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  1. Funny that you mentioned trying canned sardines. I can't imagine that as there have been times where I have all but lived on those things.
  2. Pretty much standard backpacking stuff. Firestarting kit and matches, a knife, first aid, clothes, wet weather gear, a bed, water and food. What I like about this game is that if its something you would imagine you need in the woods and find the item in game, well that is pretty much its purpose.
  3. Thanks man. I don't have any plans but you never know where life will take you.
  4. Oh, I was just curious on how frequent it is. Don't think I'd give up my citizenship but I did like visiting. Thanks though.
  5. Do any US citizens here work or live in Canada? What is the process you go through? For those that do, have you ever considered revoking your US citizenship and moving permanently?
  6. I don't often drink coffee because I don't really like hot beverages. When I do drink it I tend to drink a lot of it, and I like it black and robust. I also like a strong iced coffee now and again.
  7. I've been known to eat raw meat. A good beef tartare ( filet Americaine ) with the egg and the little pickles is really nice. I used to sneak raw breakfast sausage as well when I was a kid. Sometimes I'm surprised I'm still alive. Never been tested, but I would wager that I'm carrying toxomplasma Gondi.
  8. Great idea. Do those need electricity to work? Do it during the aurora?
  9. No it's very warm and wet. The place isn't the problem it's the people.
  10. I'm perfectly happy with the game. If you purchased through Steam you had the opportunity to get a refund within two hours of play, I believe.
  11. I live in the hell that is southern Appalachia in the US.
  12. Can't you just eat a balanced diet and limit processed food consumption? If you eat decently you don't need vitamins. In TLD world its hard to access fresh food which leads me to think your next physical problem you're going to run into is the scurvy. I think it would be an interesting game mechanic as well. We already have cures available such as canned food. My understanding is that rose hips are full of C as well. It would probably be difficult to implement and add less to the game but apparently over consumption of vitamins, particularly A, is a problem. I know eating the livers of some animals, namely polar bear liver, can poison you with A if you consume much of it.
  13. Once again, I chose not to reject his idea out of hand because we are limited by the content the game gives us. The fact is that you might be occupied for an hour in accelerated time with no way of checking the surroundings. No one said anything about having flashing text. It could be as subtle as the sprain indicator. The fact is you used a realism argument when pressed as to why you didn't like his idea when the suggestion itself was to compensate for the lack of additional cues and warnings that would be present in reality due to the inherent limitations of a video game. You're saying to rely on hearing and sight, but the entire point I was trying to make is that those abilities are even further limited by the fact that you're locked in to a time accelerated menu while things are happening in the background.