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  1. I had a game that turned sour in just 2 hours (caught in a blizzard, got frostbite, failed to find a bed), so i attempted suicide by pressing z and walking straight until I fall to darkness. Right before I die, I actually found a car, I moved in and died there. Then I realised, I wished that someone else could find my body. Sort of like Subnautica where people leave capsules with items for others to find. But this time it'd be unintentional by the player. Dead bodies could tell a story; they might have frozen to death, died due to blood loss, died in a wolf struggle. Maybe when hoverin
  2. I think this is an amazing suggestion 👏It makes total sense to balance out a frustrating game mechanic while adding some extra use to an already existing item.
  3. Is there any reason for book reading to be only done in 1 hr increments? Countless times I ve miscalculated how much calories/water/daylight remaining and have my reading session interrupted because it's too dark to read/im too thirsty/hungry/tired to be able to read. The interruption makes sense but why would my character re-read 1/5th of the book when interrupted? For example, in comparison to book reading, crafting can be stopped & resumed at any time and I don't see any reason for book reading to not work in a similar way.
  4. Hi Most of the indoor locations are pitch black in the night, even when it's clear skies outside. This darkness makes it a frustrating experience to navigate indoors; making storm lantern a must-have object, only to light it up for a couple of seconds most of the time until you find your way in/out. In real life, your eyes gets adjusted to the darkness, and you'd see the outline of some/most objects. It'd be understandable to not get the same level of ambient light on the nights with a fog, blizzard or cloudy nights compared to clear skies with a shining moon and stars but right now it
  5. deadBee

    Riken light

    +1, indoors lacking ambient light which is pretty frustrating, and stoves/forges not improving the visibility is both frustrating and immersion breaking