgun for several reasons. Shotguns are used for many different types of hunting, including things as diverse as birds ( The crows would make a nice source of food ) all the way up to big deer type animals. I would expect them to be common in most rural areas or anywhere there is a lot of hunting going on. They're available even in countries with far more restrictive gun laws than Canada, and they're also used widely as police weapons and self defense, not to mention as a practical tool for farmers to deal with pest issues. Shotguns are also popular for shooting sports, such as trap, skeet, and sporting clays. For these reasons, in a situation like TLD, I would imagine myself seeking out a shotgun and shells at earliest opportunity.
  9. Well now you've just trashed by plan for the zombie apocalypse. I figured if I escaped to the frozen north there would be less zombies, and if I did catch a zombie virus, I'd just die in the cold and nature would take care of it. Now I have to think about the prospect of maintaining some rudimentary conciousness while being frozen in place instead of just dying; my view of eternity would simply be an unceasing pattern of the rising of the sun and the setting of it in the small window I managed to freeze myself behind. A thousand years in some rich asshat's hunting lodge, day in, day out, watching the rise and set of the sun in a frosted over window. Thanks.
  10. Grignard_TN


    That is a brilliant idea. You should hold on to that one.
  11. I haven't been to HRV or TWM yet. Perhaps after I stock back up I'll travel over to HRV. I really like your chat avatar.
  12. Survival mode doesn't have any sort of automap. I prefer it for story mode personally as I'd rather focus on the story and save the mapping for survival.