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  1. Mostly looking forward to seeing how this will play in survival mode
  2. The mine in Coastal Highway down the street from the quonset hut? When was the last time you tried? It may be something from an update. I just went in and used the elevator button the same way you do door or whatever.
  3. The aurora has to be active. In other words there has to be power to operate the elevator. Yes this was survival mode
  4. This was on a stalker difficulty game. I managed to get burns twice running into wires. I was nervous the entire time because I was concerned the power would go out before i could get everything out. Furthermore, my last stalker run ended in this very spot. It was a veritable treasure trove. I can't imagine what voyageur and pilgrim looks like.
  5. Oh that's very interesting. It seems like fungi in general have so much potential. I think we're going to need more efficient sources of protein in the future that those obtained from animal sources. Im not an expert but it seems like mushrooms and fungi would be a very efficient source of nutrition.
  6. This is a little bit like Subnautica or even The Oregon Trail. I wouldn't want to see any loot other than minor things like matches, but I final note would be sort of neat
  7. I've noticed it happens with coffee as well.
  8. It sounds like you should try the game Neo Scavenger
  9. I didn't know people ignored old man's beard. I don't think I've ever used the peroxide outside of a base.
  10. I've been playing stalker and I don't know if I can go back to Voyageur any time soon. Going to HRV early in my game and nearly not making it was an ideal TLD experience for me.
  11. I pulled first time around, pushed the second. The straightforward question is " Is finishing this dude off immoral". After I thought about it, I wonder if the more appropriate question is " Is it immoral to *not* kill him". There is another dimension to this other than the ethics of retributive actions. Are we absolutely certain he's hurt as badly as he's letting on? Astrid is an MD if I recall, so if it was her in this situation it may be a clearer situation. This is not the case however. By his own admission he is someone capable of murdering pretty much anyone if it benefits him.
  12. A pair of 'nocs would be nice.
  13. Just now. I had just gotten into the abandoned mine in CH on Stalker.Never been there. I was doing absolutely great, had an absolute hoard of of gear. Well there is a place that is flooded with no good elevated walkway. Well, I just couldn't resist trying to get back there. I ended up falling in the water which has electrical wires of course. Didnt get out fast enough. I was as mad as a wet hornet.
  14. Jeez didn't you just start playing not too long ago? That's very fast if so.
  15. I started playing that game again a few weeks ago. It's amazing now. Psychedelic grass sounds like an electric folk band.